1000pipBuilder review – BEWARE of these signals [explanation]

1000pipBuilder review

In this review we explain why it is very hard to trust the 1000pipBuilder Forex trading signals service of Bob James.

What is 1000pipBuilder

1000PipBuilder is an online service that will provide you with trading signals for Forex markets. In other words, you will receive instructions about when to enter and exit trades on currency pairs that are traded on Forex.

The trader behind 1000pipBuilder is Bob James who claim to have worked for one of the leading financial services institution in London and to have over 10 years of expertise as a Forex trader and mentor.

James claims that his system makes 2 – 7 trades per day on 15 currency pairs and generates 350 pips monthly in profits.

How much does 1000pipBuilder cost? You can pay $97 monthly, $227 quarterly or $667 yearly. But is it worth it, is 1000pipBuilder legit?

Features of the system

You can’t trust 1000pipBuilder

We examined 1000pipBuilder in detail and we came to the conclusion that it for sure can’t deliver what is advertised. We can go as far as saying that we believe that 1000pipBuilder is a scam. Here is why.

No verified performance

When you are supposed to use a trading service, you should be given verifiable information about its performance.

But the only thing that James provides about his 1000pipBuilder signals service is some outdated results that look suspicious. We are talking about his MyFXBook picture on his website.

First of all, these results are outdated, they show trading only from June 2019 to January 2020. So no information about the performance for the last year and a half.

Secondly, the real chart on MyFXBook says that the track record is not verified while James claims it is. This difference is a red flag, it is very suspicious.

All in all, 1000pipBuilder does not provide independently verified trading results, so you cannot know how it performs in real life.

Results not verified

All results are fiction

Terms and conditions at the bottom of the official 1000pipBuilder website makes an interesting read. Because you will basically learn that all results stated by 1000pipBuilder are estimates that DO NOT represent evidence of actual results achieved!

So, at one place James claims that results of his system are independently verified, while later he admits they are not. This is false advertising, a practice we call scam.

This once again proves that you are not provided with real verified results of the 1000pipBuilder signals service.

Terms and conditions

Ridiculous claims

We know that James admits that his claims about 1000pipBuilder’s results are fake. But let’s have a look again at what he claims.

He says that his system made over 6000 pips over a 24-months period, which means a 250+ pips monthly average, while he also says that currently it is generating 350 pips per month.

As experienced traders we can safely say that such claims are ridiculous. Averaging 250 to 350 pips month is just a dream that no trader can achieve. It is just impossible due to the high unpredictability of financial markets. Trust us, what James is saying is a lie.

You can also look at his claim this way. With 250 pips monthly he would be better than all licensed investment funds in the world, better than all publicly known Forex traders with verified results.

In other words, with such a performance James would be very rich in no time and he would certainly not be selling his signals for a hundred bucks to anybody because it could jeopardize his results. Just common sense.

Fake performance

Who is Bob James anyway?

Based on what he says, Bob James would be one of the most successful Forex traders in the world. He could get tons of wealthy clients that would pay him a fortune to trade with their money.

Yet he remains more or less anonymous and sells his signals through an affiliate portal (Clickbank) to anybody for a few bucks. Does that make any sense to you?

We are pretty much sure that Bob James is not the real name of the person who is selling 1000pipBuilder. Because the system can’t deliver what it promises, the real author does not want to be held accountable.

People who really know how to trade profitably on financial markets do trade for themselves and are very rich, or they trade for a private wealthy clientele and are still very rich. They certainly do not sell their signals through an affiliate system on the internet.

Bob James

1000pipBuilder review – conclusion

Bob James does not provide evidence for his advertised trading results. In fact, he admits that all results presented on his website are not real. You can be sure that 1000pipBuilder will not make you the pips in promises, therefore we recommend staying away from it.

Making money in financial trading is possible, but very difficult. Successful traders do not share their trading systems or signals for free or for a few bucks, because it is very hard to build a profitable trading system.


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