$1,000,000 Algorithm review – this SCAM is dangerous

Read our One Million Dollars Algorithm review to see proof that this investment program is a total fraud.

About $1,000,000 Algorithm

$1000000 Algorithm reviewThe One Million Dollars Algorithm is a piece software that allegedly will monitor activity on exchanges and based on trades of big investors it will create trading signals that are very profitable.

Most users of this software supposedly make $10,000 per month. And you can get access to this software for free, so you might believe you have nothing to lose, but the opposite is true.

One Million Dollars Algorithm scam

The truth is that the $1,000,000 Algorithm is a scam that can make you lose a lot of money. In fact, it was designed with this aim in mind, it has to take your money and transfer it to fraudsters.

Fake team

The team of creators is fakeLet’s start this 1,000,000 Dollars Algorithm review with the alleged creators of this system: Peter Douglas, Matthias Mayer and Andrew McDonald. Well, the entire team is fake, totally made up.

Simply put, these people don’t exist. Scammers just took some pictures of actors and paired them with some fake profiles. On our picture you will see a proof, Peter Douglas is in reality an actor.

$1,000,000 Algorithm testimonials

1000000 Dollars Algorithm testimonials are fakeWhen creating the One Million Dollars Algorithm testimonials and reviews, fraudsters proceeded the same way as with their fake team of creators.

They hired a bunch of actors and paid them to tell fake stories. In other words, these people are not real users, they have never used the software, let alone made money with it. Check our picture for a proof.

Trading results

Trading results are not realSpeaking of fake things, trading results you can see on the $1,000,000 Algorithm’s website are fictitious too.

In the table they just show random positive numbers that have nothing in common with real trading results.

How it really works

In this final part of our One Million Dollars Algorithm review we will explain the mechanics of this scam. They claim the software is free, but it is not. When you register in it, they will create an account on your behalf with an unregulated broker.

Then they will say that in order to be able to use their software, you have to deposit your own money with that shady broker. And this is it, this is how they get your cash, they cooperate with shady brokers and use lie to achieve their illegal goals.

If you don’t send them anything, you won’t lose anything.

$1,000,000 Algorithm review conclusion

One Million Dollars Algorithm is a scam, it just wants you to send money to fraudsters, don’t do it!

If you are interested in making money in financial trading, just get a free demo with a regulated broker and start learning.

You have to build a solid strategy and understand the risks before eventually trading with real money.

One Million Dollars Algorithm




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  • Known actors


  • Fraudulent program
  • Everything is fake
  • Loses money
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  • I registered with them but didn’t deposit the $250 that was required to activate my trading account. After doing my due dil and finding bad reviews on google and also they are not regulated by UK FSA. I decided not to activate my account. Now they keep pestering me and calling me 3 to 4 times a day from different numbers. Even though I warned them that I will complain to the authorities they just laugh.
    Don’t pay these scum bags and fraudsters.
    Spread the words about this company.

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