Detective Tiger TBBOB NFTs

An NFT collection for a good cause

The TBBOB Detective Tiger collection was created to support the anti-scam work at and We expose cryptocurrency and investment scams on a daily basis which helps people not to lose money. Detective Tiger from the TBBOB NFT collection symbolises this work and research. Every sale of a Detective Tiger NFT helps TBBOB on its mission to make people avoid scams.

TBBOB Detective Tiger NFT collection in numbers




White Tigers


Orange Tigers


Left-handed tigers


What is the TBBOB Detective Tiger collection?

It is a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs issued on the XRP Ledger. Every Detective Tiger NFT has its own set of traits.

What is the purpose of the TBBOB NFT collection?

To support the anti-scam work at and Every sale of a Detective Tiger NFT has a royalty fee of 5% that goes to TBBOB to help run the website, expose scams and help people not to lose money in fraudulent investment offers.

Are there any rare Detective Tiger NFTs?

Yes. Out of the 10,000 Detective Tiger NFTs there are 500 White Tigers and 1,500 Tigers holding a pipe in their left hand. But every Detective Tiger NFT is unique, no two are the same.

How can I get a Detective Tiger NFT?

You can buy it directly on xMart, the NFT marketplace. For that you will need an active XRP account.