Student Coin review – An unregistered security? [BEWARE]

Student Coin review

In this review we have a look at the Student Coin (STC), which is a cryptocurrency allegedly designed for universities and students.

Before we dive into our review, you have to know that it contains only personal opinions. Although based on a substantial experience with cryptocurrencies, this review is not legal advice nor investment advice.

What is Student Coin

Student Coin is a platform that aims to popularize blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies among students at universities throughout the world. The main function of the platform is to allow students to launch their own cryptocurrency tokens.

The platform also has an educational section and there also is supposed to be an exchange that will facilitate trading of all the tokens.

Student Coin has its own cryptocurrency STC that is currently being sold to the public via an initial coin offering (ICO). The price of STC is in the current phase 0.0114 USD.

If you purchase the STC coin, you allegedly will earn dividends, you will get your share of fees that are earned by the exchange that has not been launched yet. You will also own parts of every token ever created through the Student Coin platform.

Student Coin problems

When researching about Student Coin, we came across several important problems that we will explain in this review. In our eyes they are far too important to be ignored. Every potential investor into STC should know about them.

Unregistered security?

One of the biggest problems of the Student Coin is the way it is sold. Because it is sold to the public and the official website literally says that the coin will earn you dividends and that it represents shares of other tokens. Again, we are not lawyers, but in our opinion this makes the Student Coin (STC) a security.

When you sell something that represents a share in anything valuable and will earn you dividends thanks to managerial efforts of others, it is a security in every major jurisdiction (EU, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, etc.) we can think of.

And securities offerings are heavily regulated, you need authorizations from financial regulators in every country you want to sell your security in.

But Student Coin has not been registered anywhere in the world as a security, so we believe it’s ICO is an unauthorized security offering. There is a great danger that regulators will come after it and shut it down.

We are aware that Student Coin is saying that their cryptocurrency is not a security, they base their claim on a legal opinion from a lawyer. But when you study that document carefully, the disclaimer says that the lawyer has not looked at any materials about STC, he has not studied it himself, he just answered questions based on facts stated by Student Coin.

And, as you can see in our picture, Student Coin provided the lawyer with statements that are factually wrong, because they said STC is just a utility coin. Which it is not, because on their website they say it will earn you dividends and it will represent a share in other tokens.

Since the lawyer was provided with wrong facts, his conclusion has no weight at all. In reality, STC has all the hallmarks of a security.

If you are considering investing in Student Coin, we strongly recommend contacting your national financial regulator and consult this project with them.

STC token

Supporting universities?

Student Coin claims that it is supporting more than 500 universities in 36 countries. But what does it mean? Does it mean that more than 500 universities are using Student Coin? Certainly not.

In fact, we searched for the connections between a few universities from their list and Student Coin, and we found none. We did not find a single university in the world declaring any kind of relationship with Student Coin.

So Student Coin is perhaps supporting 500 universities, but this looks like a declaration that is not based on any factual relationship. We only found a few students from different universities that claim to be supporting Student Coin, but this does not represent any connection to their universities.

It is like if an employee of Apple would say that he is supporting our website and we would say we are supporting Apple, that would absolutely not mean that we have any kind of relationship with Apple.

For obvious reasons we could not go through all of the 500 universities and make a deep search about their potential cooperation with Student Coin. So if you know about any real cooperation, please let us know in the comments.



We encountered the same weirdness when searching about partnerships that Student Coin claims to have with these entities: Tamid Group, Harvard Polish Society, Polish Business Society, Investment Club at Kozminski University and Blockchain Capital Group.

First example – Tamid Group. Student Coin declared a partnership with Tamid Group on their Twitter account. But we did not find a single mention from Tamid Group about a partnership with Student Coin. We looked at their website and their social media accounts, there is exactly zero words about Student Coin.

Second example – Blockchain Capital Group. We did not even find what Blockchain Capital Group is, it does not even have a website. Only the LinkedIn profile of the COO of Student Coin says he is a major shareholder in Blockchain Capital Group, but what it is?

Logos of the Student Coin’s partners on its official website are clickable, they should contain links that would prove the partnerships, but they are empty. This really does not raise any credibility for this project.


How Student Coin really works?

This really is an open-ended question, because we can only speculate about the real intents of people who run Student Coin.

One staggering thing that they started the project more than 3 years ago and it still is not fully functional.

In fact, the only thing they did is to create their STC token, which is an ERC20 token in Ethereum. Anybody can launch their own ERC20 token in Ethereum in a matter of seconds and for free, see for example here.

It seems that their achievements are a website with some educational texts in beta version and a token that anybody can create in 20 seconds. And they are selling this token with promise of future earnings (dividends) and shares in other tokens.

It is obvious that Student Coin is raising capital for its project through its initial coin offering. But why would anybody invest? For the dividends? That makes it an unauthorized security that can be shut down any time. The platform does not need a token that will be sold to the public, if it is really meant for universities.

To us, it does not seem like a project that we would invest our money in. We see no real value, no real use cases. We did not find a single university saying that they have plans to deploy Student Coin.


Student Coin review – The Conclusion

Student Coin is promising returns on investment in their token STC, you will allegedly receive dividends and have shares in other tokens. To us it looks like an unauthorized security offering. If you are thinking about buying STC, we strongly encourage you to consult your decision with your national financial regulator.

If you want to trade cryptocurrencies, do it with established coins and preferably with a regulated company.

As always, if you decide to invest real money, please make sure you understand the risks and have good plan.


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Comments 218

  • We would like to share our position on the article concerning Student Coin published on First, we would like to answer all the doubts mentioned there. The author stated that Student Coin represents a share and will earn their owners dividends. We operate in a Polish jurisdiction and our actions are applicable with Polish regulations. Citizens of all countries where ICOs are not allowed should be aware of that and should make decisions based on a rational analysis of their case.

    According to Polish and UE regulations Student Coin is a utility token and does not have to be registered as a security. The author of the legal opinion concerning the ICO did not look at any materials about STC, not studied himself but answered questions based on facts stated by Student Coin. The facts stated by Student Coin included our whitepaper, our website and all needed documentation. The lawyer was not supposed to study all the materials available on the Internet. The provided sources presented the situation in a detailed and full way.

    What is more, the dividends do not represent a share because after a deeper analysis it turns out that those are just cyclical payments not connected to the gain of the company and not related to shares. What is more, we are planning a fork and the cyclical payments will be realized when Student Coin will be rebranded and all the needed actions will be taken to comply with the applicable law as you can see we do our best to provide legal documents being a proof of our compliance with regulations.

    Another issue described in the article refers to the fact that STC supports universities. We used to share aidrops for students and faculty from over 500 universities. The beta version of our Educational Database and Voting is open for them. You can also contact university organizations mentioned on our website to ask about the established partnerships. Also, Blockchain Capital Group is a partnership registered in Poland.

    It’s not strange that startups cooperate with organizations related to people being engaged in the project. The author has also accused Student Coin that the project was started 3 years ago and has not been fully working yet. We wish to point out that 3 years is not a long period of time within the context of business development. Look at the Microsoft’s story which began in the garage. Student Coin’s story began in the university as a token for students. Our progress is impressive.

    Feel free to contact us. We would be happy to answer all the questions.
    Email: [email protected]

    • I appreciate your reaction. However, owners of STC are supposed to receive dividends based on fees earned by the exchange that is run by your company. So the profits are connected to earnings made by the company.

      • The STC Company and the STC coin are two different things.
        Regarding “dividends”, those are just the basics of staking. From what I know, the functionality of STC is closest to DeFiChain – also a utility token with the same uses.

        Holders stake their coin to facilitate transactional fees issued in the native currency. As a reward they earn a portion of that fee in return in the native currency – the “dividend”.

        While Defi supports decentralized exchanges, I don’t believe centralization matters here. “Profits connected to earnings from the exchange” assumes that transactional fees have nothing to do with the Tokenomics of the coin. Algorand’s super-low fees don’t go to Algorand Inc. , they go to a “sink” account that flows right back to the reward pool for staking.

        There are many assumptions in the review that could have been solved by asking a few questions.

        • These are two different things. Staking is used to secure the blockchain network. But Studen Coin say you will get a part of profits generated by the exchange. In other words, STC is presented as a security that will give you dividends from a business.

          • Not even in this review does STC read “profits” generated from the exchange. One of the many assumptions lol

          • Assumptions? Look at the the screenshot in the review. Student coin say that STC will earn you “dividends from the STC Exchange trading and crowdfunding fees.” When a coin earns you money from unrelated activities, it is a security.

      • This article is completely fake news, the publisher and author should be ashamed.
        Only a small amount of fact checking undoes the whole article.

    • “Plus, there is another important thing to consider while determining securities. The profits that come from the investment, is it in the investor’s control or is it completely out of it? If it is not in the investor’s control, then the asset has usually declared a security.”

      From this article:

      Please studencoin if you dont want problems remove the following feature: “STC Token holders will receive a cyclical payment generated in the STC Exchange from token trading fees and crowdfunding”.

    • I really hope STC isnt any sort of a scam. We bought in when it was under $.01 so our wallet looks nice already. I know its not actually available to me yet but hope very soon. We hold 28,000 STC so lets go Student Coin.. Dont do us wrong!!

    • I would like to have my coins back plz I am not interested in investing here, sir it’s possible? yes, it’s possible you can send my eth back plz ? address:0x57E7d7099E597f1ea6ad468516245ab863279960

    • At this point I wish I had taken you seriously. I got scammed for 1K worth of ether by StudentCoin. So the ICO finished and their task was to transfer the tokens to Cointiger, sadly they saved money on the gas fees and did a batch transfer which ended in them loosing my tokens and my money. So long story short I invested and got nor the coins nor my money. Their solution? Block me from social media. Guys this is a Ponzi scheme .

  • As a partnership we take all needed actions to comply with all regulations and plan the development properly. The cyclical payments we aim to provide are not dividends in the legal understanding as Student Coin is not a security token. Cyclical payments are legally construed in a way that does not interrupt the idea of utility tokens. Our goal is to share products that are not only enabling our customers to benefit from them, but that are also safe and legal. What is more, we are focused on our customers’ satisfaction, and we refrain from actions that could expose them to any risk. We are also planning all necessary technical reorganizations to face the model we will deliver. We kindly ask you to notice that all legal documentations concern the actual state of our development as we currently do not offer dividends. As Student Coin, we want to ensure every person interested in our project that every change is analysed not only on the matter of its efficiency but legality as well. Our creativity could have brought the project to a way more advanced level and allowed achieving higher gains, but we take efforts to work under proper regulations.

    • Well, on your own website you say that STC will earn “dividends”, so…

    • Look, you fluffed this project so much it’s a large lie. Maybe you can and will do what you planned. I hope so, I’m a holder, and if you did take our ETH to run, we will find you. While fluffing is allowable, you cross a threshold when you state partnerships that don’t exist. It doesn’t even take a lot of digging to see your founders are doing the same thing with their experience and job history. Worked for Harvard? How about, was a part of a volunteer student organization associated with Harvard. TIghten up kids.

    • Really? You lost 1K worth of your worthless coins and your solution was to block me from social media? Not to mention the 3M USD you owe to the bounty hunters that brought you millions in referrals. Not to mention as well that your CTO tried to bribe Bounty Detective with 5 ethers so they wont release the info? We reported you to the KNF, Warsaw police and Europol. You literally scammed us!

  • Thanks for the review, but then when without universities, student coin can as well make a great project from the planing itself.

    • Exactly, this review is in purpose to create a negative impact to the people about STC

      • This review is about reviewing a project. While doing that, we found some problems that we believe people should be aware of. Now that you are aware of them, make up your own mind and do what you want. However, if you decide to invest in Student Coin, I suggest you consult your decision with your national financial regulator to get another opinion.

        • Imagine if I came to you in 2011 and told there is a good project with a digital currency called Bitcoin and I recommend that you invest in it, you would’ve wrote books about me being insane… come on let’s be real
          And please don’t talk to me about consulting a financial regulator, if you consult one today about Bitcoin they will tell not to touch it.

          • Imagine if I came to you in 2017 and told there is a good project with a digital currency called Bitconnect.

            Guys please stop this nonsense with saying that because A is legit, absolutely independent B must be also legit.

        • I’m taking advice from my Teachercoin to not invest in Studentcoin because it’s a scam!

        • You failed to mention that all decisions for the network are voted on by all studentcoin holders. This literally makes any kind of claim to be a security null and void. Due diligence. Then again I might be biased I’m staking my entire bag right now from some sick passive gains.

          • They are conducting an ICO for a token that promises dividends from the efforts made by the seller of the tokens. That’s the definition of a security.

      • Hi Giannis (geia sou),
        Are you afraid that you might loose your referral fees?
        You are promoting really hard STC at your youtube channel..

      • Giannis Andreou is a failed Greek youtuber, peddling any affiliate-marketing related thing that makes the most commission for him. No wonder he really likes student coin. He went from drop-shipping guru to crypto-expert SO DAMN FAST… it makes you wonder…

        • This guy (Giannis Andreou) really has no clue. I visited his youtube channel and started laughing at the first 30 second. He is promoting anything to earn referral fees and he is speaking only to noobs in the crypto space. Anyone that has a little experience in cryptos understand he knows very little about crypto!

  • Hello, i am a potencial investor. The issues in an articles are big danger for the project so i demand more resonable response for that and i think an audit of independent lawyers should be taken before my further decisions

  • The actual structure of cyclical payments is crucial, not the terminology used for the purpose of simplicity. This is the position of a professional. If someone wishes to apply for another legal analysis on their own, there is nothing to prevent. On our part, we have done everything to ensure that our activity is legal. The minority of projects takes such an effort to take care of transparency.

    Feel free to contact us if you have more questions: [email protected].

  • This is a fake coin… they dont give you coins after ICO… look at their token in Ether scan… no one holds it

    • Agreed…. please prove you are issuing coins???

    • Because the ICO is still ongoing and coins are in circulation only from the airdrop and presale

    • I’m holding 5000 , got mine about 10 mins after purchase

    • The Etherscan only refers to people buying on the pre-listings. How can you say they don’t give coins after ICO if the ICO ends in May?

    • There are over 600 holders of STC coming from pre-sale and airdrops according to them. It is now being traded in Cointiger and Uniswap. The rest of the coins bought during the launchpad are still locked and to be distributed on May 9.

    • Yes they are I have them in my wallet right now and you can look up the price on coinbase as it currently stands at any point in time and this is before it’s even listed as a live token which is saying a lot in comparison to most ICO offerings! I have seen a lot of fake scams listed as ICO offerings within crypto and this doesn’t look like or feel like a scam to me from what I can tell! If it is they sure are going to extreme measures like I have never seen before! And also to your statement on etherscan it’s funny you say that because I actually found out about student coin on etherscan when researching another ICO that I thought was a scam. I saw a link that Etherscan had on its page advertising that student coin was a newly registered ICO that was currently having a public sale with a hyperlink to their website. So yea about that…

  • Watch out, they state if you bring in an investor you will get 20% of their ether, which is super weird thing to offer.

    • What is weird is how GameStop was over $400 last month. The only thing you should ask yourself is what the next person is willing to pay. Do you think someone will pay more than .02 for student when it trades on coinbase ? If the answer is yes, who cares

  • Could someone wise explain to me why is the market price of the token rising currently. You can buy it in the ICO with 0.0149 USD per 1 STC. Who is buying it with the current market price 0,01957 USD and why – if they could simply pay less in the ICO.

    Btw. I’m the example of a guy who bought it some time ago actually not knowing about the ICO, I sold it already after buying some portion of it in the ICO.

    I do not have a glass ball to see the future of this project. Whether it would skyrocket, or be just a solid coin, or even die.

    There was a recent announcement that the app is ready –
    This app is currently a POC with all the features to be implemented “SOON”, something the experienced developer would develop alone in max few days. Then again, it is scheduled for Q3 and we’re in Q1. I do hope there is an active development on this one.

    Student Coin Education – does not impress me either, I was easily get bored with the content (you read one fixed screen of information and then you are asked some questions about it). However this part is really least relevant to me. I guess since this is University-related, probably it was made to please the dean… I really do not care.

    I do not like the “Student Coin Major Partners” with empty links, this is really not professional and should be immediately resolved after your review. Come on, this is a 15 minutes job.

    Getting bonus 30% STC for referrals. You could call it marketing. Getting bonus 20% ETH as another option – I agree – weird.

    That said, what really made me enter the project was the team behind it. In particular, Andrzej Kusmierz, who is with Kozminski University for more than 20 years. He is also a mentor and advisor, especially for startups. Of course he is not a polish Elon Musk, but I do not believe he would be a person behind a project that could turn out to be a scam. He has simply too good reputation and too much to loose.

    That was a long one.
    If you managed to read through all of this and still decide to go and buy STC, you can make me happy by using my bonus code, which should be provided while signing up: Sxdah50ggu
    Or just follow the link ****link removed**** and the bonus code will be enter automatically entered once you click on Sign Up.
    You will get 5% extra STC and I will get extra 30% … so I will be 6x more happy than you, but you don’t really loose anything on this, and if you liked this comment, then it will not hurt you to use it, and if I see even the lowest amount from just 1 person, this will cheer me up 🙂

    btw. I did not intend to write this just to put my referral link, actually I did not intend to write any reply at all… I just started to think about it and it just happened 😉 If this reply gets removed because of this referral then I have a “backup” and I will put it again without the referral, as it took some effort to write it and it would be a pity to loose it. I am not an influencer or anything like this, I don’t tweet, I don’t post, I don’t have a facebook account, I am not really long with crypto and my opinion should not be really taken as something that should make your decision. These are just my personal thoughts that I “accidentally” shared.

    • Wow, I just logged in to my STC wallet to see that someone used my code in a big way, probably after reading it here, nothing I would expect really – thanks to you and good luck to us both 🙂
      Btw. I still do not believe this is a scam, though there are things I do not like with the project. Whether it is really an unregistered security or not, that’s a different matter (I am not a lawyer to tell).

  • Hi there,

    frankly spoken: I’m a bloody n00b regarding crypto/coins… but i found on another site
    a statement regarding studentcoin.
    “There is no source code. How can an investor base is investment in a token with only a good marketing and website and no source code and an empty project.”

    1. Is it true that studentcoin has no source code?
    2. If so, why is this a disadvantage and how might this influence the future of the whole

    • If there is no source code, it is very unusual for a public blockchain and you cannot verify how it has been coded, if everything is allright, if there are no bugs, backdoors, etc.

  • Federal Financial Supervisory Authority is now investigating this matter.

  • Come on, Student Coin, we know you are reading. Please be transparent and provide more feedback here. For starters, please place the source code into github and provide the link.

    I see that instead of fixing “Student Coin Major Partners” – you simply removed it. That was kind of unexpected.

    Student Coin is no longer to be found on coingecko – why? Last time I checked on coingecko there was the link to a source code, which was reported as a copy of another, dead, token.

    Now I am asking myself, what if this LaunchPad ICO with increasing numbers (phase 81 with 500K USD to collect, 337,292 USD raised, 9,037,292 USD raised in total) is just a result of an algorithm and does not represent a real value. And the real people who sent their real money will never see it again.
    What if Andrzej Kusmierz, who I mentioned before, does not really have anything common with the project and just got manipulated into this somehow.

  • Dear All,

    We understand your concerns about the reliability of Student Coin. However,  the entire team is fully transparent. Everyone can contact the members via LinkedIn or look for their private profiles on social media. That’s why committing a fraud would cause unavoidable consequences as the partnership we operate under is fully regulated. 

    What is more, the affiliate program we offer is a popular practice in the crypto world. STC enables people to earn from commissions.

    Here is the link to the source code:  Student Coin: STC Token | 0xb8B7791b1A445FB1e202683a0a329504772e0E52 (

    We noticed the need to improve the section of Major Partners, and we are currently working on solving the technical problems. However, everyone interested in this matter can contact us to get more detailed information.

    We are also explaining this issue with Coingecko, and we hope that STC will be available there as soon as possible.

  • My question is why student coin said in their first comment that according to the UE regulations everything is fine. As much as I know there is no ue just the EU regulation and UE is most often used for fake stuff in Poland.
    I hope that was just wrong written otherwise this will be a problem.

  • Scam Alert!

    TheStudent Coin ‘contract’ of 0xD52390B1504a6031Adcc3745929e547b37b358c6 mentioned above is an exact copy/clone of a dead project call ZEEP Token which has this contract 0xD52390B1504a6031Adcc3745929e547b37b358c6.

    You can easily verify for yourself using

    You will see a warning symbol and a link from Student Coin to the one they copied from ZEEP Token. You can follow that link, or use this link (brings to the same page):

    There is ZERO added value for STC by cloning an old defunct project. Why would students or anyone build apps upon a clone of dead code.

    Also, when referring to source-code of a crypto project, we are referring to the GitHub, not to the Solidity contract.

    For example, this is a link to the open-source for Bitcoin.

    Here is Ethereum:

    There is ZERO source-code available for Student Coin. As mentioned by others, the open-source code enables trust such that developers can review for bugs, security leaks and contribute improvements. Without openness there can be no trust.

    I also when through the actual ERC20 chain of everything connected to STC (which is a clone coin). I have a dozen more technical hard proof of fraud. More to come.

    The walls are closing in on Student Coin.

  • Hello, i am a little “investor” of Student Coin Project, i bougth just few tokens…

    I want to reply to this last comment posted by Dan.

    I ain’t a blockchain expert but i think you know nothing of that you talk about.

    I think there Is no sourcecode because Student Coin isn’t a blockchain itself or Protocol… It Is just a utility token on Ethereum blockchain. The only code so Is just the solidity smart contract that define the token. Ethereum borned for it: permit new tokens development without creating a own blockchain.

    The Zepp token was itself anorther smart contract token, and like It, Student Coin use the same solidity contract because them use the free open source library “open zeppelin”.

    PS: if somebody want to buy Student Coin can use my bonus code during the registration to get 5% extra: *****code removed*****

    • Hello,
      @Dan, @Marco, @Michel Naas

      today Cezary Tabota, CTO of Student Coin, confirmed in Telegram chat Marco’s opinion about the solidity contract code of STC with the following statement:

      “Token contract we’ve used is open source, many projects can use it as it is universal, some of them might be dead but thats not related to our project”

      I quote this here explicitly without any assessment, only to be fair.

  • Dear All,

    Thank you for this lively discussion that helped us to notice matters that need improvement, explanation or clarification. We also assure that all actions taken by us are conducted and supervised by lawyers. Furthermore, if necessary, our activity will be reorganized to meet the requirements.

    We also understand your concerns and are aware that negative opinions or doubts are an inevitable part of conducting businesses. That is why, we will make every effort to make Student Coin and all related issues more transparent. The link to the source code posted in the previous comment had been available before but was just not easily accessible as we did not attach on the official website.

    We will be happy to answer all your questions here: [email protected] as we exhaustively commented on the matters mentioned in the article as well as your messages here.

  • Hello

    I am awaiting a detailed response from Studencoin regarding Marco’s analysis

    • Hello,

      I highly support Michel’s asking to Student Coin for a in-depht clarification regarding the statements form Dan and Marco.

  • Student coin it’s a scam…I’ve been asking some questions regarding the team, experience in crypto world ,partners in telegram group and reddit … guess what, I’m banned :)) . They dont like when you put the cards on the table and dont have an answer for it . I guess it’s easier to ban people then to give a properanswer.

    You’ll find people like lokojo122 and Leading_Student_83 in reddit posts backing STC every time when someone doubts about partners , white paper , affiliate programs etc (for sure they have their own interest 😉 )

    STC it’s full of marketing and more marketing … good luck wasting you’re money .

    Do your own research and understand how crypto works,ico,team etc …. This days everyone is carried by the waves of getting rich and investing into something which they dont understand … they just understand an youtuber ,some shi tty blogs telling them it will go to the moon

  • Need a reply. Talk about src code.

  • Dear All, dear Student Coin,

    beside the technical and legal aspects in this discussion i did a little research of my own and came to the conclusion, that this project seems not to be a scam per se. The fundamental idea behind this project is great but the staff is most probably not that ingenious to reach the stated goals :((

    The most or even sole value adding factor in this business model could come from a major community of students as active users around the globe. But the project suffers due to the not really existing initial basic social network structure to build such a community in a reasonable period of time.

    The current so called “major partners” of STC are not the universities itself but only very small sub-organizations out of the group of POLISH students at these universities. The presentation on the website is clearly suggestive of being more behind then it actually is.

    Unfortunately this kind of overstating presentation mode for marketing purposes (not to say: deceptive advertising) you find for numberless items all over this website and shows very unprofessional business conduct.

    I will give you only 3 examples out of 3 different areas. If you look over the entire site a little more intent, you will find dozens more.

    1. Area: Student Coin stuff
    Karolina Marzantowicz – Technological Advisor of STC

    is presented as:
    “Former CTO of IBM for Europe”

    substantially she was:
    a “volunteer of IBM on Demand Community Promoting STEM education on polish schools and universities; encouraging girls to stay on technical education and career paths” (This she writes about herself on her LinkedIn profile.)

    2. Area: Student Coin Major Partners
    TAMID Group at NYU Shanghai

    I asked Nathan Gilson, Chief Operating Officer of TAMID Group for proof of authenticity/origin.

    His answer was:
    “TAMID Group at NYU Shanghai is a chapter of our organization that intends to work with Student Coin.
    I am gathering more information about the particulars of the situation to make sure we’re comfortable with the plan.”

    So it is clear, that STC has this partnership first advertised before it is arranged and agreed! (This is at least horrible poor unprofessional business conduct, not to say deception once more. And by such behavior STC will not achieve the standing and trustworthiness to become a real partner of hundreds of universities around the globe.)

    3. Area: Missing Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest
    Student Coin Software development Partners – Nextrope Fintech Software House

    Mateusz Mach – Marketing Advisor of Student Coin
    was Founder and CEO of Nextrope,
    Nextrope ltd was a London based company that was stroke out of the UK company register on 13/10/20. Now it shows up with a Hong Kong based address. Current owner structure is unclear. (According M. Mach’s LinkedIn profile is he still CEO of Nextrope?)

    More transparency in this matter is required.

    For potential investors in Student Coin:
    Here I gave only a few examples of very questionable aspects. There are numberless more. Please do you own in-depth analysis before you decide about your investment.

    For any Student Coin responsible party:
    Please improve your business conduct, please correct all presentation that is currently able to mislead other students (and inexperienced investors) or affront opinion leaders of potential real future partner organizations.
    I think you have a brilliant idea behind your project but – if it is not a scam per se, and that I want to believe – make sure not to gamble your chance of success away by creating a sole marketing bubble based on fudge facts.

    All replay of my statement is very welcome. I am looking forward to hear from you.
    THX for that.

    • Did you actually read Carolina’s LinkedIn? Perhaps it is not viewable to those without account or connection. (I am an American with a 3rd level connection to her) She has 18 years of history with IBM. She rose from Architect in 2000, then Senior Architect, then engineer, then CTO by 2017.

  • I fail to see why there is concern with Studentcoin here. I think they have provided enough disclosures and transparency on their website…

    …but CRUCIALLY maybe the critiques could provide us with the name(s) of cryptocurrency projects that are REGULATED. I know NONE.

    To the best of my knowledge not even the grandmasters of crypto- Bitcoin and Ethereum are regulated.. and a case may also be made that Ethereum IS indeed a security in as much as Ripple. Much of the differences as to whether a crypto is a security or not is much about semantics.

    Lastly, all crypto have more or less followed the same format as Studentcoin at their very start.

  • For rating purposes please see also the information on

  • On NEIRONIX (an analytical platform of multifactorial scoring of ICO projects) the Student Coin project is currently rated as a high risky one with a score of only 32,31%.
    Please see:

  • Amid allegations of having no code and nothing to show for, Student Coin announced two partnerships. One with and one with

    I took a deep-dive into them. The first thing that someone notices is that all companies are run by Polish people. For such an international project that raises a lot of questions, but let’s move on.

    On the front-page Nextrope claims to have created an exchange where people can buy a tokenized equivalent of silver. They even have a screenshot of this platform!

    First, the concept is poorly described and it barely makes sense. But, I wanted to see the exchange and I wanted to see the token. First, I look for the exchange. Nowhere to be found. You would expect they would have a link to such a great project they created for the world to see. No, nothing. Then, I try to find the ERC20 token on Etherscan. No, nothing. Null.

    Then, I look into the company they refer to. I live in the Netherlands, and they said it is a Dutch company, so I look into our Chamber of Commerce registry. The company Silver Cryptocoin B.V. exists – surprise, surprise, it belongs to a couple of Polish people living in Voorburg. The company was created last October 2020 with a capital of 5000 euros. Anyone can look-up their information (paying a modest 5 euro fee to the Dutchies) at using the registration number of Silver Cryptocoin B.V which is 80583180. Then I looked up the names of the owners online – some cute and blank Facebook profiles and nothing professional to be found anywhere. I stored all the documents I could find on my drive for future reference.

    So, let me sum this up – their partner Nextrope claims they created an exchange platform that exists nowhere, even though they have a screenshot of it, and that exchange belongs to a company that has a deposited capital (geplaatst kapitaal) the minimum amount required to register a B.V in the Netherlands and no other stored capital (gestort kapitaal). Because, suuure, that is the kind of companies that create such silver exchanges. Laughable.

    Things get even worse with the another project Nextrope advertises. They say they did a project for Alior Bank. They say nothing concrete about the project, just some generalities in two lines. A Polish bank adopted blockchain, they implemented it, and they have the logos of the programming languages they used “to implement the solution” on their website but nothing about the solution itself! Then they link to Forbes and say “read more about the project here”. The article indeed talks about Alior adopting blockchain for some of its activities, or looking into adopting, but Nextrope is nowhere to be found. If you look for Nextrope on Alior’s website, it is nowhere to be mentioned. Weird, huh?

    So, basically, they took some news, and they present them as their project!

    Please, visit the portfolio section of Nextrope’s website to confirm all I write here.

    If you look up most other projects, they are fake, they do not exist, they cannot be found. Just look them up and google them. The only projects that are verifiable are some second-class eshops and a couple of mobile apps that literally ANYONE could create – not the kind of partner you would expect from “the most promising of ICO of 2021″…

    So, my question to the Student Coin is – is your partner Nextrope a fraud? What is your answer to my allegations above?

    I leave it as a take-home exercise for the readers to look into What have they created?

    My two Satoshis on the subject,

    ps.: I have a few more Shatoshis about the founder of STC who claims in his LinkedIn profile that he had monthly CFD trading volumes of 20 million USD. What was the balance sheet of Down2Earth SP z.o.o those years when he did these trading volumes? With, google translate, and a few bucks for access to company’s documents, beautiful things come up!

    • td

      Hi Chris,

      very interesting results of background checks!

      Now I asked ALIOR BANK for proof of authenticity/origin regarding the relationship to nextrope as a client.

      I’m curious about the answer…

    • STC is headquartered in Poland, and its many team members are from there. Makes perfect sense that their partners would be in the area. I’d be concerned if their partners were 12 hours away or in a totally different timezone.

      Regarding Nextrope, just think about how projects are done. Do you know the architect that built the place you live in? The construction company that built it? The plumbers that put in the pipes? Probably not. It’s not advertised anywhere. But if you did find them, they would most certainly tell you that those projects are theirs and that they worked on them.

      • You are deflecting Curtis, and that is obvious. What houses, and architects, and construction companies… Like, yeah, a for effort, mate.

        The undeniable fact is that Nextrope advertises this project:, which is supposedly an exchange platform for tokenized equivalents of silver (whatever that means, however that works).

        They present it themselves to the world on the first page of their website, so they want us to know. They do want to impress us and make us trust them. Or to misguide the gullible.

        Here is what they say: “The company wanted to allow the investors a more convenient way of purchase and storage this commodity and to expand investment possibilities for buyers. Thus the crypto token appeared. Instead of buying physical silver, an investor can buy its digital equvalent on Ethereum blockchain as ERC20 tokens fully backed by physical silver stored securely by the company. Investor can conveniently sell owned tokens on crypto exchanges or directly in peer-to-peer way.
        Nextrope has created an e-commerce platform for token purchasing and has integrated it with an Ethereum blockchain. Nextrope gave consulting services in financial flow and algorithms within the platform. Nextrope also maintains server and blockchain part of the platform upon SLA agreement.”

        I ask Student Coin, Nextrope, or anyone else, to just share a link to that exchange and the ERC-20 address of the exchange’s token. They say it exists, they say it works, they say clients already to exchanges on it.

        If they cannot do that, Nextrope are frauds. Square logic.

        If Nextrope are frauds, and people from Nextropo also work in Student Coin, so damn well know each other, what does that make of Student Coin?

        Let me know your thoughts about architects and plumbers Curtis.

  • Check out smnc coin.

  • Thank you for this high quality and in-depth review. As someone in education, I got excited when I discovered student coin today because the idea of the project appeals to me a lot. But after reading your review, seeing their very weak white paper, and so on, I can see that this is definitely something to avoid. The white paper and other parts of the website have a great deal of grammatical errors. The “education” part of the website that aims to teach the user about crypto is truly awful. Their response here was terrible as well. They essentially admitted that their lawyer didn’t get the full picture of what they’re claiming they’re going to do.

    I’ve learned a lot through this experience and am glad I didn’t dive in with my money without doing more research.

    Thanks again!

  • I am an intending investor in the STC token, but after reading all that is going on here, I don’t know what to do. I find it particularly disturbing that Student Coin is not addressing directly a lot of the concerns raised here.

  • Many red flags! Also they paid for this press release (

  • Notice the huge misleading statement: “This project is sustained by over 500 top universities worldwide, including Harvard University, the University of Manchester, and the University of Copenhagen.”

  • Fake stuff in Poland? European Union (English) = EU, Unia Europejska (Polish) = UE… simple as that… also UN is ONZ in Polish… is it also fake stuff??

  • Student coin is a scam. Their telegram channel is a joke. One of the admins “younion” said they studentcoin is working with student facilities at 500+ colleges. Not the college itself.
    Go go watch the trainwreck on telegram

  • For all you wannabe 007’s on this thread I’ll give you another perspective. I’ve already bought 500k STC and intend to buy another 500k STC before end April-21.

    Why ? Because I have 2 middle aged kids and I’d like to think that in the future they have another possible source beyond me or school loans for education.

    Student Coin is the only project in the education domain that is trying to solve a very BIG global problem. Here is the US perspective on it.

    “The Federal Reserve estimates that in quarter three of 2020, Americans owed more than $1.7 trillion in student loans — an increase of nearly 4% compared to quarter three of 2019.”

    The American system is hyper regulated (easily recognizable by your tbbob comments) and guess what – its taken a group of people from Poland to figure it out.

    You can try poke holes in it all you like. Its still early growth stages.

    Its the only one making any kind of effort to address a real world problem – deal with it.

  • They talk about transparency but:
    – No open source (possible rugpull).
    – No proof of airdrop on their website. How was the application form?? Why they stopped airdrop and don’t allow more ambassadors from other universities?? There should be an airdrop dedicated area on their website. I can’t find it.

  • Money talk, let’s hit 21 million and then you’ll see launch surprises at full steam …

  • I am a University student.
    I will follow my instinct.
    I believe this project is going to explode.
    I have bought 71000 STC Token and I am about to top it up to a 100,000.
    I managed to get 0.05326 ETH through referal.
    I am in.
    Thank you STC for this initiative.
    Hope to use this Token in the future
    to clear off my student loan.

    • Are those 0.05 in your hands? Can you sell them if you want to? No. So all you have is the promise of them.

    • I followed my instinct for this as well, and that is often a good guide.

    • I believed that too at first.
      The promise is so good.

      But that is how it works.

      You think you are buying cheap and making millions with them.

      But soon that website will disappear because of their black hat methods. Mark my words. I will personally get involved to make that happened asap.

    • Another fake profile.
      It is encouraging others to invest.
      It should be deleted.

  • Thousands of people have bought with a credit card; like the STC team, they are going to risk that, being a scam, the banks will criminally attack them. For Me 1/10 – 9.9 this is true and genuine. Many will miss out on the opportunity to buy cheap.

  • Hello everyone,

    A few things to address here. One, Nextrope is legit, we have had a very active discord investigative community doing due diligence. Here is a link to a whitepaper written for OPUS, an older audio blockchain company from a few years ago, written by Mateusz Mach (look him up) the leader of Nextrope:

    As you can see from this whitepaper (they have done other successful projects during what was the crypto winter) Mach knows what he is doing. We in the STC community who have bought in are glad someone with these skills is helping them.

    Next, these are students everybody, not some group of big name investors or heavy hitters. They are trying to accomplish a complex project that is very ambitious, but so far they have delivered on everything on time. Also, being from Poland is not a crime. Poland is a stable democracy that has a high standard of living. These kinds of things are not reasons to distrust someone or an organization.

    Crypto is full of this: this is a scam, that is a scam, this isn’t immediately available, they didnt respond to every single question 24/7 on telegram… When you enter a project, even projects well backed by big names, there is always risk. Just because you cannot find every piece of information about something immediately online doesnt mean it is a scam. Ive heard so many things were a scam this past month my god… Ethernity was apparently a scam until a few days ago when everyone started getting huge returns. Bitcoin was a scam in the beginning, REMEMBER???? NO ONE EVEN KNOWS WHO SATOSHI IS!!!! My lord, its like the crypto game is full of a bunch of kittens now. How the hell do you think we got here? We did it together by taking chances. I’m all for rooting out scams, but this is not the way it should be done, going after these students.

    Chris, to you: you do seem to have the good intention here of saving people from a scam. What will happen when the project isn’t a scam, and you spent all this time attacking these kids for trying to follow their dreams?

    This is such a good idea, the student loan market is enormous and full of predatory lending. If they can capture just 1% it will be a huge success. And i am willing to put up a few grand in the hope that they can make it happen, and we can all be wealthier for it. That is a risk i am willing to take.

    • The same trope over and over again.

      1] Avoiding answering the questions posed;

      Honestly, the accusations here are very clear. Nextrope is blatantly lying about their achievements – they are fraudsters. Among other projects they lie for, I pointed out two specific ones. The silver crypto exchange project and the Alior Bank blockchain integration project. If they weren’t fraudsters they would have brought forward the evidence of them delivering these projects.

      There is nothing else to discuss here, really.

      2] Deflecting the conversation; In four ways,

      A] You bring forward a dead project to prove the legitimacy of the Nextrope. No one questioned that project, so it is irrelevant to the conversation. Also, really? Your best attempt at proving their legitimacy is a dead project? You could at least link to a current one – if any! Even the online clothing store, would be a better attempt…

      B] You conflate risk with fraud. Investing has inherent risk, but there is no risk involved in fraud. In fraud, the table is set for the fraudster to win and the victim to lose. Fraud is a crime, not a risky activity.

      C] You subtly accuse me of racism. There is nothing wrong with being Polish or running a business from Poland. It is suspicious, I said, for a project that is claiming connections with 500 universities, to only cooperate with other companies who are run by Polish people. Well, the reason is obvious – It is a circuit of zombie companies, one backing the “existence” and “legitimacy” of the other. If someone scratches a little bit, the whole facade collapses.

      D] You say that some group of people somewhere on discord checked their legitimacy and so all is ok. Are we supposed to take that at face value? “Ah, this must be legitimate then, if someone is claiming that some other people checked it and they found it legitimate. Let me invest 10K – now all my concerns are addressed!”. Just bring the evidence.

      All this is just a classic and poorly executed deflection tactic.

      I will never regret stopping someone from making an investment that would change their lives because Student Coin is not one of them. If it were, Student Coin would have answered all the questions posed in the article easily and demonstrably.

      • My pragmatic instinct tells me that STC is on the right track on its backward path that they have been fulfilling and that it will advance towards the victory of this brilliant project … look at its wallet; as everything is well organized where April will focus on the launch on Universities Voting …

        Chris (TA): if this project is successful after May 9, it would be better if you change to another job and be more useful to society because here you will lose your ethics and your morals …

    • This is accurate.
      I did that too.
      I agree with with you.
      I create a profile of that guy.
      He is definitely a scammer.
      Also, the photo may not even be his.

  • I guess we will know the 9th May 🙂 Good luck everyone 🙂

  • Putting in a few thousand in STC will not kill me.

  • has beaten me to this review, and I’m glad they did. They picked up other red flags that I didn’t pick up in my research.

    I did some research. My conclusion based on my experience in conducting unbiased academic research, peer-to-peer reviews and forensic analysis at a post gradual and doctoral level in various scientific subject (in most of the last 25 years).

    The above in addition to 18 years experience working on online projects, and in the process gaining a lot of experience in search engine optimisation methods, including blackhat methods (which I never used), CSS, HTML, JS, and PHP.

    I can say with a confidence of 99.99±0.01 that the Student coin (STC) is a SCAM. So be aware.

    The people behind this may not be even the people you see their photos on their website shitcoin#app.

    These people have skilled web developers with a good knowledge of advanced CSS skills that they are using as part of a black hat SEO campaign to improve the ranking of their main keywords.

    Note that I didn’t put the actual name of the coin nor a link to their website. The reason is this, in fact, will ironically help their seo efforts.

    This page in the current form is in fact a double-edged sword. While it will help a lot of people avoid getting robbed. It is still boosting their balckhat SEO efforts.

    The comments above that have a link to their website or emails are all coming from the same people. It is part of their black hat SEO techniques. I advice the admin of this website to clean this page of all those links and allow trusted links only. As it stand they are making use of this webpage even if it is exposing their project as a SCAM.

    This is because it is about percentage of how many people will fall for this scam. Any percentage is good enough. They may already have made a great deal of money.
    And given that their SEO campaign is highly sophisticated then they will get a lot of traffic from search engines including Google.

    They have recently replaced at least 1 profile photo on their websites. BIG BIG RED FLAG.

    These people may not be even in Poland. Anyone can register a Polish domain name even if they are not Polish or located in Poland.

    I will update this with proofs soon.

    PS: This is not investment advice, you should always do your own research and take responsibility of where you invest your money.

  • In my experience, it is only a matter of time before Google will blacklist their main website.
    I am reporting their activity and alerting Google.
    They won’t be around for long.

  • This coin is good with a lot of potential. 🙂

  • Just a few cents from me:

    If you google in youtube
    Interview with Student Coin CMO Jakub Kozakiewicz
    Interview With The Chief Operating Officer Of Student Coin

    then you will find 2 interviews, not highly professionally made I would say, and not with too many views… But at least the faces match the profiles in the STC site.

    Also, Andrzej Kusmierz: his linkedin profile mentions Chairman Advisory Board – Company Name – Student Coin – from Nov 2019
    His facebook profile – DrAndrzejKusmierz – mentions Student Coin in 20 April 2020 – this is a single post only, but he posted like 5 posts since then – so he’s not a big facebook shouter.

    I’m not saying STC is super safe or anything like that, they should still address all the issues which they do not do, but at least they seem like a real people living in a real country, which calms me a bit (yes, I bought some of the STC, as said before).

    btw. which profile photo was changed?

  • This article is misleading users.
    Student Coin is not a scam.

    It’s a real ongoing project with a registered company.

    Take your time, check their page correct way, check their social media, talk to them on LinkedIn (I did) and ask everything that you want on their telegram, every concern.

    Seems like talking to Student Coin team is too much for author of this article…

  • The scamming begins!

    Yesterday, some Student Coin staff enthusiastic about how much money they will rob from the masses posted on Reddit that they would extend their ICO for another “50 phases”. What was he thinking? Who knows…

    Immediately the Telegram group got fire! Reasonably, many were worried that an extended offering of 50% would undermine their ICO investment. Further, they started accusing the organizers of being untrustworthy for changing the rules of the game half-way through – “untrustworthy” was the kindest accusation.

    Then all the telegram support group started saying something like “this is not official, this is not accurate, we ll clarify the situation”. To the consistent question “are you going to extend the ICO by 50 phases?”, they repeatedly said no. (just watch the amusing dialogs in the telegram group)

    And then they posted this (copy-paste of the last part of their official announcement):

    “Furthermore, the STC Launchpad ICO ends on the 30th of April 2021. After reaching the hard cap, the funding will continue till completely fulfilling the STC Token pool reserved for Launchpad.

    The hard cap allows Student Coin to build the whole STC Ecosystem, deliver the products as indicated in the roadmap, and perform the planned long-term marketing. What is noteworthy, the extended funding (Phases 100+) will allow our team to scale STC Ecosystem much faster. STC Token will be listed at more exchanges than planned, marketing expenditures will be enhanced, and the price of STC Token will be set at 0,0221 USD at the end of the ICO.”.

    Their “leader” now is trying to put down the fire in the TG.

    I think their greed did more to expose them today than any of the posts here.

    Someone with relevant knowledge has to make a filing to Polish oversight authorities – people are going to lose a lot of money if this continues.

  • Doing a search there, on the STC website, I found the job application section; This gave me the feeling of hope, of a little more confidence in the project. Hopefully this project is true and goes forward; It will change the lives of many people (including mine), and if it is genuine, I ask and encourage that the STC team be strong enough to withstand the attacks of the incredulous, of the opponents of the project. May God be with us … I am not a troll, I am an investor in STC …

  • I don’t know why, but I am reluctant to accept that STC is a fraud / scam … something tells me that this is genuine … so far a community of almost 100K investors who are online in wallet page has been created … and if this is a fraud, the competent authorities will go to them … but my instinct tells me that this is great and true; Ask yourself: why does Coinbase support them? Why does Visa and Master Card allow it? – (allows transactions) … by having a Visa and MC payment terminal, there is a real dator that identifies and gives clues for a future and forceful investigation of criminal acts … those who did not take risks, could lament and also those who do it, we will see this outcome very soon …

    • How does Coinbase support them? How does Visa and Master allow them? I don’t see a Student Coin payment terminal.

      • Think of this simple: if STC were a fraud, would Coinbase put on its face? Would Coinbase risk its reputation?…

        • What are you talking about? Coinbase is not supporting Student Coin.

          • Yo compre los STC por medio de Coinbase.

          • No, you did not buy STC via Coinbase. Coinbase does not support STC. You might have done a payment through Coinbase to the Student Coin company which then delivered the STC token to you. That is a very important difference. The Student Coin company is just a merchant that uses Coinbase’s payment gateway, but STC is not listed on Coinbase.

          • I bought the STCs through Coinbase.

          • No, you did not buy STC via Coinbase. Coinbase does not support STC. You might have done a payment through Coinbase to the Student Coin company which then delivered the STC token to you. That is a very important difference. The Student Coin company is just a merchant that uses Coinbase’s payment gateway, but STC is not listed on Coinbase. The Student Coin company is basically using Coinbase like Paypal or Skrill. I can also accept payments through Paypal or Skrill. That does not mean that Paypal or Skrill is supporting me or betting their reputation on me. If I turn out to be a scammer, they will just close my account and move on.

            If STC was listed on Coinbase and you could directly buy it from Coinbase, that would give the coin some credibility and it would be a totally different story. But it is not.

    • Any company can set up a Coinbase Commerce account and receive payments from third parties through it, using its API.

      That does not mean that Coinbase is supporting or endorsing that company.

  • First: I’m not related to anything, nor crypto blogger or promotor or whatever. Just a regular dutch guy who came across this coin by coincidence. I do not have any connections to the creators of STC or any companies or others. I also usually don’t comment on discussions I read.

    After doing my own research reading all the information on the website, searching and watching the interviews, reading the whitepaper, the FAQ, the linkedin profiles etc. I also searched if this was a scam or not and that is how I ended up on this page reading this discussion.

    I’ve made the choice to invest a small amount of money, because if it is true what they(STC) say and they will do what they promise, I think it is a good cause and it has potential to grow.

    If it is scam and they run away with the money, then I will loose the money I’ve put into it, but therefore I am very aware that the money that I’ve put into it, is money I CAN loose. It’s like buying a ticket for the lottery and I’ll wait and see what will happen in the month of May and afterwards.

    I think it is very good that people question this for being it a scam or not, warn or alert people for it if that is their opinion, but I also think people should make their own choice, do their own research, and if they make up for themselves that it is worth it, they should only invest money they can miss and won’t sleep a night less about.

    Ofcourse, since I’ve invested, I hope they will make it all happen, but if not at least I’ve tried and probably used the money for other things like going a few good nights out for some drinks with friends.

    Be aware, be alert, don’t take too much of a risk and make your own choice in going for it or not.

  • Yeah right @Peter – invest 10 or 20 or 100$ – one can afford to lose that right ? and then the few others are getting Reacher this way – 500K so far – many people lose a few then a few win big 😉 Good advice he he !

  • BITCOIN was pressumed a scam as well and look at them now. Some Altcoins started as nearly perfect but most of them are gone at the bottom and some are useless.

    What I am saying is, with the growing number of STC followers who have the complete trust on the project, the only way it can go wrong is if STC Company won’t be able to deliver their promises.

    To say it is a scam at this early stage is not fair. There may be incosistencies and exagerations but it does not mean the project is not real. To be fair, the marketing is doing great.

    • What somebody said about someting else isn’t really an argument valid for STC.

      • Gotta love it when logical fallacies are used to argue a point amiright?

        I’m glad I read this before I invested any more money. While I still want to throw a bit more in (don’t blame me, blame it on the FOMO) I think I’ll stop at my $78ish USD and 8,200 $STC coin.

        Thank you to everyone here with good intentions. I am definitely leaning on the side of “scam” but don’t know enough to know for sure. I don’t like that a lot of opinions here link their referral code after their posts. Only time will tell I suppose.

        • I beg you pardon. Not “a lot of opinions”, but just one, that is – mine, is concluded with the one and only genuine referral code…

    • Hello,

      @raul polinag,

      please do not compare BITCOIN with STC. These are completely different things!

      BTC is a non-turing complete decentralised PoW (proof of work) blockchain.

      STC is NOT a bockchain itself! STC is a use-case-project based on blockchains Ethereum (and Waves). It is totally centralised, based on turing complete PoS (proof of stake) blockchains. The value adding factor (if any) of the business idea behind comes from a potentially fast growing community of students as users (and main holders of the coins).

  • I know what you mean but who understand about decentralisation during those days? Just few geeks and some accidental millionaires who bought Bitcoin during its lowest price and got lucky. People were clueless on how on earth will they buy something that can’t be touched?

    What am I saying is a scam is a scam when you did not get the result you expected to get. Inconsistensies and over the board promotion is not a scam. Misleading yes, but not a scam.

    Just like mouthwash that kills 99.9% of germs. There is still 0.01chance that can ruin your teeth.

    What if in spite of the inconsistensies pointed out, STC soared and became useful to its users? Is it safe to say as pointed out that because of these negative inconsistencies they will run away the money?

    I still trust the project. Just my 2 cents.


  • I have been trying to see if they can arrange an AMA with at least someone from devs, All they say is that they are busy and it may happen in few weeks. Reality is that they have extended the ICO for an extra 50 round while they have reached the hardcap, so they dont want to answer any question and raise public awareness until they drain everydrop of money. Technicaly, nothing has been done, Contract Address is an Exact copy of Zeep (another dead project) which brings this question, if they didnt even bother to code their smart contract after 4 years and just copied it, how are they going to deliver this project? I have already invested some money in it, but everything tells me that this is a SCAM. Biggest rug pool of 2021. They already claim 4 years of preparation, and they have not done a single thing except taking money. Be AWARE and spread the word.

  • Dear Student Coin,

    I would like to know what kind of assurance (if any) can you give to the investors. I noticed yesterday $21m hard cap was reached, there has to be some form of regulatory evidence or audits undertaken by a third party to ensure you are doing what you meant to be doing. I very much like the idea of Student Coin but based on past bad experienced with similar cryptocurrency offerings I am a bit reluctant in fully buying this idea until shown evidence of transparency and scrutiny by a regulatory authority in Polish jurisdiction. Ideally a set of audited accounts showing the money which people have invested is being spent in the ways company has been marketed to do so.

  • I’ve found a ridiculous article:
    ****link removed****

  • Hello,

    Student Coin has updated their source code.

    Here is the the link to the new code:

    Maybe somebody here can please check it and comment?

    (@james pinion: pls check the link but don’t remove it. THX)

  • Who cares. In stock market. People raise feet to vote. This is appealing to all students who like to be part of community feeling. I invested 500 bucks.

  • I’m from Poland and if it’s a scam me and my goons will take back every single cent, so don’t worry. They know about us, they are afraid of us. They will not scam us. Na zdrowie.

  • MY MAIL ADRESS gokhan****** I have an account for studentcoin.They are big scam they are thift . i buy 10.000 stc coin with ltc . they didnt give my coins . when i write them they saying speak with coinbase . When i write to coinbase they reply the same mesaages everytime … Also when i write from telegram to PAUL never ansver me god damn paul god damn studentcoin. WHEN I SAID TO PAUL THIS IS BIG MONEY FOR ME IN TURKEY MY SALARY IS 300 USD AND I DEPOSIT MY SALARY ‘S HALF . BUT HE SAID ME THIS IS NOT MY PROBLEM YOU NEED TO SPEAK WITH COINBASE . I HOPE YOU STAY HUNGRY PAUL

    Hi there,

    Thank you for contacting Coinbase Support.

    It looks like you are contacting us from an email address that is not associated with your Coinbase account. For security purposes, please email us from the email address used to create your Coinbase account.

    If you think the email address on the account may have been changed without your consent, please reply with the phone number that had been previously verified on the account.




    • Hi, when you purchase thru Coinbase need to make sure your email address is the same in both Coinbase and Student coin.

    • I would gladly help you.

      However, you had to mistype your email, because there is no confirmation on our side to the email you provided us with. Secondly, I asked you to give me your order number, which would solve that issue instantly, but you don’t have one. How do you expect anyone to help you if there is no confirmation on our side that you made any transaction at all and you dont have any confirmation either?

      I told you to contact Coinbase support to retrieve your order number, but you still can’t get it.
      So if even Coinbase cannot verify you, how can I?

  • I almost conclude that all those who think against STC on this page are unaware of the project or contrary to the idea of ​​STC … or competition and therefore, if STC succeeds there will be a strong damage to possible investors in need of an opportunity such as this and the pessimists with comments of putting fear will pay with carma for it ..

  • i dont have an account from coinbase



  • Thanks for your help john . my money received . I am so sorry for my wrote

  • Hello everyone.
    Quick question for Student Coin Developers.
    I’m Polish …and somehow I didn’t hear/read/see anything about it in polish media. Nothing….zero..null.
    How come?
    Yes, there are a few other Polish-based crypto projects but nobody knows about student-coins.
    Please explain….


  • So many red flags on this coin, I am not investing a penny in it.
    thanks OP for the review.

  • This looks pretty Polish to me.

  • I am writing reporting some evidence of misleading information and strange token management by Student Coin project.
    All data have been scraped by a bot and collected accessing directly to an API ( called by the launchpad when access the page The API is free accessible and free to be called using the browser toolbar so no violation.

    Blow are links to 2 excel data showing following evidence of misconduct. Please note that I’m using “.” as thousands separator and “,” as unit/digit separator (if you use anglo saxon, is the opposite of such number format convention).

    Before analysis a couple of assumptions are needed.
    Student Coin use a referral program, by this program every purchase using a referral has a 5% token bonus and the referred has 30% token bonus of the token purchased.

    The file has been constructed as:
    – every 10 second the bot was going to retrieve data from the API;
    – if the data was the same as previous request then wait for 10 second;
    – else write the data in a new line.

    We can assume so that every row is quite a single purchase.
    So are about 900 purchases, the first column is the timestamp.

    For each purchase, is present the total amount of the ICO reached and the total amount of token generated since the beginning. In the columns L and M are present delta data between actual purchase and the previous one, the column N wants to understand how many STC would be purchased with the $ amount spent in the purchase, the last column wants to provide evidence about: is the amount of $ and Token, of each purchase added to the ICO founding, including the 5% of referral program?

    Keep in mind that ICO basic purchase program by card and Coinbase suggests investors to buy 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000, 50,000, 100,000, 200,000, 400,000, 500,000 STC.

    The evidence is that:
    1 – The $ amount spent and added to the ICO is quite surely able to purchase the token added to the total token generated (value in column M is every time pretty the same as column N);
    2 – For about 45% of purchases, seems they includes this 5% referral reward (note red in column O and the bar chart with peak on the “suggested” purchase).

    Considering that not all purchases uses the referral link we can say that all purchases made using referral link are added to the ICO founding including 5% of referral not real money earned.
    This means that the ICO founding provided by the site is not real, but pumped by 5% of all referral purchases (that are about 45% of all purchases).

    This led to 2 conclusions.
    The first one is that the real ICO founding is: “ICO actual amount – (5% of its 45% purchases). So about 2,5% less than declared. The same can be said about Token sold.
    This is de cause they needed to extend the ICO after reaching 21M$: because they didn’t, they reached about 2.5% less so they needed to extend.

    For the second conclusion, we have to keep in mind that at the end of the ICO a number X of tokens will be generated and the other, reaching 50% of total supply (5B as present in the tokenomics), will be burned or distributed to the investors.
    Considering that they are “hiding” as sold (but not declaring as generated) about 2,5% more tokens than real: at the end of the ICO they will be able to say: “we have sold X billion of token” (not real as is pumped by 2,5%) “considering 5% of all token bonus provided for referral and 30% token bonus provided for referred, remains Y billions tokens”. The Y billions tokens remaining will be orphans of the 2,5% tokens hidden so this will let them hide 2,5% of tokens that will not be redistributed to investors nore burned. Note that such tokens should be used for token sales not Marketing, Partnerships, etc

    Other evidence of this misconduct is present in the discord #general# channel where, last 31st March user MalReynolds talked about 600M tokens disappeared and project teammates not providing any info about them. Keep always in mind that all such tokens are intended to be sold not used for other purpose.

    Hope you will take a look at this and make your idea about Student coin and maybe let the project team be able to share appropriate transparency.


    The API data catch analysis file. Maybe will not be so easy to use in Google

    The ICO phases track file with the evidence of 600M tokens disappeared

  • wow, this has been a deep rabbit hole.

  • So what is the verdict here? Scam or simply a bunch of noobs that need to fine-tune their act? I find it hard to believe that with so much attention on the project there wouldn’t already be a legal claim filed at them if they were truly doing something wrong. I personally don’t think they are scamming. This sounds like a big project with a promising future. All thoughts are welcome.

  • @Chris (TA): ALIOR Bank has confirmed the cooperation with Nextrope:

    “Dear Sir or Madam,
    we cooperate with Nextrope.
    For detailed information feel free to contact …
    Yours Faithfully
    Dominika Gxxxxxxx
    Zespół Alior Banku”

    I think there is more and more evidence, that Student Coin is not literally a scam, but a high risk speculation (not to say a bet) on any future upside potential. So it seems to be only appropriate for investors with a gambling nature, able to “write off” the portion of money they spent and thrilled by the leap in the dark. At the end of the day in my opinion it’s ok to be part of this project as long as you are aware of your realistic risk/return assumption.

  • I don’t know if this is a scam or not, but typically company representatives don’t spend so much time clarifying and nicely responding to accusations about their project if it’s a scam. Scammers just move on and don’t respond.

  • Funny thing: the API is still there but….voulat the totalSTCAmount is now null.
    This means they whant to make something strange with the remaining tokens after ICO ends.

  • Hi all,

    I have read every word of your posts. Unfortunately, I have read all these after my investment. Fortunately these are my profits from crypto markets from the last month. Of course I would not like to loose my money. I bought 1m STC yesterday through binance with ltc coins.
    My conclusion is the project is not a scam but I’m not sure if this will be a successful project.
    I have also watched a lot of their interviews and their web app gui fits with their business plan.
    On the other hand, they have a good marketing and a good business idea.
    Nothing is black or white. You can see the XRP example, they don’t have any client use their platform (even the moneygram which belongs to them) but you see the price of coin compared with last 2 week (when I sold them and I still cry).

    • How did you buy STC “through Binance” when STC is not listed on Binance?

      Also, your information about XRP is very inaccurate. Ripple terminated their partnership with MoneyGram, but at least two dozens of other companies are using XRP for cross-borders payments, for example: MercuryFX, Xago, Viamericas, Tranglo, Azimo, FlashFX or Intermex.

      • Hey James, you can buy through binance but your STC coins deposits in the stc platform and application in your account.

        • So Binance is just a payment provider. You are not really buying it through Binance, Binance is not supporting STC in any way.

  • I chose coinbase payment method, I pick an amount (I did this six times with different amounts till my ltc balance run out) and then I chose ltc (for lower fee than eth) then I copied address and amount and did the withdrawals litecoins from binance.
    I don’t know about ripple partnerships and how vital are they may be you know better but I read recently that with moneygram it is not just a partnership but they ripple have bough the company in order to force moneygram to use their platform w/o any success. And finally they owners admitted that if they did not sell XRPs (they have a lot of them), they will not have profits the last years. Every platform or token has its weaknesses ripple is not cardano but even cardano has its weaknesses. Some teams are good to their models, other in IT, other in marketing and so on.

  • This is likely a more realistic description of what Student Coin is and aims to be. 16 universities, not 500+ as they portray on their site.

    From their Github (

    “The Student Coin is the first cryptocurrency related to the net of universities. The aim of the project is to create a valuable coin to educate and integrate students around the world and tokenize the modern education system. Student Coin project is run by students, faculties, and entrepreneurs from 16 universities, including the Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, University of Oxford, London School of Economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, Imperial College London and 7 more schools.”

  • In this video interview from March 16, 2021 with Student Coin COO (Piotr Barbachowski), he is asked “how many cooperating universities are there right now?”

    His answer is “We have partnerships with 4 or 5 research clubs currently.”

    Very revealing!

  • It is best to report this project to the financial regulators. In Europe, applications should be submitted to ESMA or the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Or any other national financial authority.

  • How do I withdraw my money from studentcoin

  • I emailed stc and asked for a refund. They asked what my concerns were, i listed them and they won’t reply again. I through 285 bucks into the scam, which if it is a scam and it sure sounds like one, then that’s a lesson learned. Do your homework before throwing money away.

  • Beware…after depositing my money I am not able to contact no one. I am not able to exchange or transfer to another coin. It shows my investment growing but I con not do anything with it.

  • After searching for “Is Student Coin A Scam?”. Can no longer find TBBOB in search results. Someone wanted this page to disappear from the first search results

  • I bought stc via credit card , the tokens after 1 second of transaction were added to my wallet .also I took reward from award. The stc price on wallet works excellent after deposit

  • I bought 20 000 token at $400 USD. Atm it’s showing my investment (gamble) at $442.

    But for me to buy 20 000 more token they want $998 based on the current value of the token.

    My point is shouldn’t my investment be that same value?

  • Hi guys! could you update the information on this topic? Do you still think it is a scam? Thank’s

  • They are not going to do it, because there are bad intentions behind. Soon, Student Coin will go out in it owner exchange and they will be more quiet!, they will shut up!

  • TBBOB tried their best with a comment fanboys, and yet, they were all wrong. These kind of sites and posts are good WHEN BASED to actual data and facts. If there at the moment is not any facts, YOU CANT STILL MAKE THEM. This was made by bad people with bad intentions. I feel sorry for STC, even i dropped out from ICO because of these fudders.

    • You can’t deny the misleading and false statements about connection with universities (Check their ridiculous paid press releases). Their marketing department is a joke, but seems the CEO doesn’t mind about it…
      For the rest, seems a serious project (despite the improvised decisions the team have made).

  • My transaction shows confirmed but no coins show up in my wallet on STC site?

  • May 9th supposed to be coin release date. They pulled the liquidity on their contracts address. Im not Providing address because u can check by youself. Withdrawals are scam. 6 hours past and not even 1 withdraw is done. They say within 72 hours lol, maybe they have more traffic than binance who knows?. Exchanges are cointiger and some others in its level, would u ever do an exchange there? lol
    End of the story, people should seek a lawsuit or byebye. Correct me if im wrong.

    • The withdrawal tooks 51/2 hours today. I got all my coins including the bonus- coins.



    • I got my coins, all 100k of them. Already transfered to KUCOIN. People are receiving coins everywhere. Whats wrong with you people? Why this hate? Why do you lie to people?

      STC is legit, followed every step on the roadmap and now coins are released.

      Bye bye fudders, wont miss u.

  • LOL. Even binance freezed all ERC20 transactions because of ERC20 network problems. Tokens are already released thought and many people already received it.

  • Since this article first came out:

    We’re listed on Kucoin now, one of the top 5 global exchanges. I’m staked for 180 days earning 13% APY. I’ve 10X my initial investment. And it seems the author has not come back to update this article in any way, even though 90% is outdated by now.

    Seriously pathetic to not to your due diligence and scare 100’s away from a great project. Hope you enjoyed the web traffic.

  • Update to my previous posts.
    I have sold all my 1m STC w/o any problem 11/5 through bithub global.
    Even they told for 72 hours delay to my withdrawal they released it after 48 hours.
    I have put 19k$ and I took almost 27k. Not bad, and I’m think that definitely it is not scam.
    What will happen to STC is depended 100% on their next steps:
    Development, security, marketing in a very weird market with Elon etc.

  • I wish I had not discredited your post earlier. These assholes are just worthless scammers. I got ripped off a good couole hundred bucks in their ICO

  • A major long-term elaborate scam is happening here.

    On top of all the above controversy, they have screwed up the bounty. They say they paid 1/3 of the bounty tokens that were owed to the hunters yet 30 ETH and possibly much more after an audit have been funneled back into the wallet of STC that then proceeds to pocket them into Binance? I will link the multi-send tx from ethscan below.

    So that’s just the base of this recipe, the icing on the cake is they really distributed 5% of the bounty tokens that were meant to hit the hunter’s hands. Pocketing the other 95% of the coins is straight-up fraud.
    STC has tried to blanket itself by using Bounty Detective as the shield and has tried to lay blame on them saying that not enough members joined but I can tell you they knew the numbers, just took at translation and you can see they have 34-34 languages and a pool of 15 million, not I’m not a mathematician but I’m sure I can work out what they were going to receive, right at the beginning. So they cannot play that game as if they are so incompetent they didn’t notice something so blatant then they have no right running such a business.

    tldr; STC Stole 150,000,000 Tokens earned by others and is going to sell them themselves.

    • Caroline | STC Bounty Supervisor, [24.05.21 00:02]
      ℹ️ Dear STC Bounty Participants ℹ️

      We are happy to announce that Bounty Team has reviewed all the participants and their work. The work reviewers took into consideration the bounty participant’s involvement, devoted time, originality of work, movement generated to the website, and the total STC Stake value summarized in the Bounty Manager’s spread.

      All the legitimate members have just received their salary that was sent in ETH to the addresses provided at the beginning of the STC Bounty. The total pool, that was distributed, was equal to 300 000 USD sent today in ETH + ~150 000 USD in STC, and ~100 000 USD in ETH priorly awarded to the STC Bounty participants from February to April.

      We would like to thank you for all your work and involvement.

      You can check the awarded ETH value at your address, that was provided in the Bounty registration.

      You can check your ETH and STC bonuses if you have generated reflinks to your work during the STC Launchpad ICO at:

      ℹ️ BONUS POOL NOTE: Please note that ETH and STC bonuses have been automatically awarded to all users that have been using reflinks in their activity, not all users were legitimate to receive the additional pool. The pool was automatically distributing accordingly to the effectiveness of movement generated from the reflinks.

  • I bought 500 STC and I never received them. Don´t buy. Don´t lost your money. It is a SCAM. I bought only USD10 to test on credit card. Be aware.

    • Have you contacted their support? They always help with any situation!
      1. Check if money debited from your card
      2. Check the transaction status in your Advcash account
      3. Contact Advcash support, maybe need complete verification
      4. Contact STC support and provide all payment details

  • Go to their telegram and raise the issue. There were various problems with credit card payments and all were handled individually

  • I went to telegram and they banned me for saying that now that they are launching a new token (smt), it looks like they are starting the cow milking process again. These guys are scam pros!

  • STC is such a genuine project guys, plz don’t miss this chance and invest some money in it. Major launches ahead. Who is asking to put all the money put some and please give it some time ilke you give time in share market

  • Agree!
    @James Pinion
    Part of the scam
    Delete my comment if you want. The project still works and all is good in them. My money still working. So you are posted this article because you wanted money from STC to delete this article and they do not pay you??? True? @James Pinion Please answer

  • hello there. What can i do for you hehes thanks

    i registered 2 weeks ago but i cant find where can i search any words.

    thanks for help 🙂

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