Juicy Fields review – Something is not right [BEWARE]

Juicy Fields review

In this review we analyze the investment opportunity presented by Juicy Fields, which is a program for growing Cannabis plants.

What is Juicy Fields

Juicy Fields is an online investment platform that allows you to invest in cannabis production. You supposedly will literally buy cannabis plants and make money from what they produce.

Everything will be done for you, from planting to selling, you just have to deposit money with Juicy Fields and choose your program/plant.

Juicy Fields is trying to convince you to invest by arguing that cannabis is getting legalized all over the world, therefore the demand will only grow.

You can choose from four different investment programs/plants that supposedly will make you 100%+ returns in one year.

Even the cheapest program Juiy Flash is supposed to earn you 68 – 83 euro in 108 days from a 50 euro investment. This is an average return of 75.5 euro from a 50 euro investment, which is 51% in 108 days.

You can repeat the same investment more than three times in a year, which brings us to a total of a 172.36% return in a single year. Which is very high.

So the question is: Is Juicy Fields legit?

Beware of Juicy Fields

Juicy Fields have a very nice presentation, they say they are registered and everything looks professional. So is it legit? Not so fast. In this review we explain the red flags we found.

Extremely high returns

The first thing we noticed is the extremely high returns promised by Juicy Fields and investment plans that do not correspond to reality.

You might not like it, but 172% returns per year are something that we have never seen with any legit investment opportunity. Yes, you might have a great year, be lucky with some high returns and make 172% or more in one year.

But you can’t do that every year. Yet Juicy Fields claim these returns will come like clockwork. Such high returns usually are something that we see with Ponzi schemes only.

Another thing to notice is that Juicy Fields claim to have cannabis plants that can live up to five years and be harvested several times each year. We are not cannabis experts, but a quick search on the internet reveals that cannabis plants have a one year lifespan only, they can be harvested only once and that’s all.

So this is another red flag, because it seems that in reality no cannabis plant can live and produce for five years like Juicy Fields claim.

Suspicious investment plans

Not authorized

Juicy Fields claim to be run by a Dutch company called Juicy Holdings BV. It is true that there is a company with this name registered in the Netherlands, but its registered web address is juicyholdings.com. And that website mentions Juicy Fields AG as a company registered in Switzerland.

The problem is that Juicy Holdings say that Juicy Fields AG is located in Knonau, while the Swiss companies register says that Juicy Fields is located in Pfäffikon, which is a different place. So a lot of confusion here, no clear legal info.

We contacted Juicy Holdings and asked them if they really own JuicyFields.io, but we have not received any answer. So at the time of the publication of this review we found no proof that JuicyFields.io really is own by Juicy Holdings, which is a registered company.


Juicy Holdings

But the most important thing is that JuicyFields is offering investment services that are regulated in the EU, US and the rest of the world.

In this case the cannabis plants are sold as securities. People from Juicy Fields take your money and they promise to invest it in something that will earn you returns. It is a clear investment contract.

So, we contacted the AFM, which is the national financial regulator in the Netherlands, and asked them about Juicy Fields, since they claimed to be run by a Dutch company. You can see the response below.

AFM basically confirmed that as a provider of financial services Juicy Fields is not registered/authorized and they even added that it probably is a scam.

There you have it, the financial regulator from the same country as Juicy Fields parent company looked at them and said it is probably a scam.

Also, Juicy Fields is on a warning list of the Spanish financial regulator CNMV, the German financial regulator BaFin because it is an unauthorized investment offer and the French AMF.

For us it is the biggest red flag that should make you stay away from this investment program.

Not authorized

Doesn’t matter if it is paying

A lot of time people come to us and say that program xyz can’t be a scam because it is paying. And we have to repeat that it is not an indication of legitimacy.

A lot of investment programs run as Ponzi schemes, which means they simply transfer money between new and old members. New members pay the profit of older members, it is a pyramid that is destined to crumble.

So if you are in Juicy Fields and you are receiving your payouts, don’t consider it as a proof of legitimacy. Look at the red flags raised in this review, they are too substantial to be overlooked.

Juicy Fields review – Conclusion

Juicy Fields is offering returns on investments that are way too high for any legit business, they offer plants that don’t exist in the real world and the Dutch financial regulator says it is probably a scam. We recommend staying away from it.

If you are interested in legit investing, you can try it on a regulated platform, start on a free demo account with virtual money.

Making money in financial trading is not easy, you have to learn your way and fully understand the risks before investing real money.

If you want to support our work against scams, please consider getting a Detective Tiger TBBOB NFT.

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  • Es ist simpel. JF hat eine großartige Idee, jemand der sich mit Botanik auskennt, weiß, dass Cannabispflanzen einfach kultiviert werden können, wie andere auch. Es gibt Gewächshäuser, die sich auf Klonierung bestimmter Pflanzen spezialisiert haben, und das weltweit exportieren. Ich habe selbst bei so etwas gearbeitet. Die Firma hat bis zu einem Brand hervorragend verdient.
    JF macht nichts anderes. Was mich daran wirklich interessiert ist: ich schließe eine reales Handelsgeschäft ab. Ich kaufe, es wird verkauft, ich bekomme den Gewinn. Es ist ersichtlich, dass diese Art von Geschäft keine Investition ist. Daher interessieren mich Anwürfe von Finanzmarktaufsichten nicht. Ich weiß aber, dass Staaten und die Finanzeliten alle Möglichkeiten von Vermögensaufbau in privater Hand kontrollieren wollen. Und Finanzaufsichten sind von privaten Banken gehaltene Institutionen mit Öffentlichkeitsrecht. Macht man nicht, was die wollen, dann können sie bis zum Ende aller Tage herumquängeln. Fragt man bei Finanzaufsichtsbehörden konkret nach, dann erhält man keine Auskunft aus Datenschutzgründen. Wenn es also Betrug ist, dann Alarm bei den Staatsanwaltschaften in den zuständigen Ländern. Doch das habe ich von Finanzaufsichtsbehörden nie erlebt.
    Weiters: Investoren im Wertpapierhandel – das ist eine ganz andere Spielwiese. Als Wertpapierspekulant interessiert mich nicht das Unternehmen, sondern die bewährte Rendite. Jeder glaubt 5 % sind sensationell. In Wahrheit sind Finanzdienstleister Betrüger, denn sie zocken dem Investor die Gewinne weg und lassen ihm den Rest. Freilich stört es dann, wenn die 5 %-Rendite überboten wird. Alle Finanzinstitute lassen ihre Produkte v. a. in Luxemburg fabrizieren. Wenn man dann zur Bank geht, glaubt man ein gutes Anlagegeschäft gemacht zu haben. Im Hinterstübchen lachen sich die Finanzheinis krumm über das dumme Finanzschaf, dass sie geschoren haben. Daher Hände weg von Wertpapierinvestitionen und hin zu Realgeschäften mit hoher Rendite, die erwirtschaftet werden kann. Ein reales Unternehmen trägt noch immer das unternehmerische Risiko, ein Wertpapiergeschäft dagegen ist ein reines Luftgeschäft. Eine andere Frage ist, ob JF das Riesenpotenzial der Hanfpflanze erkennt und ausschöpfen kann. Das glaube ich nicht. Dazu braucht man eine fundierte Ausbildung in Verfahrenstechnik. Grundsätzlich liefert Hanf Kohlenwasserstoffe (Hanföle) und Trester, aus dem Substitutionsstoffe hergestellt werden können z. B. einen Werkstoff 10x härter aus Stahl, beschussfeste Ziegel u.a.m.). Ja, und einen Profi, der Geld unterm Strich ohne Verluste vermehren kann, den braucht es noch. Das ist auch möglich, aber nicht bei den großen Finanzhaien. Wer suchet, der findet.

  • We’ll I do live and work close to the headquarter in amsterdam, I can pop in and let everyone know what they say, apparently I can also go and see all the plants and beside this you of course cannot grow a plant for years but you can still clone another one and after you can repeat yourself as much as you want, just keep a mother plant!

    • Weren’t they saying they have cultivators in South America and other places? Will you go there to check the plants?
      Besides, growing plants does not prove anything. It’s the ROI that does not pass the smell test.

    • As you are nearby, could you please ask what they did with our money? Because they have disappeared!

  • It’s funny, I found the EXACT same review in the French language by someone pretending to be called Jean Renard. It’s literally a translation of this review and he pretends that HE did the research ( “WE” HAVE CONTACTED THE DUTCH AUTHORITIES )

    Here’s the link: https://www.optionsbinairesarnaques.net/juicy-fields-avis

    You can just select the text and Google Translate it. You’ll see, it’s the exact wording.

    So what’s going on here ? Are you a group who wants to discredit Juicy Fields ? Or what’s the deal ? I’ve been looking for honest reviews of Juicy Fields and it’s SO TIRESOME to have to sort through fake reviews. Reviews are even more tiresome than actually investing and considering the money lost. If it goes well, all good. If it doesn’t, the hell with it. At least I tried something riskier.

    • Optionsbinairesarnaques.net is part of the TBBOB team, we share our work. I don’t see anything wrong with that, everything in the review is genuine.

      If you want to do a true research, why don’t you contact the financial regulators that warned against Juicy Fields?

    • Hi James
      Can you send me the Link of AFM ? And If there is No Link in the Webpage of AFM can you send me the answer of AFM that you Got ?

      Best regards

  • in your article, you say that ‘Juicy Fields claim to have cannabis plants that can live up to five years and be harvested several times each year’

    no they don’t.

    they state very explicitly, and in no uncertain terms, that once one plant has been harvested, they plant another clone, and will do that multiple times over the stated duration. you are telling blatant lies and i assume you are proud of that.

    • And then they make buy 1 plant that will be generating you profits for years.

      • es stimmt nicht. Sie kaufen eine Pflanze und die wachst 108 Tage. Dann ist ausbezahlt und Sie müssen eine neue kaufen.
        Außerdem habe ich Nachgeschaut. Es gibt keine Warnung von NL Aufsichtsmarkt.
        JuicyFields ist auch registriert in NL register.
        Also bitte keine Unwahrheiten erzählen

      • I am speaking from Colombia, obviously the costs are quite high for the production model, even in our country, despite the fact that growers have had licenses for years, the crops are still not economically profitable since there is no buyer for the crops, the market has not developed and that has many people in the cannabis business on the verge of bankruptcy, I understand that there are several contracts between Colombian growers and juicy fields

  • Juicy Fields has recently been investigated by BaFin in Germany. During the investigation JF stopped onboarding new German investors at the request of BaFin. BaFin had a good look at the company and decided that it was a legitimate investment company. As such they needed to comply with German law to offer these services to German citizens. To comply they had to produce a prospectus that was reviewed and accepted by BaFin.
    This process has now been completed and JF is now compliant with German regulations. New German investors are now able to take part in the Juicy Fields journey.

    It’s a very positive move to be approved and accepted by the German financial regulator.

  • I recently withdrew 9x what was deposited just under 2 yeras ago as a SEPA transfer. Arrived next day, no fuss. Withdrew as we have a family investment also, withdrawal planned in May ’23. Will keep y’all informed.

  • Hi Xherdan.

    I’m really glad to hear your gains! I’m a JF grower too! Is it okay we connect via Email or Linkedin?


  • I am slightly confused that noone mentioned the referral concept of juicyplants so far. I know it exists, but I only know it for first level referrals, which is 3% of any investment. Does anyone know more details on referral-tables? If so many guys are using the “system” ans believe in it: please share those numbers.
    Juicyplants dont mention it on their webpage, which is alltogether another indicator for ponzi … why would you need referral inventives and still not disclose it publically? To spread it fast and motivate people to advertise it to their friends and hide public evidence for ponzi at the same time

    • Schaue auf die JuicyFields Seite.
      Kannst du dich als Botschafter bewerben. Nur brauchst du Marketing Konzept. Das Programm ist nicht an Leute welche unter Bekannten werben wollen gerichtet.


  • Hi, I am sorry but I see you are mixing information to made your point. The AFM letter mentioned Juice Field, and the Dutch company is Juicy Holdings B.V. which probably is registered in the KVK and AFM. ‍♀️

  • I hope that you can realise that anyone can post under this name, right?

    In this post I can also assure you that JuicyFields is legit.

    By the way, I’m not the same with the person above. If Alan Glanse will have a statement, I think he will make it in a video, not in a comment. So .. stop faking and do a better research

  • Look at Daniel Gauci trying to defend this company, lol.

    As a professional in this industry, and someone who at one point worked for juicy fields, it is indeed a scam. There is nobody growing any plants with funds acquired through membership.

    People stating you can grow the plant for years through successive harvests are hilariously ignorant. It’s an annual herbaceous plant; yes you can keep it alive for years through photoperiod manipulation, but thinking that any production system is going to use “re-vegging” the plant after flowering has clearly never worked in the commercial space. Beyond pest and pathogen pressures, root mass, senescence, etc, the time required iand way it impacts production schedule is why it’s a non starter. This is just one of your clues their info is BS.

    Also 1 plant is not worth the value they’re assigning it, as about 50% of the biomass won’t go to whole flower, and if for extract you’re only averaging about 16% extraction efficiency from biomass. There’s variables to this, but again, the value per plant doesn’t match their numbers.

    The point is the cannabis market is still new and “grey” enough for JF to operate in. The mix of legalities and jurisdictions makes it difficult for authorities to respond quickly. But don’t be fooled, it’s all bullsh%t.

  • I paid 200Euros but forgot to put the order number in the SEPA payment so it didn’t automatically purchase my plants. I have been trying to sort it out for over 2 weeks now with countless messages. I sent them the payment ID, the order number, a PDF of my bank statement showing that the money had left my account to theirs. What other prrof could I give? They still wouldn’t accept that I had paid. They kept requesting a PDF receipt of the individual transaction which my bank don’t provide. They weren’t helpful at all trying to sort it out and I am now recalling my payment and very disappointed. Maybe a blessing but was willing to take the risk

    • so eine Lüge!
      schreibe in deutsche Juicyfields Telegramgruppe an Support. Da ist über 20000 Leute und alle zufrieden. Es ist noch Niemand ohne Geld ausgegangen!!

  • I just hit the 1 year milestone and I definitely received 150%+ in my account during this time. I have done a fair amount of research and I am still not finding anybody that has been eff’ed over. If it is a Ponzi, then keep the good times coming.

  • Yes. It’s a scam and illegal market from Columbian ‘s drug dealers, money not fall from the Sky.
    It’s money laundering, prepare yourselves to loose your money…

    • And i will add may others problems :
      Why only 2 possibilities to buy : crypto and SEPA, no CC Visa, MC,… Or paypal,…? Cryptos are untraceable and SEPA is impossible to refund and disappear easily. Credit card it’s official and traceable and refund are possibles. SEPA account is based Cyprus, why ? > Narcotics traffickers use this banks for money laundering.
      Too many proofs that’s lookalike a Ponzi scheme and a Tulip mania … Oh …. in Netherlands too, coincidence or not…..!?

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