FMA warns against VowFX a NAST

The financial regulator from New Zealand (FMA) has added two unregulated companies to its blacklist.

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vOWfx REVIEWVOWFX is a Forex broker, its main offering consists of currencies pairs on Forex, but it also has contracts for difference (CFDs) on stocks and commodities. Trading is done on the MetaTrader5 platform.

A detailed look at the website of VowFX reveals several red flags, such as generic texts with empty spaces that are marked as places where the name of the company should be inserted.

If you want to contact the broker, you will find that there is no real information about the company, only an e-mail address. VowFX is anonymous and unregulated, which makes an illegal broker. FMA thinks that it is a scam broker.


NAST reviewNAST aka North American Securities Transfer is focused on securities, namely on stock transfers. It offers advice and services related to stock owning and change of ownership.

North American Securities Transfer claims to be located in New York, United States, but it probably is not true.

In any case NAST has no securities license and the FMA thinks it is a scam.


VowFX is an unregulated broker and NAST an unregistered securities dealer, the FMA from New Zealand has warned the public against these companies.

Fort trading you should always use only regulated companies and brokers.

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