153 HUGE SCAMS: Tradex Coin Mining, Tushlegal Trade, Official Coin Trade…

Tradex Coin Mining review

We have uncovered a huge network of cryptocurrency scams. We bring you the list in this review.

What it is about

We have found 153 websites that are clones based on one template and that all are scams. All these websites offer investment plans with huge returns, from tens to hundreds percent per month.

Every website has a fake company behind it that pretends to be registered in countries like the United States or United Kingdom. But everything is fake, none of these companies it real, let alone authorised to provide investment services.

These scam websites will also show you fake testimonials and fake teams. Photos are stock and all the success stories and testimonials are pure fiction.

The list of these fraudulent websites is big, but we are pretty sure that we did not manage to find every clone that is out there and it is very probable that new ones are being created as you read this review.

Here is the list of cloned scam websites that we found:

247 Alliance LTD
Ace Cryptominers
Acres Funds
ADV Trade
Advanced Trade
AFX Crypto Trading
AFXX Tading
Apex Bitcoin Mining
Array Capital
Binary Pro Token
Binenx Top Forex
Bitcoin Pro Capital
Bitindex Mining
Bitprime Trade
Biz Quest
Capital Experts Limited
Capital Portfolio
Classic Crypto Trade
Cloud Miners Limited
Coin Fox
Coin Gainers
Coin Trade Mining
Coinex Global
Coinpal Mining
CoinsPH Investment
CoinYield Investment
Crest Forex Trading
Crimson Assets
Crypto Base
Crypto Base MiningFX
Crypto Capitals
Crypto Max Limited
Crypto Revenue
Crypto Trade Peak
Crypto Trade Web
Crypto Union
Crypto Xplore
Cryptocoin Cash
Cryptocoin Medics
CryptoFX Capital
Deluxe Capital
Devote Pay
Dexen Global
Digital Forex Mining
Digital Minefield
DigitalX Mining
Digitex Investing
E-Quantum Options
Economics Exchange
Elite FX Coins Trade
Elite FX Option Trade
ENBD Continental
Equinox Invest
EVN Traders
Exp Capital
Expert FX Coin Mining
Express Investment
Fecund City Invest
Finance Investment
First Orient Bank
Forex Hours Limited
Formex Trade
Fortescue Investment Limited
Fundapex Coin
FXbit Profit
FXG Investment
FXTM Global Trading
Global FX
Global Miners
Global Trade
Global Trader Market
Global Traders Funds
GlobalFX LTD
Golden Assestinvestment
Golden Asset Finance
Golden Value BTC
Gradual Investment
GS Partnership
Guarantee Pay
Harvest Global
Legal FX Crypto Mining
Legit Option Trade
Mavic Invest
Midea Mining
Miner Gold
NikTrade Limited
Nord Options
OB Crypto Invest
OCM Investments
Official Coin Trade
One Capital FX
Orange Pilltrade
Peak Xchange Trade
Plus Coins Limited
Pointex Trade
Prep Town
Rapid Coin Trade
Real Crypto World
Regent Capitals
Royal Finance
Royal Q Finance
Solid Capital
Springfield Trade
Standard Invests
Superior Crypto Trade
Swift Bitcoin Trade
Takey Hyip
Thomas Trading Services
Toke Profit
Trade Universe
Tradebot Systems
TradeCrypt Miner
Trades Accelerate
Trading Tasky
Trust Exchange FX
Tush Legal Trade
Ultimate-Trade Investment
Vital World Investment
World Crypto Miners
World Profit
Woxx Fund Online
Tradex Coin Mining


How the scam works

All these scams work the same. They will present to you a fake story about how they make money in financial trading, investing or cryptocurrency mining. And they will offer you juicy investment plans that will have the theoretical potential to make you a lot of money quickly with a fairly low starting capital.

But you should immediately see that all these investment plans are unreal. Nobody can make you 30% per day for example. Such an offer is a huge red flag in itself that reveals that you are dealing with a scam.

So what happens if you invest with any of these websites? You send them money and you lose it. They might show you fake profits on your account to make you deposit more, they might tell you stories about taxes you have to pay to be able to withdraw, but you will never get anything from them, you will not be able to withdraw a single cent.

In other words, everything told and offered by these website has only a one purpose: to make you send money to scammers who will keep it. That’s all.

Scam investment plans

How to protect yourself

As we have already mentioned, scams of this type are popping up every day, it is impossible for us to cover them all in our reviews. So you have to be able to spot these scams by yourself.

The biggest giveaway is most often the investment plans. 1% or more daily returns mean a certainty that you are dealing with a scam. Even lower ROI, like 15% monthly, has an extremely high probability of being a scam.

You can always ask the national financial regulator in your country about a given project to learn if it is legit. In most countries, investment services are regulated, so every provider has to have a license. So check it.


This is the biggest scam network we have uncovered so far. Stay away from all the companies listed below. If you want to try investing, do it on a free demo with a regulated company and be sure to understand the risks if you later switch to real money.

List of scams: Tradex Coin Mining, Tush Legal Trade, Official Coin Trade, Forextex, IboxTrade, Trust Exchange FX, Bitindex Mining, Fortescue Investment Limited, Crypto Xpore, Novotrades, Trade Universe, Ultimate-Trade Investment, Elite FX Coins Trade, Tradebot Systems, Expert FX Coin Mining, Global Trade, Boltcapitals, Kriptofuture-Investment, Rubblecoins, Profit-Axis, Trades Accelerate, Forex Hours Limited, First Orient Bank, Plus Coins Limited, Vital World Investment, CoyInvest, Royal Q Finance, Biz Quest, Elite FX Option Trade, Real Crypto World, NikTrade Limited, Coinex Global, Harvest Global, GS Partnership, FXG Investment, Midea Mining, Crypto Base, Express Investment, Golden Asset Finance, Golden Assestinvestment, Digital Minefield, Mavic Invest, Takey Hyip, Formex Trade, Bitindex Mining, Legal FX Crypto Mining, Springfield Trade, Swift Bitcoin Trade, Asset-Fund, TradeCrypt Miner, AFXX Tading, Array Capital, Apex Bitcoin Mining, Crypto-Miner, Crypto Max Limited, Zigstrade, Global Trader Market, Elite FX Option Trade, Nord Options, CoinFlare, Binary-Finance, Crypto Union, Crimson Assets, Crypto Trade Peak, Equinox Invest, Digital Forex Mining, Toke Profit, Capital Experts Limited, Bitprime Trade, Tdameritrades.net, Scalpingscoin, FXbit Profit, Capital Portfolio, Gradual Investment, Binary Pro Token, Bitcoin Pro Capital, Kinscash, Royal Finance, Coin Gainers, Solid Capital, ENBD Continental, Coin-Trade, Ace Cryptominers, Roi-Trade, Global Traders Funds, Pointex Trade, Fundapex Coin, Cryptocoin Medics, Binenx Top Forex, Fecund City Invest, EVN Traders, CryptoMargin, FXTM Global Trading, Cloud Miners Limited, Alphacoins, Superior Crypto Trade, Standard Invests, CoinsPH Investment, Digitex Investing, Crypto Capitals, Crest Forex Trading, Peak Xchange Trade, Classic Crypto Trade, Crypto Base MiningFX, Miner Gold, ForexBit, Coinpal Mining, DigitalX Mining, Guarantee Pay, KryptonIRA, Legit Option Trade, Trading Tasky, 247 Alliance LTD, Dexen Global, Woxx Fund Online, Octa-Pedia, ADV Trade, Advanced Trade, CryptoFX Capital, AFX Crypto Trading, Halving-Holding, Golden Value BTC, Devote Pay, Coinshare, LunaFunds, Official Coin Trade, CrowTradex, Economics Exchange, Cryptocoin Cash, GlobalFX LTD, Global Miners, Molabit, Thomas Trading Services, Rapid Coin Trade, E-Quantum Options, Deluxe Capital, Orange Pilltrade, Crypto Revenue, Official Coin Trade, CoinYield Investment, Crypto Trade Web, Global FX, Fastcash, Coinsmart, Arcanin, Regent Capitals, World Crypto Miners, One Capital FX, Exp Capital, OCM Investments, OB Crypto Invest, Finance Investment, Coin Fox, Coin Trade Mining, Prep Town, Acres Funds, World Profit, Crypto Xplore

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