120 BIG SCAMS: Legal Bitcoin FX Mining, IFX Markets 24, ApexFX…

Legal Bitcoin FX Mining review

In this review we reveal yet another huge network of investment scam websites that are after your money.

What it is about

We came across a network of investment websites that will offer you substantial daily earnings of 1+%. These website claim that they generate profits either in crypto trading, commodity, Forex or other investments, or in cryptocurrency mining.

They say that all you have to do to reap daily rewards is to deposit money with them. Most of the time they will force you to make your deposit with a cryptocurrency.

All the websites below that we found are based on the same template, they work the same and their websites are often the same or very similar. They all are scams:

Active Crypto Trade Explore
Actual Trade
Advanced Bitcoin Miner
AI Miners
Alpha Traders
Amplify Forex
Apex Exchange Trade
Apex Trade Capitals
Auto Bitrades
Bit Finance FX
Bitalt Profit
Bitcoin Safe Investment
Bitcoin Trade Arena
Bitfinance FX
BitLife Investment
Bitrefil Trade
Bladextrade Finance
Blue Coinz
Capt Trade
Century Tradings
Coin Autopay
Coin Expert Traders
Coin Mine Explore
Coin Mine Trade FX
Coindesk Invest
Coins FX Flash
Coins Refund
Core FX Broker
Crypto Best FX 247
Crypto Coins FX Trade
Crypto Empire
Crypto FX Mine Explore
Crypto Kraken Option (CKO)
Crypto Mine Explore
Crypto Mining Option
Crypto Pure Bits
Crypto Scale Option
Crypto Trade Xplore
Crypto Zone Trade
Digital Crypto Miners
Dulux Capital
Dynamic Options
Elite Crypto Mining FX
Expert Bitcoin Miner LTD
Expert FX Miners
Fexco Investment
Fob Miners
Forex Index LTD
Free Pay Bit
FX Crypto Coins Bitrade
FX Crypto Mine Explore
FX Crytex Mining
FX Fastest Trade
FX Global Crypto Coins
FX Legal Mining
FX Market Trades
FX Mining Crypto
FxPro MasterCoin
Gateway Profits
Global Coin Mining FX
Global Crypto Miner Trade
Global Elite Trade
Global Fund Invests
Global FX Trade Mining
Global Income Trade
Gold Capital
Golden Rock
Hedge Mines
IFX Markets 24
Instant FX Option Trade
iTrade Base
Jetco Tradings
Kings Crypto Mine
Legal BTC Trading
Legal Crypto Coins Trade
Legal FX Crypto Miner
Legal Trade Coins
Legal Trade FX Mining
Ligitimate Fast Trade
Lippo Invest
Mega FX Tradings
Mirex Global Mining
Option Crypto Expert Miners (OCEM)
P Exchange Fast Trade
Pay Cryptocoin Tech
Pay Fast Crypto Mining
Perfect Earn
Prime Crypto Mining
Qian Trading Company
Quantums Crypto Mine FX
Space Forex Markets
Stream Capitals
Trade Arbit
Trade Exchange
Trust Crypto FX Trade
Trust Trade
UFO Fortune Bit Miners
Ultimate Crypto Explore
Universal Traders
Wetland Trades
Legal Bitcoin FX Mining

Fake registrations

One common trait of the scam websites listed in the table above is that they often claim that companies that run them are registered and authorized to provide the services they provide.

But it is not true. All the certificates and licenses they show on their website are fake. Or at best made with an empty company that will disappear within one year.

Scam company

Testimonials and reviews

Another thing common to all the scams that we list in this review is that they will show you success stories and other testimonials from their supposed clients. But again, they all are fake.

Scammers just took stock photos and accompanied them with fake stories about great earnings. That is how they work, it is their usual trick.

Dumb investment plans

What gives away most online investment scams that we review is the the investment plans. And it goes for all the fraudulent programs in this article too.

Because all these programs offer daily returns of 1% or more, which is something impossible for any legit investment company. Nobody in the world can achieve 1% or more per day, every day, in a legit way. That’s just reality that you have to accept.

Then you will be able to avoid a lot of scams. Because when you see someone offering you something impossible, you can be sure that you are facing a scam and you can avoid it.

Investment plans


All the investment programs listed in the table above and in the list below are scams that you have to stay away from in order not to lose money.

If you want to try legit investing, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. Learn trading and understand the risks before evaluating whether you should start trading with real money.

These are the scams to be avoided:
Legal Bitcoin FX Mining, IFX Markets 24, ApexFX, Coinsera, Core FX Broker, Bladextrade Finance, Empressmine, Universal Traders, Legal FX Crypto Miner, Coin Autopay, FX Crypto Coins Bitrade, Coins Refund, Advanced Bitcoin Miner, Crypto Mining Option, Global Fund Invests, FX Crytex Mining, Global FX Trade Mining, Legal BTC Trading, Crypto Coins FX Trade, Legal Crypto Coins Trade, Global FX Trade Mining, Kings Crypto Mine, Legal Trade Coins, FX Fastest Trade, FX Mining Crypto, Prime Crypto Mining, CFM, Option Crypto Expert Miners (OCEM), Traderspillar, Capt Trade, Alpha Traders, Coindesk Invest, Pay Fast Crypto Mining, Elite Crypto Mining FX, Instant FX Option Trade, Mirex Global Mining, Crypto Best FX 247, Tradeboost, Space Forex Markets, FX Global Crypto Coins, Luzon, Apex Exchange Trade, Crypto Kraken Option (CKO), Zmeritstrade, Blue Coinz, FX Legal Mining, iTrade Base, World5Dollar, Bitrefil Trade, Jetco Tradings, Pay Cryptocoin Tech, Golden Rock, P Exchange Fast Trade, Traderyields, Crypto Mine Explore, Densetrading, Ligitimate Fast Trade, BTCSky, Gateway Profits, Global Income Trade, Crypbitrade, AI Miners, Actual Trade, Legal Trade FX Mining, Bitcoin Safe Investment, Mega FX Tradings, Swisspantix, Amplify Forex, FX Crypto Mine Explore, Auto Bitrades, Crypto FX Mine Explore, FxPro MasterCoin, CoinsBrew, Coin Mine Explore, Gold Capital, Crypto Pure Bits, Global Coin Mining FX, Quantums Crypto Mine FX, Expert FX Miners, Expert Bitcoin Miner LTD, Ultimate Crypto Explore, Coin Expert Traders, Trade Arbit, Fexco Investment, Dynamic Options, Coin Mine Trade FX, Trust Trade, Trust Crypto FX Trade, Bitcoin Trade Arena, Coinrit, ByteGuard, Crypto Zone Trade, Wetland Trades, Coins FX Flash, Bitalt Profit, Apex Trade Capitals, Digital Crypto Miners, Trade Exchange, UFO Fortune Bit Miners, Qian Trading Company, Perfect Earn, Lippo Invest, Bitfinance FX, Free Pay Bit, Cashmore, Hedge Mines, Universal Traders, Global Elite Trade, Crypto Scale Option, Bit Finance FX, Trade Exchange, Dulux Capital, Crypto Empire, FX Market Trades, BitLife Investment, Oinvest-int, Forex Index LTD, Stream Capitals, Fob Miners, Crypto Trade Xplore, Global Crypto Miner Trade, Active Crypto Trade Explore, Century Tradings.


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CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 77-81% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Cryptoasset investing is highly volatile and unregulated in some EU countries. No consumer protection. Tax on profits may apply. eToro USA LCC does not offer CFDs, only real Crypto assets available.

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