Beware of FTEFX, KS Securities, Local Trader, RMT500, Atlantica and Royal LTD 24

The Italian financial regulator CONSOB has warned the public against six new unregulated brokers.


FTEFX reviewFTEFX is a Forex broker that offers trading with cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks. He uses the Metatrader platform.

FTEFX is run by a company named Ace Capital that is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. But it has no authorization to provide investment services, it is an unregulated broker.

KS Securities

KS Securities reviewKS Securities supposedly is and Austrian broker with offices in Great Britain, Spain, Italy and Germany. It offers trading with Forex, commodities and stocks. The minimum deposit to open a trading account is 500 euros.

KS Securities claims to be regulated in Austria, Germany and Italy, but it is a lie. It forged its licenses, it is a scam and unregulated broker, as confirmed by the CONSOB.

Local Trader

This is an unregulated investment service that you can learn details about in this detailed Local Trader review.

RMT 500

RMT 500 reviewRMT500 is a broker which will allow you to trade currencies, stocks and commodities. You can get a deposit bonus and a personal trainer who allegedly will teach you to trade.

The problem of RMT500 is that it is a completely anonymous broker, it provides no contact address, only e-mail and a British phone number. It is an unregulated broker that is not allowed to provide investment services.


Atlantica reviewAtlantica offers a wide variety of trading assets, it even accepts cryptocurrencies for deposits. This broker claims to be able to advise its clients about investment and even manage their wealth.

Atlantica claims to be located in Lxembourg, but unfortunately it is not authorized, it has no license to provide investment services.

Royal LTD 24

Royal LTD 24 reviewRoyalLTD24 is a typical Forex, stocks and commodities broker. It says it will explain to clients how to trade, even to beginners. The minimum deposit to open a real trading account is 250 dollars.

Royal LTD 24 is located in the Marshall Islands and it is a broker that is not regulated. Despite not having a license to offer investment services, it offers them where it can’t, like in Europe.


FTEFX, KS Securities, Local Trader, RMT500, Atlantica and Royal LTD 24 are unregulated brokers that have been blacklisted by the Italian financial regulator CONSOB.

For trading use only regulated brokers.

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