Forex Fury review – The truth about its results [explanation]

Forex Fury review

In this review we explain why you should be very careful with the Forex Fury trading robot.

What is Forex Fury

Forex Fury is an automated trading software designed for trading currency pairs on Forex. The robot supposedly is winning 93% of the trades it opens, so it will grow your account and make you money on autopilot.

The robot is compatible with NFA, FIFO and Metatrader. A lifetime license for one live account costs 229.99 USD, for two live accounts you will pay a one-time 439.99 USD fee.

Is it worth it, is Forex Fury a robot that really can make you money on autopilot?

Forex Fury red flags

During our research about Forex Fury we ran into some red flags that make this robot not trustworthy in our eyes. In this review we explain everything.

Suspicious results

The official Forex Fury website displays trading results of the robot that are monitored by Myfxbook. But immediately you will notice something strange, if you have at least some experience with financial trading.

The equity curves in those charts are way too smooth and short, they are completely unnatural for Forex trading. Because in real responsible trading you just can’t have lines that are that smooth. You have to use some dangerous tactics to achieve such lines, like Martingale or extremely unfavorable risk to reward ratio (RRR).

And indeed, after reading lots of different reviews from users and analyzing Forex Fury’s Myfxbook results, we are pretty much sure that it is what they do.

Users say, and the charts seem to confirm that, that Forex Fury will open trades with small take profits and very big stop losses. This allows the robot to get a lot of profits in a row, which generates those smooth and nicely growing equity curves.

Alleged results

The big problem with this approach is that when you have to take a loss, which will inevitably happen, it will wipe out many of your profits. And when you have to take more losses in a shorter period of time, which will also happen sooner or later, they can wipe out your entire trading account.

Several Forex Fury’s users have confirmed that the robot is acting like this and when you look at the Myfxbook charts, a lot of the times you will see a dying period at the end where they seem to be just waiting to close open losses with minimum damage to be able to post nice looking charts on their website. This is why there is no continuation in their statistics, the robot only runs for a limited time before they come out with a “new” version.

Speaking of statistics, you know that you should always read disclaimers, right? In this document Forex Fury say that numbers you can see on their website are based on simulated or hypothetical performance results.

The inevitable conclusion is that results you see on Forex Fury’s website are not to be expected on a real trading account.


Another look at the results

Forex Fury claim that their robot can make you hundreds of percent in a year on just one currency pair. So theoretically it could make you rich pretty quickly.

The first thing we have to say is that we never heard of any real Forex investment company that would be able to make hundreds of percent yearly. So Forex Fury is better than the world’s best audited trading companies?

Secondly, Forex Fury is supposed to make you hundreds of percent per year, yet it costs only $230 lifetime? How does this make any sense? Should the robot really perform that well, people who created it would already be millionaires, they would not be selling it for a few hundred bucks, don’t you think?

Anonymous and probably illegal

People who are selling you Forex Fury are anonymous, they don’t give you any real contact information. This is another red flag.

It is allegedly sold by Rypax Inc., but no details about the company are given. But they say that the best time to contact them is between 8 AM and 7 PM EST. Which suggests they are based in the United States.

We believe that in order to be able to sell a trading robot that will trade with real money on behalf of people in the United States, you have to have an authorization from financial regulators. Which Forex Fury clearly has not.

This is why we believe that Forex Fury might even be an illegal trading robot. If you are considering buying it, we highly recommend that you consult it with your national financial regulator to see what they have to say about Forex Fury. In the past we have seen services like this one blacklisted by regulators.

How Forex Fury really works

Based on what we have seen in reviews from real users, we believe that Forex Fury is making money on non-refunded sales.

By that we mean that people who are behind this robot are selling it while knowing that it is losing money in the long term. But not all people who buy it will go through the process of a refund, which is limited by conditions imposed by Forex Fury.

So, even though it is a losing robot, not every buyer will ask for refund, which makes the profit of people who sell it.

Forex Fury robot

Forex Fury review – Conclusion

Forex Fury will not make the profits it is suggesting on its official website, it is just impossible. We are pretty much sure that in the long term, the robot is losing money.

Making money in trading is not easy and don’t believe that a robot that costs 230 bucks will make you rich. The path to consistent profits in trading is long and hard, you can try it on a free demo account.

You can practice trading with virtual money. When you trade with real money, please be sure to understand the risks.

Forex Fury

230 USD





Real results



  • Apparently refunds


  • Presented results are not real
  • Can't make what it suggests
  • Anonymous and suspicious
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Comments 42

  • The claims in this review are false, I will answer the falsities directly:

    1. The results provided are real, and verified by Myfxbook. I am willing to let TBBOB or anyone else audit the results.
    2. My name and contact information as well as the name’s of my team members are on the about us page. This is the second page on the website so claiming this is anonymous/illegal is false.
    3. This is a scalping system, so the RRR is in line with scalping systems. This is very normal, and does not guarantee “wiping out a trading account.” If you would like to discuss the strategy we can.

    Please make amendments to the review, and feel free to reach out to me at anytime to discuss the service and approach of our expert advisor project. We are not promising crazy returns, we simply provide a tool to assist traders with their short or long term goals.

    As an addition, over 10% of our clients upgrade to a second license to run the software on a second live account, speaking to the viability of the product.

  • While I’ve personally not used Fury’s bot; and I don’t know anyone at Forex Fury; but I can easily tell this review is biased. Traders are looking for balanced and well-thought-out reviews, I don’t believe this is one of them.

    • Sure, you have never use Forex Fury, so you don’t know anything about it, yet you are here commenting a review of it.

      • Hi James, I don’t appear to have a purchase from you either.

        I sent you multiple emails to you now without a response.

        I am willing to have you audit my results, discuss the strategy and meet the team members.

        If you are not willing to do so, please remove the attacks from the review.

  • Submit a request to The Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) too. That’s where Patrick Ryan is running his SCAMS from.

    • I already asked the Ontario Securities Commission about Forex Fury, since Ryan claims to based in Ontario. They said he is not registered there, nor the company Rypax Inc. Discussing with them more details.

      • Good, also Patrick Ryan’s fake review website Forex Robot Nation which he promotes his Forex Fury and Forex Steam scams with. In Canada, the Competition Bureau identifies fake reviews as “misleading advertising and labelling.” The Bureau handles this under Section 74.02 of the Competition Act. Under this law, a person can pay a penalty of up to $750,000 for the first occurrence.

        • The company is registered. There is no scam.

          This is a tool, not an investment service, and no investment advice is provided. How clients use the tool is up to their discretion.

          I addressed all of the claims in this review and was unchallenged.

          The results provided in our accounts is verified. No promises, or guarantees are being made about the software’s future performance. Thus, we are not misleading clients in any way.

          We are completely transparent, and believe in our service.

          • Your company is registered in Ontario? Then it does not have the license it should have. See the answer from the Ontario Securities Commission:

            “Thank you for your follow-up inquiry to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) concerning Forex Fury and Rypax Inc. You would like to know if Rypax Inc. is a company based in Ontario, if they are required to registered with the OSC.

            One of the main ways we provide protection to investors is our requirement that all firms and individuals in the business of trading in or advising about securities in Ontario must be registered with the OSC. If Forex Fury or Rypax Inc. is dealing in securities in Ontario, they are required to be registered to deal with Ontario residents. Companies offering to sell securities must comply with the securities laws in the jurisdiction where the investor resides.”

  • We are not required to be registered with OSC.

    As, we provide no direct investment advice regarding securities.

    How clients decide to use our tools is at their own discretion.

    The same goes for over 10,000 other EA developers, most of which are much larger companies.

    Please make adjustments to the review regarding the results and the anonymity. As I have proven both those claims to be false.

    You are still welcome to audit my accounts, but you don’t answer my direct emails.

    • Can you read? The OSC looked at you and said the following:
      “Thank you for your follow-up inquiry to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) concerning Forex Fury and Rypax Inc. You would like to know if Rypax Inc. is a company based in Ontario, if they are required to registered with the OSC. One of the main ways we provide protection to investors is our requirement that all firms and individuals in the business of trading in or advising about securities in Ontario must be registered with the OSC. If Forex Fury or Rypax Inc. is dealing in securities in Ontario, they are required to be registered to deal with Ontario residents. Companies offering to sell securities must comply with the securities laws in the jurisdiction where the investor resides.”

      They said that if you are “in the business of trading securities”, you have to be registered.

      • We are in the business of software, what clients use that software for is at their own discretion.

        We’ve discussed this with professionals, but will revisit those discussions to double check for you.

        You have yet to respond to any of the falsities being made in this review about the anonymous nature of the services and the false statements made about the results.

        If you do not stand by those claims, and have no proof, please remove those falsities.

        • “We are in the business of software, what clients use that software for is at their own discretion.”

          Man, the headline of your website screams: “Grow your account with a Forex Robot”. Then the rest of the website is about how Forex Fury is a winning trading software that will make people money.

          And you say that it is not your selling point, that you are selling just a random piece of software that people can use for many things, it is up to them. Give me a break!

          As for the anonymity, There is no real contact and company registration information on your website, so what falsities are you talking about?

          • You are simply changing the conversation James.

            Your article is titled the truth about its results explanation.

            Then you provide false claims about the results without proof, and refuse to address it or change it. Instead you move the goal posts.

          • Thank you for your valuable opinion. Now go sell your miraculous robot that makes 10-20% per month, and therefore is beating world’s best investment companies, instead of using your robot yourself and becoming rich very fast.

          • James, I came here through a Google search looking for info on Forex Fury. What I found on your page is a complete trashing of a product you have never used. This makes your review look biased, uneducated guess-work, and full of conjecture. Although I’m still not sold on forex fury, this “review” has been most unhelpful. Your arguments against forex fury are nothing more than you building a strawman. You don’t even understand the difference in a software company and a securities investment firm.
            Please do yourself a favor and take down this review until you actually use the product. Post YOUR results on myfxbook. Then you will actually appear to know what you’re talking about.

          • Thank you for your valuable opinion.

  • If your results really are true and you are not actually a scammer Patrick Ryan then let’s see proof. Hiding your open trades on myFxbook proves nothing. Post your live trading accounts and investor read only passwords below. If you can’t do that then you are a scammer.


    • Brad Johnson and Ruben are right, i also purchased forex fury been 4-6 month now and forex fury hasn’t made me money but blowing my account. Every time i send a email to the support team complaining about the robot not making profit but blowing my account they just reply and say no the robot is working perfectly and more clients are upgrading and we are receiving positive feedback about it’s performance. I have also started to thinking they are scammers. They must show their client a live account with open orders and clearly show us the setting on your live account.

  • Tell that nice guy to show open orders and verify all the accounts.
    I’m sure he is hiding losing positions in a BIG DD, and they’re still open!
    He runs over 50 accounts and only publicizes one account when it is accidentally profitable; after a couple of times, he changes the lot amount to the lowest possible to not show the risk is about 4-6 times the reward.
    If this is such a groundbreaking ea, why doesn’t he sell his EA on mql5 and get more opportunities?

  • I Purchased Forex Fury recently. The very fist demo accounts I set-up were very profitable. I had a take profit of 5 pips and a stop loss of 45 pips on all my demos. On My best Demo GBP/USD I had 43 profits of $52 and two losses of $334 each That’s $2236 – $668 in 3 weeks of trading. Of, course, this is a small sample but I give it a thumbs up for now.

  • How can someone write a review and not have tested the product?

    • How can someone say that if you jump out of the window you are going to die without actually jumping out of the window and dying to test it?
      How can someone say “don’t drink bleach” without actually drinking bleach to test it?

    • Keep scamming Patrick Ryan. Why not test it on your own account, with your own money. Post your live account and investor read only password below. Why should we burn our money testing your fake Forex Fury, Forex Steam, Forex Robot Nation VIP Signals scams?

  • This review is biased and seem the author blankly write down this review. I am one of the FF user and let me tell you, if you are really a FF user. You need to test and know suitable time to trade. There is a few so called SOP that I learned and found by myself. If you know how to use this FF, you will know how powerful this tool is than other EA. I have used other EA and their crazy strategy is really not suitable for me.

    • Mohamed Iskandar, could you give me examples of the SPOs that you have tried. I agree with you that the robot works but I have not been able to find what to use to make its operation more efficient. Thanks

  • I ended up here trying to find more info on Forex Fury.

    But this seems like a fight between two people who know each other or an ingenious biggie-pac setup to lure more people in.
    If not, please take this offline as it is more confusing than helpful. Just my 2 cents on the issue.

    Will keep digging for recent quantitative data.

  • Any experienced trader knows that markets fluctuate during any given trade. I was a naive trader at one point before I started studying how to trade effectively. Your SL will always be higher than your TP. Because when you are trading during volatile market sessions depending on your M15 or H4 or H8 session times. You are guaranteed to lose on SL if your SL is lower than your TP. Especially during Engulfing Bullish trends that’s when it surprises you. I haven’t tried Forex Fury yet but I am going to. I have been using professional trading signals and using incrementing trading strategies to minimize my risk. I do 0.07 0.02 0.01 Lots for each currency pair that’s 0.1 LOT for each pair. My risk margin is at 2% per trade with a leverage of 50:1. 2% is about .1 LOT for currency pair and I use 3 TPS per pair. I do a max of 2 currency pairs each trading session. If you are blowing through your accounts you are not trading responsibly and you are not using risk management for your entire account value. A trading robot is a tool just like trading signals and 90% of the time expert analysts use trading bots to provide signals for their clients.

    • A robot is not a robot if it lets any major decision about the position up to you.

    • Gary vester, you sound very knowledgeable in this forex. I was just about to buy the forex fury e.a but more confuse that before as I do not know who to believe between patrick and james. I am a newbie to forex and forex e.a. . Kindly update us with your findings if you buy the forex e.a as you promise and the setting you use. You will save a lot of newbie from this situation of indecision. I have successfully blow up my account while trading manually. So either I get a good e.a or I quit forex for good . Kindly assist

  • The writer of this article is not providing a good review.

    when you read it it sounds like speculation and ranting.

    If you want a solid review find a blog that actually used the product and can give you more than an analysis of other peoples reviews.

    IM pretty sure forexfury would have given you the bot for free to test on a demo account.

    This blog is more of an OPED and not a review.

  • Welp, the conduct in the comment section by the author has thoroughly convinced me that they are not a reliable source.

  • I purchased Forexfury and found it totally un true as advertised. There is no risk management with the program… yes they claim a 98% win rate if their settings are left as is, at 65pip ++++ which is guaranteed at some point to wipe out the account. Further to this their sets high, medium, low risk are the exact same results per open lot, however forexfury increase the lot size for each set to make it appear more profitable with a less risk.
    REFUND is a joke they require 30 days trading on a demo sample….not accepting back testing which is still value data. be summited within 60 days of purchase. two things can happen during this period 1. a profit or 2. a holding open position (remember the 66pips stop). unless the account is wiped out there will be no refund as a move of that size is unlikely in a 30 day time frame BUT most certainly can and will happen.
    I asked for a refund based on the fact of no risk management as any trader understands an acceptable risk management must be in place to be successful at trading.
    I STONGLY recommend to ALL not to waste your money to purchase this product.

  • I’m just commenting here to tell for who maybe thinking about buy Forex Fury this simple thing: it works with NO stop loss by default at GBPUSD lowest risk strategy. Yes, you can run with a infinite drawdown with no protection at all. No SL and neither some hedge operation to get you ass secured. If you get some limitless account, maybe it’s suitable for you when the price come back. That’s why myfxbook show that beautiful curve that only goes up. Good lucky.

  • Just to reinforce what I said in the previous comment, this is the problem with many robots being sold out there. They show a capital curve that only goes up, because they don’t use a stop loss, or they place the stop loss at an extremely distant exit point with a short take profit. This is a dirty strategy, because that way the robot can trade any arbitrary entry point and show high profits, but it doesn’t show the floating drawdown that can easily break your account. I speak from experience, I bought the robot and the first trades were against the market movement, and luckily I managed to exit manually. I deleted the robot and will never use it again. So if I can give advice to anyone who wants to buy robots out there on the internet, always, ALWAYS check if the robot has a stop loss according to the risk you are willing to take, and if the backtest considers that. It is for this reason that a good strategy will not demonstrate the same performance as those robots that promise spectacular results.

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