24xtreme Trade review – a failing SCAM

24xtreme Trade review

This review exposes the 24xtremetrade scam that is stealing money from investors. See why you have to stay away from it.

What is 24xtremeTrade

24xtreme Trade present themselves as a company that is mining and investing in cryptocurrencies. This means that the company supposedly run validators in cryptocurrency networks to validate transactions and earn rewards.

The above-mentioned activities allegedly are very profitable for 24xtremeTrade, so it can make you up to 400% returns on investment in just two days. In other words, they claim to be able to more than double your money in just one day.

The minimum investment is 5000 USD for a 100% ROI in just 24 hours.

But is 24xtremetrade legit, can you trust it with your money?

Guaranteed scam

24xtreme Trade is a scam

It couldn’t be more obvious that 24xtreme Trade is a scam. It clearly was made to steal money from people and to enrich fraudsters who are running this program. In this review we explain the details.

Investment plans tell it all

There is a simple rule you can follow when it comes to investment opportunities on the Internet. If you see any offer with a promise of 100% daily returns, it is a scam. There just is no other possibility.

Because in the real world there is no way of making such returns on a daily basis in a legit way. Yes, cryptocurrencies are volatile and can give you substantial profits, but they also can lose you money. And no financial market behaves consistently the same way every day, so you can never expect the same results every day. Cryptocurrencies are no exception to this rule.

So, 100% daily returns really are something impossible in investing. And even more in cryptocurrency mining, which is the other alleged activity of 24xtreme Trade.

First of all, in mining there are upfront costs, you have to pay for the hardware. Then you have to pay for electricity, which is a major cost, because cryptocurrencies are computationally very demanding. This all means that when you start mining, it will take you at least several months before you break even.

So you can’t even be profitable since day one in crypto mining, while 24xtreme Trade promises you to at least double your money every day. In other words, a total scam.

Investment packages

User experience with 24xtremeTrade

On the official 24xtreme Trade website you will find testimonials that would make you think that everything is wonderful. But they are fake. People who run this scam wrote them, it is as simple as that, scammers do it all the time.

We know about at least one real user of 24xtremetrade who lost money in this fraud. So the real testimonial is that it is a scam that is not paying. And it is only normal in the light of what we have already explained in this review.

How 24Xtreme Trade works

24Xtreme Trade is a scam. And it is not paying its users at all. It might have started as a Ponzi scheme that had been paying in the early stages. In that case money from newer members was just redistributed among older members. That’s how Ponzi schemes work and that’s why the are doomed to fail.

But 24xtremetrade in its current state is not paying at all. So it is not even a Ponzi scheme, it is just a failing scam that is stealing all the deposits.

The problem is that deposits are made in bitcoins. Because cryptocurrency transactions cannot be reversed. So if you deposited money with 24xtremeTrade and lost it, there is no way for you to get it back on your own.

The only thing you can do is to file a complaint with the police in your country. They are the only ones that can do something about 24xtreme Trade. Although their job will probably very difficult in that regard, because online scammers tend to cover their tracks very well.

Pyramid scam

24xTreme Trade review – Conclusion

24xtreme Trade is a scam that is not paying at all. The company does not trade nor mine cryptocurrencies, it is just stealing money. Stay away from it.

If you are interested in legit crypto investing, you can try it on a free demo account. Use virtual money to try everything out.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks.

24xtreme Trade

5000 USD



Crypto mining


Crypto trading



  • Absurd


  • Scam
  • Not paying
  • Already crashed
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