Regulators warn against CCX Markets, TrustFX, Zuitex, OMC Markets and others

Financial regulators from Switzerland, Austria and Great Britain have published new alerts about unregulated investment services.

The FINMA from Switzerland, the FMA from Austria and the FCA from the UK have alerted the public about the following investment services that are not regulated.

The list contains mainly brokers that offer trading with currencies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and stocks via contracts for difference. Trading with derivatives like these is always subject to regulation.

The regulators have warned against:

  • Highsmith Capital Partners
  • ForexBit
  • Ciex
  • CCX Markets
  • SEK Capital
  • UK Financial Investments
  • Zuitex
  • OMC Markets
  • TrustFX

For trading use regulated brokers only.


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 76-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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  • Is CCX Markets definitely a scam or just working without regulations?

  • TrustFX “Warning” this company is  steeling people’s money.  They are withholding my account funds of $43,517.95 and have been ignoring my withdrawl requests for over two months. TrustFX have closed down all communication with me and possibly 400 other clients or more? If you are in anyway trading with TrustFX definitely do not pay them anymore of your hard earned money. And request a full withdrawal of your account funds.  Also report them to Action Fraud also your bank if they refuse to pay. These people need to be put behind bars. Regards James Parks

  • TrustFX “WARNING” this company is steeling people’s money at this very moment.  This is my second response on this discussion about TrustFX as already mentioned they are withholding my account funds of  $43,517. I’ve noticed that others are joning in on this discussion now and there will probably be a lot more.  I have been trying to find a decent reliable  clame back company to recover my money, I have been in contact with about four companies so far but they all want money upfront before they will take on your case, and won’t garunteed that they will be able to recover your money.  Surely there must be someone out there that can track TrustFX down and stop these theving, steeling swines from operating this Scam. What is really getting at me is that they appear to still be trading and getting away with it.  Please join in this discussion if you have fallen foul of TrustFX. Regards James Parks

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