Europa Trade Capital review: Blacklisted by regulators

Europa Trade Capital review

In this review we examine the Europa Trade Capital broker and explain why you should stay away from it.

What is Europa Trade Capital

Europa Trade Capital is a typical online broker that allows its clients trading with a wide variety of financial assets. You can trade currencies on the foreign exchange, stocks, commodities and stock indices. Last but not least, you can also trade cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

In total the broker promises to let you trade with more than 300 financial assets. For that, you can use leverage up to 1:500 while spreads start at 0 pips.

The broker is based in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and while it admits that it is not regulated, it says that it really can be trusted. But can it really, is Europa Trade Capital a legit broker?

Europa Trade Capital is not legit

Unfortunately, Europa Trade Capital is not a broker that you can trust. The reason is that it is not respecting laws in different countries.

Blacklisted by regulators

The main reason why we are doing this Europa Trade Capital review, is that at least two national financial regulators have already warned against this broker.

One is the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) in Belgium, the second is the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) in France, see the details here. And that is a problem.

A scam according to the FSMA

Belgium’s FSMA included Europa Trade Capital in a list of fraudulent online trading platforms. Platforms on that list are described as “acting aggressively” and having complaining customers who can’t withdraw money.

So obviously there are already Europa Trade Capital clients who have problems with the broker and can’t get their money back. Which is a huge red flag that should make you stay away from it.

The national financial regulator in Belgium confirmed that clients of this broker have problems with it, and that’s really all you need to know.

Not regulated

Breaking the laws in France

The French regulator AMF stated that Europa Trade Capital is one of the brokers that offer investment services in France without being authorized.

And that is also a big deal. Because it means that the broker is breaking the laws (not only) in France. Which is another big red flag.

Europa Trade Capital acknowledges on its website the importance of financial regulation and it says that despite not being regulated, it acts in a fair way. But the reality shows something different.

Europa Trade Capital is not regulated in any country of the world. It means that there are virtually no countries where it can offer its services legally.

Because almost every country in the world regulates investment services and requires brokers to get authorization.

When a broker does not get the necessary authorization and still offers it services in any given country, it is knowingly breaking the laws and you just can’t trust it.

Not to mention that brokers that are not regulated, like Europa Trade Capital, don’t offer any protection to their customers. Deposits are not insured and when the company chooses to go away, you will have a hard time even finding out who ran with your money.

Europa Trade Capital review – Conclusion

Europa Trade Capital has been blacklisted by at least two European financial regulators. The FSMA in Belgium outright said that it is a fraudulent online trading platform. And that is why you have to stay away from it.

If you are interested in financial trading, we recommend using regulated companies only. You can try a free demo account with a regulated broker.

And never forget that trading is risky, you have to be fully aware of that before you invest real money.


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  • I have sadly had dealings with Europatradecapital. I have lost an enormous sum of money, I am still being harassed by them on the pretence that only they can get my money back for me – I have this afternoon hung up from a Michal Goldman who is supposedly an accountant who has just emailed me saying I have 12 minutes, the firm is closing and if I want my money back to get back in touch. I have declined, I’m already the best (or worst) part of £90,000 down. Not funny for a 73 year old widow to loose her life savings

  • This is a fraudulent website and they are ripping people of. maybe I was naive to have fallen for their tricks, but I saw their ad on facebook and decided to try and invest with them, I deposited about $78,000 on their 3 months ROI. At the end of this my investment is supposed to go from 78k to about 150k. I called and wrote several emails talking about withdrawal, they eventually cleared my account and had to find service from Assetsrepo before I could recoup my deposited amount and let go of the supposed ‘gains’.

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