The TBBOB NFT collection of 10,000 unique Detective Tigers runs on the XRP Ledger. Therefore you will need an active XRP wallet to be able to get your NFT.

1. Get your wallet ready

To be able to get a Detective Tiger NFT, you need an active XRP wallet. Active means for this NFT purpose that the wallet has a balance of at least 13 XRP.

We recommend using the Xumm wallet. Install it on your mobile device and it will guide you through setting up an XRP account. Every XRP account needs 10 XRP as a reserve that can’t be used for other purposes while the account is active.

But deposit more, at least 13 XRP, depending on if you want to mint or buy the NFT, see below. You can buy XRP on exchanges such as Bitstamp, Binance or Uphold. And then withdraw that XRP to your Xumm wallet.

2. Buy an NFT

Detective Tiger NFTs are primarily available on the xMart marketplace where you can mint them using the TBBOB token. Or you can buy the NFTs directly and pay with XRP.

A) Buying an NFT – supporting TBBOB

You can go to the xMart NFT marketplace, sign in with your Xumm wallet, and then buy the NFTs directly. You will pay the price in XRP, the proceeds will go to TBBOB to support its work.

To see Detective Tiger NFTs on sale on xMart, just apply the filter as shown in the picture below.

How to buy Detective Tigers NFTs

3. Minting an NFT

This is the process for those who got the TBBOB token in a giveaway or otherwise.

1. Set the trust line

You first have to set a trust line to TBBOB, which will block 2 XRP in your wallet as a reserve. This reserve will be freed later when you remove the trust line. This trust line will allow you to receive the TBBOB token. If you already have the token, jump to the next step.

2. Mint the NFT

When you have your TBBOB token(s), go to xMart, swap the token for a spin and spin to mint a TBBOB NFT. After spinning, you will have to wait for a minute, then a task will appear for you on xMart (top menu) – you have to complete it to finish the mint and get your NFT. Then you can remove your TBBOB trust line.

Viewing your NFT

Peerkat NFT viewerWhen you have bought your NFT, you can view it in your Xumm wallet. Click on the middle blue button with the Xumm logo, go to xApps and choose the Peerkat NFT viewer.

You can also use XRP explorers such as Bithomp or XRPscan to see that the NFT really belongs to your account. Just search for your XRP address and see that you have your NFT.

Thank you for buying a Detective Tiger NFT and supporting our work against investment scams!