Zeniq review: This looks like a scam!

Zeniq review

In this review we have a look at the Zeniq blockchain, Zeniq Coin and Safir Global minting program.

What is Zeniq

Zeniq is said to be a blockchain ecosystem for finance and investments. The platform supposedly will allow you to exchange cryptocurrencies and to invest in different projects.

The Zeniq Hub serves as a node in the network and also as your personal hardware wallet to store your tokens.

Zeniq Pay is a crypto solution for payments that allegedly will be quick and cheap.

What’s in it for you? Zeniq wants you to buy their Zeniq Hub to mint the Zeniq coin which is supposed to rise in value and make you money.

You can either buy the physical device or invest in a Safir Minting Hub, Farm or Shares, which effectively means cloud minting. It means that the hardware is run by Safir International, you pay them for running it and get the minted tokens.

The minimum investment in Safir Minting shares is 100 euros, while the Zeniq Hub costs 1998 euros. According to projected profits the hub will make you more than 2000% in five years.

Is Zeniq legit, should you invest money in Zeniq Coin minting with Safir Global?

Alleged profits

Beware of Zeniq

When investigating Zeniq, we found several highly suspicious things about this project that make it looks like a scam. In this review we raise the red flags that you should be aware of.

Minting nonsense

The first thing we have to establish is that the Zeniq Coin is an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum blockchain. This means several things.

The most important thing is that the Zeniq Coin does not run in its own blockchain. It is only a token in Ethereum. Anybody can create an ERC-20 token in Ethereum in a few seconds, there are online generators for that.

ERC-20 tokens are minted, which means generated by people who write their contracts (code). There is no mining involved, you don’t need any hardware or mining software.

This makes the whole concept of Zeniq a nonsense. They claim to have a network with nodes that currently have the combined power of 656.353 MH/s. But this kind of power is needed for proof of work cryptocurrencies that are mined, like Bitcoin or Ethereum itself.

You see, mining is a system to insure to security of a blockchain network, to prevent the double spend problem. The security of Ethereum is currently insured by mining, so every ERC-20 token, Zeniq included, is secured by Ethereum. Zeniq does not need to be mined with hardware power.

If Zeniq created their token with a software that will release new tokens only thanks to mining, it is the stupidest thing in the crypto world we have ever seen. It is an artificial hurdle to make people spend money.

But most likely there is no such mechanism and people who run Zeniq just release new tokens at their will since they control the code.

Safir Global

Zeniq blockchain?

There is a website that looks like a Zeniq blockchain explorer, but it looks highly suspicious.

Because either Zeniq has its own blockchain and a native token, or it has an ERC-20 token in Ethereum. Why would the Zeniq Coin run in Ethereum if it had its own blockchain?

Also, every new Zeniq block always contains only one single transaction.

Should Zeniq be a real blockchain, it would have a Github repository with all the code and anybody would be allowed to download the minting/mining software to their device and start mining.

Instead, to mint the Zeniq Coin you are forced to pay Zeniq Technologies, which is highly suspicious.

To us it seems that the Zeniq block explorer is fake, that there is no real Zeniq blockchain, only the ERC-20 token in Ethereum.

Strange blockchain

Zeniq Coin

We have already established that Zeniq Coin is in fact just an ordinary token in Ethereum. The token is not ranked on any reputable website like Coinmarketcap or Coingecko. It means that it is not traded on any real exchange.

The only place you can trade Zeniq Coin is Uniswap. It is a decentralized exchange in the Ethereum network and any ERC-20 token can be traded on Uniswap. People who provide liquidity determine the starting price.

The most likely scenario is that people who run Zeniq took a portion of their Zeniq coins and started a liquidity pool on Uniswap. So it gives no credibility whatsoever to the coin.

In fact, people who provide liquidity in the Zeniq pool on Uniswap can pull out the liquidity at any time which will make the coin untradeable.

So holding the Zeniq coin can be pretty dangerous, because since it is traded only withing the Uniswap pool, it can easily be manipulated and killed.


Not licensed

Zeniq Technologies Ltd., which is the company behind Zeniq, is based in Dubai, in the Dubai International Financial Center.

The company admits on its website that its activities fall under the jurisdiction of the Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA).

But when you make a search about Zeniq on the DFSA website, you will find nothing. Which means that Zeniq Technologies is not licensed by the DFSA, unlike what Zeniq suggests on its official website. Which is another big red flag.

No license

Probably an unauthorized security

Zeniq suggest they are licensed by the DFSA, which they are not, we already know that. But does the Zeniq Technologies company need to be regulated? It seems it does.

Because in the official FAQ section, you will find that the Zeniq Coin will be a medium of profit sharing. This means that you buy or mint the Zeniq Coin under the promise that it will generate you profits through the efforts of Zeniq Technologies. And that is a definition of a security.

Therefore we believe that the Zeniq Coin is a security that needs authorizations from financial regulators. And since it has no authorization whatsoever, it might be illegal in most countries, including Dubai.

Zeniq Coin

How Zeniq works

In this review we raised several red flags about Zeniq. There is no proof of a real Zeniq blockchain. There is no proof about any real usecase for the Zeniq Coin.

The only thing that is going on is an ERC-20 token being sold to the public through fake mining. To us it seems that people who run Zeniq are selling a worthless token to other people under the promise that it will generate them profits over time.

But we see no real reason for the Zeniq Coin to go up. It seems that nobody is using it for anything real and there are no signs that it should change any time in the future.

Add to this a huge pyramidal scheme that will reward people that introduce new paying members and Zeniq has all the hallmarks of a pyramidal scam.

Zeniq scam

Zeniq review – Conclusion

Zeniq and its Zeniq Coin minting are very problematic. The whole project is not regulated, although it tries to make you believe the opposite. The coin is artificially minted so that it can generate money to its creators. We recommend staying away from it.

If you are interested in crypto investing and trading, do it with real cryptocurrencies on real exchanges.

Also be sure to understand the risks associated with cryptocurrencies.


100 USD





Use case



  • Real company


  • Apparently useless token
  • ERC-20 token
  • Nonsense mining/minting
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Comments 157

  • What about all the press releases from reputable sources showing the partnership with the Dubai Royal Family and the renowned Pedro Cieza taking the CFO role and in the webinars they show the faces of the creators? If it were a scam, why would all these faces be in the documentation and press releases? And, why would the Royal Family of Dubai be involved in a scam?

    • Royal family involved? I don’t think so. A press release can say anything since it is published by the people who run the company.

      • What about the videos showing the Royal Family speaking at the ZENIQ events and saying that they have partnered with them. How do you fake that. If anyone wants the content I will forward it so contact me on my email.

      • James. I have looked at so many press releases confirming the partnership with the royal family and “quoting” His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum and that is the same guy in the video, is it not?

        Please take a look again in my folder again at the press releases I have gathered before investing into this, press releases.docx. It’s a lot of press releases to control, isn’t it.

        And, if that is not His Highness Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum, who is it?

        • The only guy from Dubai speaking in the video is Solaiman Al-Rifai who has nothing to do with the royal family.
          And again, a press release is a statement made by the company that put it together, so by Zeniq. Zeniq can write anything they want it their press release and pay for it to be published across different media.

          • James. You can’t just go around making press releases ‘claiming’ that a Royal Family has partnered in your new scheme when they haven’t. The consequences of that would be far too great and severe.

            The amount of information and people involved that is shown in these press releases is vast, and all faces and names are shown and known in this project. Very high-level people in their fields have put their names and faces to this scheme.

            People like Pedro Cieza who has come on board as the Chief Legal Officer (CLO) from one of the most reputable law firms in Spain do not risk their reputation in a scam.

            You made statements like: Probably an unauthorized security / But does the Zeniq Technologies company need to be regulated? It seems it does.

            You are far from using any definitive language here with – probably/it seems

            It seems that you have gotten caught up in the details of what you know about the ‘old’ method of Bitcoin and not looked into why this will work. But then I, like you, am just making assumptions here.

          • Believe me, anybody can put anything in a press release. The review is here to present the facts and it is up to every individual to form their opinion. You think it’s wrong, fine, but I stand by it.

            By the way, it absolutely does not matter who supports what. Have a look at the Madoff Ponzi scheme. It ran for decades and thousands of famous and very wealthy people supported it and invested in it. And then it collapsed like a house of cards because it was one giant scam.

          • Hi James, it’s unbelievable how many scam projects ars promoted here in Slovenia (europe) and always by the same people. Now they started promoting this shitcoin and not long ago their “product” was QuickX protocol. Bunch of f***ing c*nts.
            Good job on bringing their scam out to the people.

          • Yeah, unfortunately, there are many new scams popping up every day.

      • Zeniq coin is rated with an A transparency grade on nomics.com

        That’s 2 grades higher than BTC, EHT, Cake and 4 grades higher than Uni.

        This is a new operation also partnered with an modern crypto friendly investment bank that have invested in them. Give it a chance.. 😉 soon there will be major press releases on the first big tokanization real estate projects on the Zeniq block chain. The total leading ecosystem all opens early next year along with the exchange..they have been developing it sines 2018, but It’s first starting now and over the next few month s.

        • The transparency rating at Nomics.com has nothing to do with the tokens, it is about how confident they are that the reported trading volumes are accurate (see https://nomics.com/blog/essays/transparency-ratings). And since Zeniq Coin is traded on Uniswap only where the volume can’t be faked because it is a decentralized exchange, it has an A rating. It only says that the reported trading volumes for Zeniq Coin are accurate.

          Bitcoin, Ethere and other big coins are traded on a lot of shady exchanges that fake their reported volumes, hence the lower transparency grades, because Nomics believe that the reported trading volumes are not totally accurate.

          By the way, the Zeniq Coin daily trading volume of 54K USD is extremely low, it is basically dead.

        • I don’t speak German, but Google Translator says:
          “The Klagenfurt Ironman race director Erwin Dokter and physician Michael Ofner have now made a name for themselves with a product that is unique in the world: They have put around six years of development work into a natural product that is supposed to bring the metabolism back into shape and reduce body fat. Smylean is the name of the product…”

          So not influencers, they supposedly developped the product.

    • Maybe ur not aware, many a times these Arab families are scammed to make the entire scheme look legitimate.

      Whatever names they show of the Arab in various releases can’t be verified.

      I don’t find any white paper on Zeniq

      I agree to most of the points in the review

    • Please check 2 this website :

      1. https://zeniq.net/

      2. https://explorer.bitcoinvault.global/ => market was dead

      2 this website the same, I think one team programer make 2 this project.

  • Several false facts are stated in this Zeniq review article.
    Zeniq coin is not ERC20 token but runs on its own Zeniq blockchain. Since now it’s only possible to sell it on Uniswap you have an option in Zeniq backoffice to wrap it in ERC20 Etherum protocol before making a withdraw and swap it on Uniswap.
    Zeniq is regulated in Dubai and strategic partner is royal family of Emirates. Very easy to check that, as stated in other comments above.
    Minimum investment in Zeniq share hubs is not 800 euro, but 100 euro. Anybody who seriously looked in to the project should know that.
    I just love ‘objective’ review articles where everything is a scam, and on the end of the article we should contact the author to tell us where we should acctualy put our money 🙂

    • Nice! I know where mine has already gone Nino. ZENIQ

    • 1) If Zeniq is a real functional blockhain, why the native token is not listed nor traded anywhere?
      2) So far I have not seen any proof about the involvement of the royal family. Please provide a proof.
      3) Zeniq is not regulated in Dubai, as I show in the review, it is not registered with the DFSA: https://www.dfsa.ae/public-register/firms
      4) I joined Zeniq to see the backoffice and the cheapest investment I was offered was 800 euros as I show in the review: https://tbbob.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Safir-International.jpg

      Glad that you love my review. By the way, I am not telling you where to put your money, I am just telling you that if you are interested in cryptos, invest in legit ones.

      • But if you click on Safir Minting Shares where is says 800 euros it gives you the option to chose there1/2, 1/4, 1/8 and so on. So 1/32 costs you 100 euros

      • Me gustaría que vieras más a fondo el proyecto porque acá solo se ven especulaciones y efectivamente se pueden comprar participaciones desde 100 euros claro lo sabrías si lo hubieses estudiado como dices no solo puedes ver el funcionamiento de un proyecto desde un PDF al igual es un proyecto en crecimiento y tendra que solucionar varias cosas por el camino o acaso ethereum con todos sus errores no sigue funcionando

      • When you clicked on 800 it would show many diff amounts down to 100.. but perhaps you did not click to check that.

    • Thank you for putting him in his place

    • that is what I also thought

  • I don’t believe that just presenting a few facts in what is appearing to be an outdated way of operating in an industry necessarily draws the correct picture, James. Not when connections being made are based upon possible scenarios without any follow up to verify that this is indeed the case. One might start to ‘assume’ you may have a bias when one reads between the lines of what is stated as facts presented on your website.

    • I have a bias against scams, yes, I admit.

      • The Gulf News is writing about the partnership with the Dubai Royal Family. They would be taken down immediately (and probably the editor would be shot). James, I’m not trying to be rude. I appreciate honest, non-biased reviews about scams but it does seem that you have either gone off the rails with this one or, as Nino pointed out above, you have a vested interest to scare people out of one scheme and into investing in your own scheme. Which, ironically, is a scam.

  • 1.
    It will be, project just launched. Heart of Zeniq ecosystem is Zeniq decentralized exchange that is starting Q1 2022. Not one word about it in the article.


    Check Zeniq website.

    Click on arrow down in Safir minting shares to see other options.

    • 1) Allegedly. In the meantime you have to pay to be able to mine with a mysterious software there is nowhere to be downloaded. Every normal blockchain project provides the mining software publicly for anybody to use on any compatible hardware.
      2) That is an image published and commented by Zeniq. Every mention about Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum in connection with Zeniq I can find is based on a press release from Zeniq. Also, who is Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum? Why should we care if he is a partner or not? How is he supposed to be a partner anyway?
      3) It does not matter what Zeniq say about being regulated, because as a matter of fact the company is not regulated: https://www.dfsa.ae/public-register/firms and https://www.difc.ae/public-register/zeniq-technologies-ltd/
      4) OK, I corrected the info about the minimum investment. But it does not change anything about the conclusion of the review.

      • I believe James Moore and Nino are part of the big scam of Zeniq.
        We appreciate your review, ignore them and help us dig out more fake/Scams.
        Thanks Mr. Pinion.

  • I agree with James , after looking at zeniq for a while and unable to really grasp what the coin is really meant for and and the white paper , it seems lot of mind has been put into something with no credibility in its project value.

  • Also not one word in the article about other main Zeniq functionality, virtual IBAN and easy access to crypto space for 97% world population who are sill not in crypto.
    I’m sorry James, but knowledge of a person who is your Zeniq info source is very poor. If you have real intentions to write objective article about Zeniq and not just direct people to your own project, you should find someone who understands Zeniq well and knows what he is talking about.

  • Mr james your review is kind of bias and you didn’t do thorough check up on zeniq before writing this. Alot of people have done a thorough check up on them and found out that they are real people with phisical addresses. They are having a global summit from 22 to 24 of October 2021 in dubia and they are inviting as many people as posible all around the world to attend. And point of correction zeniq coin is not an E20 coin on ethereum blockchain. But because zeniq exchange is not yet realdy you have an option to wrap zeniq coin as E20 and sell in etherium blockchain exchange like uniswap. And i think that is a good thing and thesame is applicable to some other coins. And as a matter of fact that is what the zeniq exchange is trying to solve by combining different blockchain on thier exchange so the issue of wrapping that usually comes with high sending fees will be erradicated.
    Although you may have your reservations, but next time when you are writing a review on any thing please do a thorough analysis and understand what you are writing because it iis a vividly clear that you did not do your home work on zeniq before painting them as scam. Thank you

    • If Zeniq is a real blockchain with a real native token, where is the code repository, where is the developpement happening if not on Github, where is the software that people can download and use (wallet, validator)???

  • Think you should also check the partners ZENIQ has on board that are based in Dubai, like OCS International. It is a good thing to always look at the other side of the coin for every investment. But you have to be really objective, also noting that even the best and government backed businesses and organizations have also gone comatose. Verify, verify, verify. But study to learn to manage your risk.
    What’s your exit strategy?

  • It is also weird that Zeniq runs on WordPress, with a cheap theme. That is weird for a “professional project”.

    • It does not matter whether it is fake or real, because they say that Zeniq is a paying client of OCS. If I am a paying client of Goldman Sachs, that does not mean that Goldman Sachs endorse in any way what I do.

  • clearly you can see ocs board member in this video

  • The most ridiculously unfounded, misunderstood and poorly researched hatchet job I’ve read in a long time! Thanks for the good laughter!
    I wonder who paid you to write this crap, someone must be really scared of Zeniq. Which makes sense, they’re about to make a dent in the universe.

  • There might be a reason why you are not James.

  • I am 100% agreed with the reviews of James, bcoz if zeniq has its own blockchain then check sources github, and why it is on erc20. Wait and watch for huge scam. We can guide but we can not stop people. Understand the process decenterlised blockchain and pow coin. Thanks

  • Good day all,

    Maybe I can shed more light here with a little submission.

    As an author, investor and entrepreneur, before I invested in ZENIQ I made a little research about this cryptocurrency via Quora web.

    Here is the feedback I got

    Q: “What can you say about Zeniq cryptocurrency?

    A: ZENIQ will become the most popular portal for digital investments in a few years and will be one of the top exchanges in the world with the decentralized ZENIQ Exchange.”

    Answered by Patrick Luis, Account Manager at Bitcoin Mining Company. He is also a foreign exchange and cryptocurrency writer, Blogger.

    You can search this name on the Quora website for more clarification, please.

    Who is fooling who?

    Don’t let’s be biased here. It calls for further research, please.


    • Wheny anybody says that crypto project xyz will become the most popular in anything, I basically know they are full of ****. The only thing that is sure in the crypto world is that you can’t be sure about anything, certainly not about the success of any crypto.

      • I must say I agree with James on everything. I have a long history of being scammed by these people who create tokens and exegerate their future value. One recent one is the Etherlite. People were promised they were going to become millionaires on the 1st of July 2021 and nothing happened. Some few years back there was another one called Onecoin and people lost millions of dollars buying a fakecoin. Then came the Bitcoin Vault, and another one called the AWS.
        The most common thing I find is the fake tokens always come under a referral programme aka network marketing. The will always collapse and lose value.
        The real cryptos in the largest exchanges like Binance and Huobi can be accessed by the public.

  • I must say I agree with James on everything. I have a long history of being scammed by these people who create tokens and exegerate their future value. One recent one is the Etherlite. People were promised they were going to become millionaires on the 1st of July 2021 and nothing happened. Some few years back there was another one called Onecoin and people lost millions of dollars buying a fakecoin. Then came the Bitcoin Vault, and another one called the AWS.
    The most common thing I find is the fake tokens always come under a referral programme aka network marketing. The will always collapse and lose value.
    The real cryptos in the largest exchanges like Binance and Huobi can be accessed by the public.

  • you posted screenshot saying it is under authority DFSA but on Zeniq site it says it is under DIFC. anyone can check this, and searching DIFC for Zeniq gives a result. so it looks like you are the scamer here
    from Zeniq page:
    “Court of Jurisdiction: DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center)
    Licensing Authority: Dubai International Financial Center Authority (DIFCA)”

  • the person who wrote this post is less informed please we know to detect scams more than you do zeniq is 100% legit come 2022 you will change ur post

  • to prove that this guy was just providing a heep of lie here is a link you can follow to know whether zeniq is registered https://www.difc.ae/public-register/zeniq-technologies-ltd/ now i dont know how he uses his computer and what research he made if he cant verify just a simple registration please delete your nosense post

  • Thanks James. I salute you

  • Lol the misinformation in this “article”, please point me to where Zeniq said they’re “mining”.

  • Our regional manager has personally gone to the office to talk with the CEO twice. Please stop talking garbage on here and do your homework well. Thank you

  • I am so sorry but real advisor companies always contact with the companies to show their analysis and leave the companies the opportunity to defend themselves and answer the questions about lack of information. It is bull shit when you publish a report like this one without giving the opportunity to provide the information that can solve many of the issues or doubts moreover when a startup company.
    If you did not talk with the company your info is partial and could be wrong and the affirmations done are so heavy that could fall in fake advise that do not help anyone and the only objetive then is to scare people.
    For sure in Internet you produce more traffic with negative posts than with positive ones.

  • Please don’t delete this review, i want to come and laugh at it later. Thank you.

  • Well I’m about to take some kind of risk, but following the high rate of many tokens evolving this days, there’s a huge chances of playing a victim in the hands of scammers. The world today follows the trend of steal little from the multitude and grow big to a billionaire. That’s how the rich stay rich and the poor ones go back crying. Investing in zeniq can never be guarantee.

  • Hope am not going to regret in buying zeniq hubs oh, this one that James is saying it fake

  • It has been argued in the past and even now that bitcoin is a scam.
    Everyone is an adult and invests their money consciously.
    Time will tell if ZENIQ is a scam or the new future.

  • Dear James!

    I dont really see how credible your evaluation is as you have so made so many misstakes here. NO WHERE on the Zeniq site it says they are registred by Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA).

    Legal Status: Limited Liability Company in DIFC Freezone


    Slight difference there or what?

    If this is how you do your “job”, I unfortunately have to say that you are undermining your own credibility. I have followed your reviews of other very well-functioning companies and it can be stated that your site is a kilckbait site that steals traffic at the expense of others.

    Have you ever considered that many who might be able to get a good side income give up because of what you say? These families may have needed that income and that opportunity you take away from these people.

    I’m grateful that someone does a job like this, because there are lots of dishonest companies out there and it’s good that someone takes their time to warn others. But then you have to do it with honest intentions and do a proper investigation. Do not post speculations and own opinions. Combining the word scam with a companys name to direct traffic to your own page is really as low as you can get and in your case you seem to be very actively making sure that your page appears first on Google. So your SEO you really have made sure is up to date. Care to explain that?

    What if you really contacted the company to get answers to your claims? There are lawyers and very competent staff who are probably very happy to answer your questions? But then the possibility of linking the company’s name with the word scam disappears a bit ?!

    • You are repeating some debunked arguments, so I will just repeat one of my replies that I already posted here.

      When I show in my review that Zeniq is not telling the truth about being regulated by the DFSA, Zeniq edit their website and change it to claim they are regulated by the Dubai International Financial Center Authority (DIFCA). You can see that my screenshot is not fake in the Web Archive, Zeniq claimed to be under supervision of the DFSA: http://web.archive.org/web/20210717004820/https://zeniq.com/

      Well, I have news for you, DIFCA does not exist.
      And I have another screenshot for you from this page: https://www.difc.ae/public-register/zeniq-technologies-ltd/
      The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) clearly states that Zeniq is NOT REGULATED: https://tbbob.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Zeniq-DIFC.jpg

      This shows that Zeniq are well aware of my review and the red flags I raised. They reacted to some of them by editing their website and changing their claims in silence.

      • I think you are 100 % corect

      • You say that DIFCA doesn’t exist and yet you gave a link to their website.
        If you would research this properly you could see that DIFCA stands for “Dubai International Financial
 Centre Authority” as you can clearly see on their website here: https://www.difc.ae/business/laws-regulations/

        “DIFC Authority oversees the strategic development, operational management and planning of the Dubai International Financial Centre. “

        • The authority in this case is just a body that manages the DIFC, it is NOT a regulator of any kind. It is just a management part of an organization. They could have called themselves the DIFC board or anything else. So DIFCA as a regulator does not exist.
          And the DIFC clearly states that Zeniq is NOT regulated.

          So saying that DIFCA is the licensing authority for Zeniq is a lie. Besides, Zeniq claimed they had a license from the DFSA, which I proved is a lie. Only then they edited their website to claim they are licensed by the DIFCA.

  • You saying DIFCA doesnt exist is just another misinformation (not to call you liar). Scroll to Arif Amiri, speaker at Gitex on 1st link. Clearly say CEO of DIFCA. Then scroll up to Ali Abuzinjal and watch 2nd link, from 1:32 if 3 minutes is too much. After that atleast have decency to say something like “ok, guys, i might have been wrong about this one”

    • I don’t care about what people from Zeniq say. DIFCA does not exist as a financial regulator. DIFCA has no website, it is not an independent authority per se. DIFC has different bodies and I don’t know what, but it is not a financial regulator.

      And I have to repeat this:
      When I show in my review that Zeniq is not telling the truth about being regulated by the DFSA, Zeniq edit their website and change it to claim they are regulated by the Dubai International Financial Center Authority (DIFCA). You can see that my screenshot is not fake in the Web Archive, Zeniq claimed to be under supervision of the DFSA: http://web.archive.org/web/20210717004820/https://zeniq.com/

      Well, I have news for you, DIFCA does not exist as an independent financial regulator.
      And I have another screenshot for you from this page: https://www.difc.ae/public-register/zeniq-technologies-ltd/
      The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) clearly states that Zeniq is NOT REGULATED: https://tbbob.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Zeniq-DIFC.jpg

      This shows that Zeniq are well aware of my review and the red flags I raised. They reacted to some of them by editing their website and changing their claims in silence.

      • Same shit and lies about the license. Scroll down:

        ZENIQ is a decentralized blockchain for crypto-fiat payments developed by ZENIQ Technologies, the hi-tech company headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As the main office was opened on April 14, 2021, the project is planning to expand globally. The company has a legal status under the jurisdiction of DIFC (The Dubai International Financial Centre) and is licensed by Dubai Financial Service Authority (DFSA).

    • Has anyone seen the device in flesh? All I have seen are some computer renders.

      • Well, this post drew some heat!
        I’m not a professional in this area, by any means, so I’m not going to comment whether I believe it’s a scam or not. I have invested in it but I’m not a rich man so it will only be a small loss, if it is a scam, but a very big gain, if it’s not. It’s a gamble I have chosen to take.

        To the credit of James, I don’t believe he has posted anything that leads people to his own investments and the title of this post didn’t declare that is definitely is a scam but only that it ‘looks like one’. And, we should all remember that we are the first ones who come to sites like this one in order to find out whether, or not, we are likely to win or lose.

        So, it might be more helpful if we just post the facts and stop the personal attacks. Like I said, I don’t know anything about this area, so I’m interested in both sides of the story but would rather read about it without having to see stones thrown from both sides.

        These videos were posted recently showing the hub in working operation. Apparently, it is coming soon and I have a friend near the top of the pyramid who will be one of the first to receive one and will confirm that to me as soon as he does.



        I’d genuinely be interested in your opinion of these videos James (and others).

        • Videos in the lowest quality possible so we can’t see any details. To me it looks like a tablet in a frame.

          • Would you not consider that this is because they are in the office and clearly using their mobile phones, which is to be expected as it’s not a promotional video but purely, so it seems, an excited milestone they want to share?

          • I think all mobile phones today can do at least FHD videos (1080p). Anyway, this whole thing does not make sense. Real crypto mining is exteremely demanding on hardware, you need very powerful machines with powerful cooling. This is just a tablet. So it is not doing the same kind of mining as we are used to with other cryptocurrencies. So where is the software? Where is the public list of nodes in Zeniq? Where you can download the software to run a node?

          • Yep! Could be. It’s a good evaluation. One I would not have thought about, being an honest person. But, it could also be that they are excited that they have just reached a milestone and want to show others before making a professional, promotional video. It seems this game of digital currency start-ups is not easy. The thing I am most confused about though is why the ‘knowledgeable’ for’s and against’s can’t agree, given that they are both so knowledgeable.

  • Erwin Dokter Juwelis uploaded January 7

  • Always bird people not undestand what is Zeniq it like when btc is starting in 2008 all presse said it speculation now everyone believes !
    Be strong Zeniq we love so much what you do never listen negative people like this guy write fake news
    So undestand if someone accused you means you do something good and theme not have,and not undestand

  • I have just 3 question for those who sell this crap :

    1. Where is your Licence ?
    2. Where is your blockchain ?
    3. If this is huge potencial project, why do you have so much people who sell and fight for levels and bonus ? Why don’t just buy a hub and wait for money ?

    This is just a money piramid scam !

  • 1. The company is not regulated. When you sell securities it is a must to be regulated. I am speechless
    2. The SEO and COO started a health product company in 2018. Calling it Quote: The foundation for the most unique lifestyle system in the world. more people write the app doesn’t even work. How can they built a new unique Blockchain when they can’t even make an app work. Impressing!

    3.Several leading members from the Safir/Zeniq team don`t post anything about their position or anything about the Zeniq coin on their private FB profiles. Massive red flag!

    4. Zeniq is an ERC-20 token on the Eth Blockchain. Fact

    5. No real information about the coding team. Probably because there ain`t no…………….

    6. Plus 1 year on the market and can only be traded at Uniswap. Remember Uniswap is a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network – every one of us can list ERC-20 tokens. Massive red flag

    7. Where are all the hubs after it has been sold at a minimum price of 1999 euro for the last plus 1 years? Oops!

    8. Background and career from sport and health. Interesting

  • Astrazenik for coronavirus – Zeniq is for Criptovirus

  • I see this article really bad! If we could rate, I would put 0 without hesitation! Zeniq has its own blockchain. Stop talking nonsense! You can check it out here https://zeniq.com/ Minting section. Yes, it was also put on the ERC20, why? Simply to allow more liquidity. The encapsulation technique is not new at all! Why is there BTC on the ETH network?? the WBTC or Wrapped Bitcoin (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/wrapped-bitcoin/?fbclid=IwAR0sYFuyVHok0yZ90BC4BZ6ICY6eWMAldvXq5ejY0r_UizZ6o6ep_od9r74) which has the same value as BTC itself! Not only BTC but also other cryptos like WBNB. Once the Zeniq exchange is set up, then it will really come into play its own blockchain. Please do some digging before you say anything!

    • The difference is that wrapped bitcoin is is backed by the real bitcoin, meanwhile there is no real zeniq coin, only the ERC-20 token. Zeniq has no real own blockchain.

  • This analisys is the scam… No really contacted with ZENIQ to contrast these infos published here, many lies or many half trues… In the end the publisher recommend to go away form ZENIQ but use StormGain or eToro enrolling with his affiliate program… Come on!!! I think there are more honest ways to get contacts and people enrolled in your opportunity.

    • The same reactions to almost every review I make. And it always ends the same way, the reviewed scam collapses and people come back telling me I was right.

  • James, we can all tell your level of research is to drive readers to your business. Let us give this company time then you will be able to talk to us.

    We are all mature to take risk weighing any possible consequences.

    You said the company is real, that is enough.
    Good bye

    • I agree, the guy who wrote the article already considers the project a scam! By the way, he has nothing to do with time in this context!

  • Hello James

    I’m usually the one that uncover and expose scams, i truly believe that you need to do more research on Zeniq , all i see here are arguments that are copied from behind MLM , another site that sees everything as scam.
    Let me tell you James where you’re wrong

    You say that Zeniq has no Blockchain explorer and in fact it runs on Ethereum network as an ERC 20 token

    Zeniq has its own explorer zeniq.net you can see all the blocks and hash rate, Zeniq token on the other hand is an ERC 20 wrapped token so people can exchange it on uniswap, later in the next few weeks will have a Binance chain wrapped Zeniq token so people can avoid uniswap high fees and Swap the coins on pancake-swap

    Zeniq doesn’t require a financial license yet because they are not selling any securities, Zeniq is a technology company selling physical devices and minting contracts, they don’t even sell the coins, they’re in partnership with OCS bank where all the financial services will be conducted

    Partnership with the Royal Family

    You said that that probably is fake
    This is the press release from a local news agency (I’m sure they’re familiar with Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum)


    This link is for you to see the picture from the actual partnerships event


    I see you’re actually promoting StormGain
    Great platform at first glance but for me that’s the scam , it might be easy to trade on the exchange but have you seen the withdrawal fees , I’m surprised you’re promoting that but as long as you can make few bucks on the affiliate side of it why not

    In conclusion
    – you mainly copied the information from behind MLM without doing a real in depth research
    – the information is inaccurate without any concrete proof
    – you’re promoting your StormGain link as a real value but in fact it has one of the highest fees when it comes to crypto exchanges, a fixed 35 USD min withdrawal fee plus 0.1% in top of that

    I came to your post to clarify few things , I’m not here to start a long back and forth argument on who’s right and who’s wrong

    I wish you all the best in your research

    Best regards

    • Like others, you are posting arguments that have already been debunked in this discussion. Zeniq has no real blockchain and no real cryptocurrency. The ERC20 is not a wrapped Zeniq token, it is an artificially created token. It will be the same story on Binance Smart Chain. An artificially created BEP20 with liquidity (that can be rugg pulled any time) provided by Zeniq. If you want to prove that I am wrong, show me where I can get the original Zeniq token and wrap it on the Ethereum blockchain.

      Just a quick recap:
      – linking a press release that has been written by Zeniq about Zeniq does not prove anything, anybody can put anything they want in their press release
      – a photo with anybody does not prove anything, people take pictures with other people everywhere. For example, that could have been an event where the Sheikh was welcoming new companies in the DIFC.
      – even if the Sheikh is a partner of Zeniq, what does it mean? Who is Sheikh Saeed Bin Hasher Al Maktoum, show me a link where I can find something meaningful about him. By the way, Madoff was endorsed by tons of celebrities and we all know how his Ponzi ended up.

      And I am not copying, or even reading for that matter, other websites when I write my reviews.

      And finally, lying about Stormgain won’t save Zeniq.
      Yes, Stormgain have a 0.1% withdrawal fee, but they have zero trading fees. The 35 USD withdrawal basic flat fees applies only to stable coins that run on Ethereum and it is dictated by the high Ethereum fees, you will face that everywhere. With XRP for example you will just pay about 40 cents. Other exchanges have up to 0.5% trading fees (Coinbase or Bitstamp for example) while they also have withdrawal fees.

  • What is interesting here is a pattern of how you James put up arguments, facts and research. The replies – most likely from an army of MLM zombies looking for a quick cash out (a.k.a. the next big thing) are worried that their house of cards crumbles before they a.) got their money back or b.) got any money at all. Keep up the good work.

  • Guya this will become THE SECOND BIGGEST SCAM IN THE WORLD AFTER “One Coin” scam…

    Watch this space…

  • I leave this video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iWlgSS-rAk thank you. See you in October.

  • Really funny how they activate their brainless army to spam this investigation.

  • First of all, sorry about my English.
    Here are my two cents about this topic:

    I can’t consider Zeniq as a real project until they meet next conditions:
    1. until they start working in the USA
    2. until they provide any information about their coding team
    3. until they provide any information about their blockchain
    4. until they show us where we can get the original Zeniq token
    5. until they explain to us how ” hub mining” works.

    Here is what I think:
    1. right now, Zeniq technologies is not allowed to work in the USA, and most likely they will never be allowed to work there; That’s a really big red flag.
    2. they will never provide any information about their coding team simply because there’s no coding team. Another red flag.
    3. they claim Zeniq is wrapped bitcoin, but wrapped coins are backed by the real bitcoin, and guess what? There is no real Zeniq coin. Their coin is the ERC-20 token. Zeniq has no real blockchain. Absolutely huge red flag.
    4. There are no original Zeniq tokens and there will never be.
    5. This is really hard to explain simply because something like that is absolutely impossible. To be able to mine tokens you need blockchain, but they don’t have it. And anyone should be able to freely mine and get Zeniq coins as a reward. But there’s no public mining and there are no coins. Coins are minted totally secretly somewhere and somehow… Huge, huge, huge red flag.

    One more thing: there’s no physical product.
    Once you put your money in there’s no way to get your money back. There’s nothing you can sell to get your money.
    You simply give them your money for free.
    Also, you can’t transfer your hubs to anyone else, you can’t send them as a gift, you can’t sell your hubs to a third person. Absolutely nothing.
    Once you buy those hubs you’ll be stuck there until you lose your money.
    No exit at all.

    Long story short: shitcoin is “a great way to lose money”.
    This really might be the biggest scam in the world after One coin.
    And guess what? Dubai Royal family is involved again…

    Good luck to everyone who throws their money into this scam.

  • @ James Pinion


    Zeniq coin sounds like a huge scam and most likely it is.

    There is no proof of any real use-case for the Zeniq Coin.
    The only thing that is going on is an ERC-20 token being sold to the public through fake mining.
    There is no proof of a real Zeniq blockchain.
    No transparent blockchain.
    No open-source code on GITHUB, no white paper.
    Is it possible to do 1 transaction at a time? No, it’s not.

    Their website is based in Thailand and has two websites listed on this website as alternative websites to do business with their company.
    The website is poorly designed and doesn’t contain elements in the metadata that could help its online presence.
    As a result, it loses credibility and shows that its quality is questionable momentarily.

    MLM side of this Ponzi scheme is obvious.

    If you still don’t believe pls check this link:

  • Finally everyone can say what he wants. This does not mean that everyone has the same opinion. The project itself is in the pre-launch phase. So I don’t see the point of shouting in the four corners of the world that it’s a scam! There will be a big meeting in Dubai in October, everyone is invited! Where you can ask all the questions you want about the project. Then at least judge if it’s a scam or not! At first, many people did not believe in Bitcoin, that it was a scam. Is it still a scam now? Only time will tell, don’t take yourself for God and know the future! I repeat, only time will tell. What makes you believe for example that Stormgain will not scam in 1 month, 2 months … ?

  • When I see that a project is promoted here in Slovenia by the same people that were already promoting numerous ponzi schemes in the past years I know this project is a SCAM! The last project they were promoting was QuickX protocol. And it’s always the same story, pre-launch phase, phase 1,2,…but it never comes to an end.

  • James James!!!!

    You really are a patient and amazing person. You have not just taken your time to DYOR, but you have tried to respond to as many questions as possible and provide more clarity.

    Just like Frank The Tank said, it’s funny how it’s the same people who promote these coins that keep promoting every new coin in the crypto space and saying how they will become Millionaires in the future and how every single person should join in and also become Millionaires……

    There are really no guarantees in life, but with due diligence, you can always mitigate your risks.

    James you have provided the facts. Everyone is now allowed to use their hard earned money as they wish.

    The goal is to have more people succeeding in life, so please if you’re invested, I can only wish you the best and pray your dreams come true, but please do us a favour and kindly give us feedback after the official launch if the coin makes it big, so more people can invest in it when it dips a little and join the next rise, but if things eventually go south, please do let us know as well so that we can learn a thing or two.

    Fortune favours the bold……..

  • There’s a famous statement…
    You are guilty until proved otherwise!

    Similarly, the reviewer is saying, All plans are scams until proved legit except the ones that he is involved with.

    The review doesn’t confirm that ZENIQ is a scam. The nature of the business currently online makes it a good feed for soothsayers to paint it red.

    What is it’s not? Will the reviewer compensate for the list opportunity?

    What is it’s true? You are risking your hard earned amount for the decision your are taking based on the facts you and faith you got to achieve the expected returns and profits. Fair enough.

    Lastly, you do not have to network compulsorily to earn. You invest as a minter and keep quite. If things aren’t speeding up, company will find alternate way to scale up as the show must go on!

    Disclaimer: I’m an investor with ZENIQ and feel very excited about it’s future prospects.

    • People have their own brains. The goal is for them to read the review and make up their own minds.

    • I am going out for the summit next month in Dubai. I will send you some pictures for your garbage review

      • He(James pinion) has facts stated….
        He said check them ….
        He sends his evidences…

        All you against this post NEVER, checked his proves.

        You just keep condemning it with NO verifiable facts.
        Talking to CEO as evidence of being legit….. LOL

        ZENIQ IS A SCAM.

      • Hi marry, good to know you are going to the conference, can you please ask them to show some photos and videos of actual hubs

  • Here are some interesting news about Zeniq and OCS bank.

    First of all, OCS bank is not the real OCS bank.
    The real OCS bank is OCS International Finance Ltd and this is the original website: https://ocs-finance.net/en/home/
    Zeniq has a partnership with the fake OCS bank and its name is OCS International Commodities & Investments.
    Website: https://www.ocs-investments.com/
    They even use the same logo as the real OCS bank.

    When you go to their partner’s site, scroll all the way down to the bottom, you’ll find this: ADGM Digital Asset License under process. In other words, it’s not regulated.
    Fake OCS bank was created in 2020 and it’s still not regulated.

    It will never be regulated, and here is why.
    Julian Alsayed, CEO of OCS International Commodities & Investments is actually Julian Rifat.
    Julian Rifat is a former hedge fund manager jailed for insider trading.
    Rifat was sentenced to 19 months in jail for taking part in a £285,000 insider trading scandal.
    He worked at Moore Capital, and he had to pay £260,000 in fines and costs after admitting to passing on information about eight companies, including Barclays and Volkswagen, to an associate, Graeme Shelley, who worked as a broker at Novum Securities.

    “Julian Rifat, a former trader at Moore Capital, was banned by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority more than five years after he pleaded guilty to insider trading. Rifat, who was previously sentenced to 19 months in jail, isn’t a “fit and proper person” to continue to operate in the financial services sector, the regulator said Tuesday in a statement. Rifat, who was arrested on his 41st birthday n 2010, was one of the principal targets of the FCA’s Operation Tabernula, a major effort to prosecute insider dealing in the wake of the financial crisis.”
    Link: https://www.bloombergquint.com/markets/ex-moore-capital-trader-banned-by-fca-after-insider-dealing-plea
    Link: chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/viewer.html?pdfurl=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.fca.org.uk%2Fpublication%2Ffinal-notices%2Fjulian-rifat-2020.pdf&clen=287327&chunk=true

    On 14 Dec 2020 Julian Rifat changed his name to Julian Alsayed.
    Link: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/07830049/filing-history

    But why did he changed his name?
    Because, on 24 Nov 2019, Dubai Financial Service Authority has decided to restrict Julian Rifat from performing any functions in connection with the provision of Financial Services in or from the DIFC.
    He was not allowed to work in Dubai under his legal name.

    “The DFSA has decided to impose the Restriction on the grounds that Mr Rifat is not a fit and proper person to perform any functions in connection with the provision of Financial Services in or from the DIFC.
    In November 2014, Mr Rifat was convicted in the United Kingdom (UK) of committing a number of criminal offences, namely dealing in securities when having inside information (Insider Dealing) while being a Financial Services Authority (FSA) approved person and employed as a senior trader for a London-based hedge fund. Mr Rifat was later sentenced to 19 months imprisonment, fined £100,000 and ordered to pay costs of £159,402.
    In June 2019, it was brought to the DFSA’s attention that Mr Rifat was employed as a sales representative by a DFSA Authorised Firm (the Firm). The Firm terminated Mr Rifat’s employment in July 2019. ”

    Link: https://www.dfsa.ae/application/files/2915/8554/6941/MrJulianRifat_88.pdf

    Therefore he changed his name and become the fictional CEO of the fictional unregulated and unlicensed bank.

    Now, let me ask you something: do you still believe in Zeniq?

    Good luck to everyone who invested their money into this shit.

    • Bonjour.
      Vous racontez de la merde car j’ ai contacté directement la banque OCS en envoyant un mail à [email protected].
      Mail qui est sur le vrai site dont vous parlez.
      La banque m a bien répondu qu elle était partenaire de safir zeniq.
      D autre part, je connais des personnes qui sont allés enquêter sur Dubaï. Ils sont allez a la vrai banque, chez zeniq. Ils ont récupères beaucoup de documents.

  • You need to get a mental treatment ASAP, it is the best for you and your family and the society.
    Degrading Zeniq even before the launch just shows how scared you are of it’s success.
    No matter how many times you delete my posts on this topic just shows how weak your argument is.

    • Me scared of Zeniq? I’m just trying to helpe people not to lose emoney in a scam.

      • Bonjour, pourquoi une arnaque ? Peu être que oui peu être que non, ça personne le sais mais juste vous dire qu’il y a 2 jours là société zeniq à projeter son nom sur la tour Burj Khalifa, comment expliquez vous cela ? Ils ont créés une application mobile. Et pour dire que ce sont des pièces er20 je sais pas où vous avez trouvé l’info, ah oui ! parce qu’elle s’échange sur uniswap. Mais non désolé elles sont frappées sur la blockchain zeniq et sont wrappé pour les échangés.
        Après il y a bien des photos et vidéos qui circulent avec El maktoum et une personne de la banque ocs avec les pdg de zeniq.
        Sur ceux, que vous ne participez pas à l’avenir de zeniq c’est votre choix, après dire que c’est une arnaque en est une autre.
        Allez salut la bise.

  • What about the Zeniq video with Christian Thurner from the so called “real” Ocs speaking?
    Did you miss that one?

    Just because this Julian Rifat/Alsayad has changed his name and done shit in the past it doesn’t prove Zeniq is a scam, ok it doesn’t look good but it also does not “prove” anything.

    If we all told our customers about things we’ve done wrong in the past we’d never have work would we lol

  • En cualquier caso… su “pecado” ha sido traspasar información privilegiada, NO estafar a nadie. No lo hacemos/haríamos todos así? Personalmente tardé menos de 5 minutos en presentar esta oportunidad, Zeniq, a mis hijos y seres queridos. Espero que no me denuncien por ello en el caso de que salga todo bien.
    Por otra parte, es curioso que el enlace al “Banco Bueno”, me lo bloquee el antiviruos porque detecta un sitio con amenazas, mientras el enlace al banco malo, abre sin problemas. Es un buen malo por lo que veo 😉

  • Is it a Scam? for Real ? wow

  • Thank you James for clearing everything up.
    Zeniqy is a massive pyramide sceme with no value whatsoever.

    I found this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WItiaxiQ4HA
    Its in the German language but it shows 2 people talking about the “hub” and how much money it generates on a daily basis and how worth it is to purchase one or even multiple hubs. When you refer friends and family to buy a “hub” you get a certain cash value as referral fee. In addition there are different ranks depending on how much money you have already generated in referals. The higher your rank the more money you will recieve.

    This is the worst ponzi sceme of them all. Do not under any circumstances invest any money in it. I wonder if this “erwin doktor guy” will go to jail for this.

  • Also both ocs websites state that ocs itself was incorporated in 2020 and 2021. They aren’t any reputable firms either.

  • tengo una consulta, actualmente GAla games vende sus 50.000 nodos, los cuales según ellos distribuira su red de manera descentralizada, pero al igual que Zeniq tiene un toquen ERC-20 en la red de ethereum…. en que se diferencian ??? tambien gala es scam???

    • Gala Games are not pretending they have their own blockchain. Having an ERC-20 token in Ethereum does not automatically mean you are scam, there are lots of legit projects with ERC-20 tokens. But when you claim that you are running your own blockchain, yet anything tangible you have is an ERC-20 token, something is wrong.

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