How to buy the TBBOB token/NFT

How to buy the TBBOB token/NFT
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The TBBOB NFT collection was designed to help the anti-scam fight here at TBBOB.com, it will help this website going on and help people to avoid scams. Every purchase and sale of a TBBOB NFT will contribute to the anti-scam fight.

You can read the entire story that is behind the TBBOB NFTs here.

TBBOB NFTs will be minted on the XRP Ledger once the XRP Ledger allows NFTs minting. The XLS-20d standard is being developed for that purpose.

You can pre-purchase the TBBOB NFTs by buying the TBBOB token. The TBBOB token runs in the XRP Ledger and will be exchangeable for the NFTs.
1 TBBOB token = 1 TBBOB NFT

How to buy the TBBOB token
1) You will need a wallet that supports XRP and tokens issued in the XRP Ledger. The most popular one and easiest to use is Xumm. You can also use a Ledger wallet, D'CENT Wallet, Keystone or Cobo Vault in combination with the XRP Toolkit.

2) You have to get XRP, it is currently the only currency that you can buy TBBOB with. You can use your preferred cryptocurrency exchange to buy XRP, like for example Binance or Uphold. When you buy XRP, you have to send it to your wallet (Xumm or other) that you created in step 1.
10 XRP will be locked in your wallet for its activation, so you need that plus what you want to spend on TBBOB.

3) You need to set a trust line from your XRP wallet to the TBBOB token. This is because in the XRP Ledger an account can hold a token only if it has a trust line to its issuer.

To set a trust line from Xumm, click on this link.

If you are using the XRP Toolkit, add a custom token with the following information:

Issuer: rMxrnxXHi3aibzQ79B91AtzXBYfbPqbzZK

Currency: 5442424f42000000000000000000000000000000 

Limit: 10000

4) Now you can buy the TBBOB token.

NOTE: We use the XRP Ledger for the token and the NFTs because it is very fast and cheap, fees are almost zero. Unlike in Ethereum, where NFT transactions cost tens or even hundreds of dollars.

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