World Markets review – the FMA thinks it is a scam [ALERT]

World Markets review

This review explains why you should stay away from the World Markets investment service. A financial regulator says it has the hallmarks of a scam.

What is World Markets

World Markets started as broker for precious metals, but now its main feature is an investment program with managed accounts. Artificial intelligence is managing trading accounts and its performance in the past years has allegedly been the following: 481% returns in 2017, 647% in 2018 and 718% in 2019.

The World Markets trading robot supposedly average 21.77% returns on investment per month.

Clients are charged a 20% performance fee on profits and a 1% annual management fee. The minimum investment is 5000 euros.

World Markets supposedly won several awards that are proving that its AI managed account is really performing well.

World Markets claims to have offices in Norway, China, Switzerland and Iceland.

AI managed account features

Is World Markets legit?

No, World Markets is not legit. It is a fact that has been confirmed by the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand (FMA). The FMA said that World Markets has “the hallmarks of a scam”.

The regulator also noticed that World Markets is not authorized to provide financial services in New Zealand.

The truth is that World Markets is not registered nor licensed to provide investment services anywhere in the world. It has no authorization whatsoever, which means that it is an illegal investment service in most countries in the world.

Unproven performance

World Markets is displaying a lot of numbers that are supposed to prove its past performance. An average monthly return on investment of more than 21% is certainly very appealing, however it might not be true.

The chart on World Markets’ website contains links to external service that monitor trading systems’ performance. However, a lot of World Markets’ charts from MyFXbook are missing, they have been deleted, which is extremely suspicious. The conclusion can be that they did not perform as advertised and World Markets don’t want you to see that.

Other pages with their charts and stats have systems that run only for a limited period of time, then stopped. And there is do recent data, let alone audited results.

All in all, instead of proving the past performance of its AI Managed Account, World Markets has raised a big red flag with the way it is presenting is trading results. We certainly cannot talk about any numbers being proven.


Dubious awards

Another thing that World Markets is proudly displaying on its website is the numerous awards it allegedly has won. The problem is that some awards can’t be verified, because there are no valid links and the texts are unreadable.

As for the rest of the awards, we did not find a single one from a reputable source. We did not find a single award that would suggest that World Markets is a reputable company.

Fake awards

In the media?

Another problem of World Markets is that it claims that it was featured in Bloomberg, Forbes, Sky News and Because a research on those websites brings no results about World Markets.

In those media, we did not find a single independent article endorsing or otherwise speaking about World Markets.

The same applies to different blockchain and other associations. In fact, we know for sure that World Markets is not a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance nor any other alliance of this kind. The usage of logos that belongs to these alliances on the World Markets website is therefore very dubious. We are not afraid to say that this is a practice common to scams.

Fake media

Anonymous and unregulated

Last but not least, addresses provided by World Markets are obviously fake. For example, there certainly are no World Markets offices in Switzerland.

Which is a very serious thing, because should World Markets really be represented in Switzerland, it would have to be registered there as a company and licensed with the financial regulator FINMA. But it is not.

So, if World Markets is offering its services in Switzerland, it is breaking Swiss laws. The same applies to almost every other country, because most countries int the world regulate financial and investment services.

Stay away from World Markets

If you have already invested money with World Markets, we recommend getting it back and staying away from it.

As the Financial Markets Authority said, World Markets have the hallmarks of a scam. It seems it might be operating a Ponzi scheme, which would mean that is not doing any real financial trading.

It obviously is very risky to invest money with World Markets, because it is an unregulated service, which means that deposits are not protected in any way.

Since World Markets is lying about several things, it probably is a scam, which means that it can collapse any time.

World Markets review – the conclusion

World Markets is an unauthorized investment service and the Financial Markets Authority has warned the public against it. World Markets alleged investment performance cannot be verified and the lies on its website are a big red flag. Stay away from it.

For financial trading and investing you should always use regulated companies that have a valid license for your country. You can try a free demo account to see how legit trading works.

Always remember that investments are risky. For real trading use only money that you can afford to lose.

World Markets

5000 EUR








  • Exposed by regulator


  • Illegal service
  • Lying
  • Probable scam
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