You can buy a TBBOB NFT (non-fungible token) and support our daily anti-scam fight. It can be a fun way of becoming a member of a community that cares about others and that is not indifferent to people falling for scams and losing money, often their life-time savings.

Let’s be open

I started to write scam reviews and alerts in 2013. I research and analyze scams, help people to avoid scams and publish reviews on a daily basis. It takes a lot of time and other resources to keep doing this.

Scammers that I expose like to spread lies about me taking money for publishing or not publishing articles, about me promoting my own business (whatever that might be) and so on. But the truth is that you won’t find a single article on this website that was paid by anybody and I have never asked anybody for any money in connection with articles that are or aren’t published on this website.

I cover scams that people ask me about, that I run across on the Internet, that get promoted to me by unsolicited e-mails etc. I have no bias whatsoever. If too many scams come to my attention at the same time and I know that I can’t cover them all, I choose the ones that I suspect can have the most impact on people.

The costs and benefits

To cover at least some of my expenses with this website and the anti-fraud fight, I have a few referrals links on this website to regulated brokers for people who want to try investing on a free demo. As you can probably guess, I don’t get paid anything when somebody opens a free demo. It is only if people decide to open a real account and trade that I might get paid something.

Meanwhile I never tell people to open a real account and deposit real money, I only say that you can try a free demo and the rest is up to you. I also urge people to learn about the risks of real investing and I never promise any profits from trading.

As you can maybe imagine, this does not earn me a lot of money. What I get paid from brokers in those few cases that people switch from a demo to a real account, is far from enough to cover my expenses with running this website.

The attacks on me

Just a sample of what I read almost every day.

On the other hand almost everyday I have to deal with attacks and verbal abuse from scammers that I expose in my reviews. I’ve seen it all: from insults aimed at me and my family, to threats and DDoS attacks on this website.

To prove that I am not making this up, I took a picture of one e-mail about one of the attacks this website has gone through, see it on the right. You can also read comments under my reviews to see that I get verbally attacked on a daily basis.

But I keep going. I know I am doing the right thing. It is heart-warming when I see people thanking me for what I do.

Report about one of the DDoS attacks against this website.

Sometimes I get e-mails or comments from people who say I saved them from losing life-changing money in scams. That keeps me going.

Sometimes people ask me if they can support me in any way, but I never asked for anything. But this fight against scams is increasingly harder to sustain. So I’ve come up with a fun way to support the TBBOB anti-scam fight for people who want become a part of a new community.

Enter the TBBOB Detective Tiger NFT collection

You probably already heard of NFTs aka non-fungible tokens. These unique tokens can represent anything, most often they represent unique digital art that you can purchase. NFTs use the same blockchain technology as cryptocurrencies and are currently going through an explosive growth.

This is the basic character for the TBBOB NFT collection.

This is why with the help of an artist I created a collection of 10,000 unique NFTs that represent the TBBOB anti-scam fight. Each NFT represents a unique tiger, no two NFTs in this collection are the same. Every TBBOB detective tiger has a unique set of characteristics.

And every sale of a TBBOB NFT will help my anti-scam fight keep going, there is a 5% royalty fee. So, if I helped you avoid losing money in a scam or if you just want to support my work for any reason, you can consider purchasing one of my NFTs. This way you can become a member of the TBBOB anti-scam community.

It is important to say that NFTs are going through a boom, so it is possible that the TBBOB NFTs will rise in value and you will be able to sell them later at a higher price. However, the opposite can also happen. This is why I the TBBOB NFTs are sold purely as tokens of support of my work. If you want to purchase it for other reasons, like price speculation, it is your decision and it has nothing to do with me.

I can’t stress this enough, I created the TBBOB NFTs for people who want to support my anti-scam fight and my work on this website. Nothing more, nothing less. If you see anything else in these NFTs, it is purely your decision.

One last thing, please do not spend money that you need on my NFTs. If you have some spare money and you want to support me, fine. But I don’t want you to support me with money that you need for your basic needs.

I hope that the Anti-Scam TBBOB Fight Squad NFT collection will create a new community around this good cause.


James Pinion
(if you read this page, you will understand why I use a pen name)