Abitexpert review – it’s a terrible scam!

Abit Expert review

This review shows that Abit Expert is an illegal investment program that you should stay away from.

What is Abitexpert

The official website says that Abitexpert is an investment firm that is tracking investment strategies of billionaires to replicate their profits. It also allows people to trade with cryptocurrencies, currencies, stocks and other assets.

The main thing about Abitexpert is the investment plans that are allegedly based on billionaires’ strategies.

There are four investment plans with the minimum deposit being 1000 USD. Return ratios are a little bit confusing, because they vary between 35 and 85%, but it is no clear how long it is supposed to take to get them.

Abitexpert claims to be a company registered in the Netherlands. Is it legit?

Abitexpert scam

Abitexpert is not legit, it’s an investment scam. All you can expect from it is a loss of your money. Here are the proofs.

Fake stats

It all starts with the fake stats you can see on the official Abit Expert website. They are so fake that it made us laugh.

Because you just need to look at the first number, it says that Abitexpert has been running for 15350 day. Which means more than 42 years, which of course is a complete nonsense.

Abitexpert started their website in September 2020, so it is only 6 months old. Compare that to 42 years.

All the stats are wrong, the programs certainly does not have 23576 investors, it doesn’t have hundreds of millions in invested money and the running counter with dollars withdrawn is fake.

Fake stats

Illegal offer

Abitexpert claims to be based and registered in the Netherlands. But it is not true. The company is not located there and certainly not licensed.

You can have a look in the register of their financial regulator AMF and see that there is no company Abitexpert registered in the Netherlands.

This means that Abitexpert is an illegal investment service that is breaking the laws not only in the Netherlands but also in every other country that it is seeking customers in.

It is safe to assume that there is no real company behind Abitexpert, just a bunch of scammers that is trying to get your money and stay anonymous.

No license

Weird plans

You can see that Abitexpert is not serious nor legit when looking at the investment plans. Because they don’t even say when you are supposed to get your returns, whether it will take one day, week, month or a year.

35% to 85% might be realistic for a top regulated investment fund in one year. Not for an anonymous entity like Abitexpert.

But we think that Abitexpert is promising these returns in one day or week, which is ridiculous and impossible to achieve in any legit business, trading is not an exception to this rule.

Weird investment plan

How Abitexpert works

Abitexpert looks like a typical Ponzi scheme. This means that there is no real company behind it, no real trading or investing is going on. Deposits are taken from people and used for payouts. In other words, newer deposits are just redistributed among older members within their withdrawal requests.

This is an illegal scheme that always crashes in the end, it always is only a question of time. Abitexpert might had or have been paying some time, but it is sure to run out of deposits one day, and then it will collapse. It is given by the nature of its business, which is a Ponzi scam.

Abitexpert review – the conclusion

Abitexpert is a scam, it was made to steal money from people. It is not registered anywhere, it is an illegal scheme. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legit financial trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. Use virtual money to lean and see how you could do.

If you decide to invest real money, be sure to understand the risks involved in financial trading.


1000 USD

Investment plans







  • Laughable scam


  • Still a scam
  • Not registered
  • Illegal scheme
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  • This is total lies.. Abitexpert is not fake, I was introduced to this platform by my friend and we have been working with this platform and none of us has lost our money to the platform before.. Abitexpert is one of the best trading platform you can ever think of and work with you better stop all this lies about the platform.. I’m still working with them and I will advice you do to if interested and follow their rules and regulations and not broadcast nonsense just to gain firm ok. Thanks

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