Beware of Global Intergold, Helvea, CFD2FX, Globalix and others

The past week brought the attention of five European financial regulators to a number of unregulated services.

The FCA (UK), Finma (Switzerland), CONSOB (Italy), FSMA (Belgium) and BCSC (British Columbia) have warned the public about the activities of the following brokers and investment services.

They pointed them out as unregulated, in some cases even as very probable scams. In any case it is advised not to enter in relationship with any of these companies.

  • Hutton Field Capital Partners
  • Money Simple
  • UK Investment Bond
  • Aproch Banak
  • Tradeburke International Group
  • Edu Pension (MP My Pension)
  • HandelFX
  • Globalix
  • CFD2FX
  • Alltrade Markets
  • Grand Trade Exchange
  • BCapital Profit
  • Selinus Investment
  • Helvea Ltd.
  • Irico S.A.
  • Global Intergold

For trading you should use only regulated brokers.

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