The SEC warns against fake financial regulators

The US financial regulator SEC has updated its blacklist with unauthorized investment services and fraudulent regulatory authorities.

Financial regulation provides investment firms with at least a basic mark of credibility. It cannot serve as a guarantee that a company will never commit fraud, but it does mean some control, which is important for investors.

Fraudsters are well aware of this, and because they cannot obtain official licenses for their fraud, they create websites of fake regulators that grant fake permits to their programs.

The Securities and Exchange Commission has newly added to the list of such bogus financial regulators:

  • Board of Securities and Financial Services (
  • Department of Financial Conduct (
  • Financial Options Security Exchange (
  • Securities Registration & Corporate Oversight Commission (
  • Securities Regulation and Recovery Bureau (
  • US Financial Authority (

False regulators are very dangerous because they can give investors a false sense of security. They often issue fake certificates and insure about insured funds, but in reality they do not provide anything like that.

There are many fake regulators in the world, some even independent of the scams they supposedly regulate. They act as independent scam businesses.

In addition, the SEC also warned about 28 investment services that do not have the necessary authorization and are therefore offere their services in violation of the law:

  1. Advisors For Excellence
  2. Ally Stock Investment
  3. Amex-Financials
  4. AxTrading-Investment
  5. Bitminingfx
  6. BN Securities, L.P.
  7. Boyd & Lyman Law
  8. BSC Transfer Agent
  9. Cloudinmine
  10. Coldan Investment Company Ltd
  11. Cryptobravos
  12. Donald Mark & Bradstone LLC
  13. Fisher Bennett Private Equity Inc.
  14. FX Bitcash
  15. Global Transfer Service
  16. Howden Global Acquisitions Group, Inc.
  17. HV Global Partners
  18. LJ Portfolios, LLC
  19. ManMar Capital LLC
  20. Passive Trade Plan
  21. Private Investment Bank
  22. Reclaw International Inc.
  23. RetireWell Investors
  24. Rexbit Capitals
  25. Scorpio Acquisitions
  26. Silva Consulting Group
  27. SmartCoins24
  28. Validtrades

The above-mentioned companies usually offer a high and fast appreciation of investments, either through direct investment in the financial markets, or, for example, through false mining of cryptocurrencies and the like.

Such fraudulent programs can often be identified by the unrealistically high returns they offer. It is usually in the order of tens of percent per month or even more, which is a completely unattainable number under normal circumstances, at least not regularly.

If you have encountered such an offer and are still hesitant about it, contact the financial regulator in your country and consult the offer with them. You will get a professional opinion and objective information.


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