Dozens of warnings about unregulated investment services

Financial regulators from four countries have warned the public against a lot of unathorized websites in the past week.

The following list contains brokers and other investment services that are acting illegally, because they are not authorized by regulators in countries they are targeting.

The list contains services that have been subject to warnings from the Financial Conduct Authority (UK), AMF (France), FSMA (Belgium) and CONSOB (Italy).

  • EpicXoption
  • Broadway ICVC
  • RCH Securities
  • Preston Capital Partners
  • Equidex Finance
  • Investing Capital (Dream Equity)
  • FlixGM
  • Globalmarkets
  • Infinitrade
  • Key Markets
  • Kodimax
  • Mason Ford
  • Tradershome
  • 1000 Eclats
  • Acm Conseils
  • Arml Solution
  • Atlantis CPL
  • CE Corporate Advisors
  • CECP Advisors
  • Cheptel
  • Financial Liquidity
  • France Consulting Vin
  • Green Ash Partners
  • Groupement Pastoral
  • GV Invest
  • H2O Markets
  • La Plateforme de l‘Or
  • Munoa Invest
  • Vin Epargne
  • Wines Selections
  • Vanilla Golden Trade
  • 4xRoyal
  • Game Capital Ads
  • Kronos Inest
  • Sky Hub Limited
  • Zuitex

For trading use regulated brokers only.

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