Trillant review – Many RED flags, stay away!

Trillant review

This review covers the Trillant investment program, its cryptocurrency token and connections to Paraiba and Unique Exchange.

What is Trillant

Trillant is presented as a financial cryptocurrency platform that will act as an alternative to traditional the financial system.

It consists of 3 pillars:

  1. Trillant – the value token TRI
  2. Trillion – the stable token TRIL for paying
  3. Trillando – a shopping platform

Trillant says that its TRI token is your “best choice to increase the value of your personal assets”. In other words, the suggests that your participation in the project will make you money.

How? Currently, there are two ways of making money with Trillant.

The first is staking your TRI token with returns up to 50% per year. The second is referring other people to the platform, which can earn you up to 20% on their deposits across 3 levels.

But is Trillant legit, can you trust it with your money?

Trillant ecosystem

Stay away from Trillant

During our research about Trillant we encountered several major red flags that forced us to the recommendation that you should stay away from this project. There is a connection to a scam, an alert from a financial regulator and more.

Paraiba scam connection

The first thing that caught our attention is that a proven scam called Paraiba is now migrating to Trillant. Basically, Paraiba has become Trillant. And that is a major problem.

Paraiba was a Ponzi scam that has been blacklisted by several financial regulators in different countries (see our linked review). It was promising unsustainable returns and as we predicted in our review, it collapsed and lost the ability to pay its users.

Now fraudsters from the Paraiba scam are obviously trying to squeeze some more money from their victims, so they are sending them to Trillant. They can migrate their money from Paraiba to Trillant, there is even a discount for the investment packages, but the money will be locked.

In other words, if you got scammed by Paraiba, moving your virtual funds (not backed by real money) to Trillant won’t be the solution for you, because you won’t be able to withdraw your money (only 10% per month).

This goes to show that the Paraiba scam lost all the money, they can’t pay their users, so they will try to pay them with a new token printed out of thin air that is not traded on open markets.

TRI token

Unique Exchange connection

Another major red flag is that Trillant is connected to the Unique Exchange. As Paraiba is, by the way. This makes an interesting triangle.

Because Unique Exchange has also been blacklisted by at least one financial regulator, namely the Finma in Switzerland (see our linked review).

Trillant is obviously closely connected to Unique Exchange, because it’s the only place you can buy its token TRI.

So you have the new project Trillant that is tied to two already blacklisted (by financial regulators) projects, one of them being a failed investment scam.

Trillant has no history

As we have just mentioned, Trillant has no history at all, it is a completely new project.

Its domain was first registered in 2017, but it was used by somebody else. Last year in December it still was for sale and Trillant in its current version started only in August 2022, as you can see in the Web Archive.

So Trillant has no track record, it is not an established project, it is brand new. It just has a tiny website with basic information missing, yet they want your money.

Basic information not provided

We have just established that Trillant is brand new. Any crypto project should provide some basic information, like a whitepaper, profiles of team members, its code and other information about its blockchain.

But all that information is missing. Basically there is no proof that any Trillant blockchain exists. They don’t even say what problem they are trying to solve and how.

They just say they have a “revolutionary” financial system and that you can invest in it to make money. Will that be enough for you? It should not!

It also seems that the same way Trillant bought a dead domain to look old, they also acquired a dead Github repository to have a code. They acquired something called Bytecoin from myneTEC that was active from 2013 to 2016 and dead for 6 years since then.

In 2022 some minor changes were published in the repository, but even the name Bytecoin remained, as you can see in our picture below.

So again, no new code, no new blockchain, just recycling some old stuff.

Github repository

Trillant (TRI) and Trillon (TRIL) tokens

The main offer of Trillant is that you can buy the TRI token, stake it and earn money. But there are several problems with that.

The first is that you can buy the Trillant token only on Unique Exchange. Currently, there is no real exchange recognized by crypto monitoring services, like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko, that would be trading the TRI token.

This means that TRI has only an artificial value inside the Trillant/Unique Exchange ecosystem. If the project goes down, you won’t be able to sell the token anywhere.

They don’t even publish TRI tokenomics, so you don’t know how many tokens in circulation there are, if the supply is limited, or what would be the inflation, etc. Transparency, that normally is a major attribute of blockchains, is really not a friend of Trillant.

It seems they can create as many new tokens as they want, they have complete control over the supply, there is no decentralization.

And what about the Trillon token (TRILL)? It is supposed to be a stable token with its price pegged to the US dollar. In other words, its price should always be 1 USD.

But they don’t even say how TRILL works. Is it an algorithmic stable coin or is it backed by some assets? There are many important questions that you need to know the answer to when you are buying a stable coin.

Because its stable value has to be backed by something, you have to know whether you are supposed to trust the code and the mechanics or an issuer and its collateral.

Trillant has failed to provide basic information about both TRI and TRILL, there are like blackboxes that you are supposed to blindly trust and invest your money. That is again a red flag.

Also, where is Trillando, the shopping platform of Trillant? No information about that either.

TRI returns

How Trillant works

Our analysis has shown that Trillant has failed to provide even the most basic information about its project, so to us, it looks like a shameless money grab.

We can see no trace of any real product, its referral structure suggests that Trillant is just another Ponzi scheme. It is accommodating victims of the already failed scam Paraiba, so it looks like it is just a continuation of that fraud.

Giving you 50% per year is something that is not sustainable for a cryptocurrency project, especially for one that doesn’t show any real product, any solution to an existing problem.

Luna and Celsius could not sustain 20% per year even though they were managing billions of dollars and they had real blockchain platforms with many developers.

So it seems that the Paraiba destiny awaits for Trillant too. Either it will stop paying when there is not enough new deposits to cover withdrawals, or they will continue paying with newly created TRI tokens, which in turn will fall in value so fast that users will just lose real money anyway.

Referral system

Trillant review – Conclusion

Trillant is a shady project connected to the Paraiba scam and the Unique Exchange, which are platforms blacklisted by regulators. Trillant provides no basic information about the project, no proofs of any real product.

That is why you should stay away from it. It is running a scheme that is looking like a typical Ponzi, which is why it is going fail.

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  • James, stop hand-picking comments. You deleted my last productive post. How can we take you seriously if you do this?

    • I did not delete anything. As always, comments are moderated, I have to manually approve them, because I’m getting tons of spam and no automated solutions can handle it without making mistakes.

  • Is anyone else wondering how much James is being paid to slam Paraiba/Trillant? How can you trust anything on this page knowing it’s highly inaccurate? James, we ARE coming at you because numerous people live Paraiba and TRIL and make money with no problem. I know 100% your comments are incorrect.

    Since it seems you are getting paid to detract from TRIL put some money into TRIL and stake it for 52 weeks. Get your 50% returns and move them to UE>BTC>Coinbase. Take a video of the issues you are reporting.

    • You are coming at me? Man, if I got one dollar every time scammers I expose threaten me…

      Making money in a Ponzi scam is something you should not be proud of.

  • @James Pinion, I am not afraid to dispel rumors. The only comment you made that raises suspicion is that no other exchanges list TRIL. But not all exchanges list every Cryptocurrency anyways. So, you can say what you want, but it’s not accurate. Please share your references without names. Right now your comments show that you don’t have real experience or data to share on Paraiba/Trillant. Let’s discuss.

    Paraiba/Trillant is not a scam. I started in March 2022. In August it made around 60% of my initial investment. During this time I moved $1000 to Unique Exchange>BTC>Coinbase as a test and it worked just fine. I am now staked on Trillant and making about $400/week. This money has been sent to UE, but I haven’t moved it to BTC>Coinbase. I will follow up here, but this has never been a problem. Very soon I will recoup my initial investment.

    One issue I see is that thousands of Paraiba investors staked their initial investments for 52 weeks within a 4-week period, including some newcomers. So at week 52+1 day we’ll likely see a lot of withdrawals which could drastically affect the cost of TRIL. If I could short TRIL at 52 weeks I think I would. But if the overall TRIL value goes down you are still protected by the weekly payouts and make 50% profit annually. This is why I am taking my weekly payouts to cash just in case. And again, yes it works….

    I was a little nervous getting into this at the beginning, but I didn’t use an amount of money that would sink my ship. As in any Crypto be smart and diversify.


    • It’s a scam, you can’t sell TRIL on any normal exchange.

      • OK, so it’s coming out. Unique Exchange is not a “normal” exchange. But you CAN pull money out to Coinbase which is a “normal” exchange. So, where is the problem James?

        Stop repeating ponzi scheme and scammers. You just confirmed that your only purpose is to pass on disinformation. Answer our questions with real comments and not keywords for searches.

        I shared some solid examples and input. Try responding instead of the poor me comments. I’m here to educate and if you can’t respond appropriately then don’t post lies.

        • A normal cryptocurrency exchange is open in terms of data and is monitored by services like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. Unique Exchange is not.
          A normal exchange usually is not the subject of a warning from a financial regulator. Uniqe Exchange is:
          A normal exchange is not connected to a known scam that has been blacklisted by regulators. Unique Exchange is connected to the Paraiba scam that has been blacklisted by at least three financial regulators:

          Unique Exchange has all the hallmarks of a typical scam exchange that is fueling a Ponzi scheme. This concept was pioneered by Bitconnect back in the day: You issue a worthless token and you create your own exchange to trade that token. You use this scheme to give the token an artificial value and you just wait for the right moment to pull the rug.

          If you want to ignore all these facts and signs, it’s fine by me.

  • TRI …..or TRIL …… not listed as a token ……no where except “Unique Exchange”…So if you had 50 million TRI Tokens there is no where to turn it into MONEY………It’s like holding toilet paper ……..Paraiba claimed that TRI would be on a real crpto exchange by Friday Sept 30th 2022…………It did not happen………Paraiba lies and they are not going to pay anyone anymore….The scam is over……………

  • Wow, thats some bullshit out there. Get your facts straight before accusing something that is a scam, what a moron

  • Unfortunately your information is not correct.
    Paraiba have never not paid anyone and anyone who wanted to leave during the transition is able to do so and get their money back. I have always been paid and am also now getting paid with Trillant (even during the pre-launch phase). I know many people who are part of this project and are making excellent money. So please get your facts correct before slamming Trillant. When the crypto currency launches it will go on ithe market at number 34 out of 15000 coins with a 2 billion dollar starting profit.

    • The information I have from Paraiba members is different.

    • Try turning Trillant into Cash…… can’t do it…………Paraiba promised Trillant would be on a real crypto exchange by Sept 30th 2022..but it never happened …..They lied again….Can you say Ponsi at the end of the road…………

  • For you, everything is a scam Maybe change your name on SCAM? Good luck loser… (L)

  • I started with Paraiba 3 years ago, in one of the worst countrys for crypto, in Bosnia, but we make it!! 🙂 I make a lot of money with them. Its funy becaouse I started with almost nothing. Im 100% sure that you are not right!

  • It is infortunate that your information is not entirely accurate.
    The main thing is that Paraiba paid out as it said it would. When it closed everyone got their money back along with their profit and therefore proves it to not be a ponzi scheme.
    This now makes your issues with its links to Trillant completely unfounded.

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