21 High Option review – the dirtiest scam

21 High Option review

In this review we reveal that 21highoption is a scam that is separating people from their money.

What is 21HighOption

21 High Option is an online investment platform. People who run it allegedly trade binary options with high profits.

This allows them to offer two investment plans to the public. The first plan promises 5% daily returns on investment and the second plan 6% daily.

The minimum deposit being $300 for the first plan and $2001 for the second plan.

The 21 High Option company show a certificate of incorporation from the British Companies House. But is it legit, can you trust it?

21 High Option scam

The reality is that 21 High Option is a scam. There is no real company behind it, no real financial trading is going on. Just a financial scam. Here is the explanation.

Fake company

21 High Option is supposed to be a proper company registered in the United Kingdom. At least that is what they try to make you believe by showing their certificate on their official website.

But the certificate is fake. As you can see in our picture below, the certificate was issued for another company, that by the way has already been dissolved. Fraudsters just edited it an placed their name on it, it is pure forgery.

This alone proves that 21 High Option is a scam. Because when anybody is showing you a forged company certificate, they are scammers, there is no way around it. But there was an even quicker way to determine that this is a scam.

21 High Option scam

Ridiculous plans

The quickest way to identify most investment scams on the Internet is to look at the numbers. And it works in this case too.

21 High Option is offering 5 to 6% daily returns, which means 150 to 180% monthly. And this is something the best hedge funds won’t make in a year. Yet you are supposed to believe that this anonymous service that nobody heard of will make it in one month.

The fact is that 5 to 6% daily is impossible in financial trading. Nobody is able to do that. What’s more, even profitable traders have losing days, nobody is able to have steady returns every day, because financial markets keep changing.

Investment plans

Illegal service

21 High Option is providing investment services, there is no doubt about it. They take money from people and they promise returns thanks to investing.

This means that 21highoption needs an authorization in every country they want to have customers in. But the truth is that this service has not been authorized in any country of the world, it has no license whatsoever.

This means that 21 High Option is an illegal investment service in almost every country in the world. Deposits are not protected in any way in this program.

How 21 High Option works

Usually we review investment scams that work as Ponzi schemes, so we have to explain that even if they are paying, that does not make them legit.

In the case of 21 High Option it is different, because this program is not paying at all. It is just stealing money from people, they don’t get anything back.

Maybe it started as a Ponzi scheme that was transferring money from new to old members, but it is no longer the case, it morphed into a simple scam that does nothing. Every deposit with 21highoption will be forever lost, because it’s a scam and transactions are made in cryptocurrencies, which mean they can’t be reversed.

21 High Option review – Conclusion

21 High Option is a scam that is just taking money from people. It is run by a fake company. Stay away from it!

If you are interested in legitimate trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. Try everything out with virtual money.

Should you later decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks and to be well prepared.

21 High Option

300 USD



Real activity





  • None


  • Scam
  • Forged certificate
  • Steals money
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  • Thank you. Someone calling themselves Eliana Cole has been grooming my husband for over a year. That in itself is a red flag. I’m sure all of enticing photos on the “eliana cole” IG account has suckered many a man. Thank goodness he has a wife that stepped in. Thanks so much for confirming what I had decided in just an hour.

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