AdCode and Adsbanc review – new ULTRA scam

In this Adcode review you will learn the details of this scam that is connected to Adsbanc.

What Adcode is about

Adcode reviewAdcode is supposed to be a method to make money thanks to online advertising. The guy behind it is called Rob Goldman and he says that he found a loophole that will allow you to make $5000 per day passively thanks to his method.

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about AdCode is that it is free. So, can you become a millionaire within one year doing nothing?

Adcode scam

We hope that the last question made clear the absurdity of Adcode. Of course that nobody will make you a millionaire for free, AdCode is a scam!

To make money in online advertising, you have to have a website or websites that have visitors and that is attractive to advertisers. Then they will buy space on your site to place their ads, that’s how you can make money.

But you cannot buy banners that will make you money like Adcode suggests, it is a total nonsense, what would you do with banners? Banners are created by advertisers who then buy space on websites to place them.

Rob Goldman scammer

Rob Goldman scammerThe alleged creator of Adcode Rob Goldman is a typical scammer. Or, to be more precise, he is a fictitious character created by scammers for their story.

For that purpose they have stolen photos from a travel blog that belongs to a guy named Nick Wharton and his wife, you will find a proof on our picture. These people have nothing to do with this scam.

Adcode testimonials

Adcode testimonialsThe Adcode’s video features testimonials and review from people who claim to be real users who have made money thanks to this system.

But all these people are liars, paid actors who are willing to say any lie for money. Look at our picture, this woman is a paid actress and she has supported other investment scams in the past.

Adsbanc – how it works

Adsbanc scamAdcode is in reality just a marketing tool designed to send you do Adsbanc. This is where the fraud happens, this is the site that will take your money and keep it.

We analyzed the website and it is clear that Adsbanc is a scam. Just look at the fake testimonials and reviews, some of them are from last year, meanwhile this service was created only in March this year. So, they could not have any clients last year!

Adsbanc reviewAdsbanc will show you a fancy interface, it will even let you create your virtual ads campaigns. All this to make you deposit and lose money.

Recently we have seen many scams of this kind in the advertisement industry. They all tell the same ridiculous story about making money by buying banners.

The reality is that companies they mention don’t even know about these scams, they certainly don’t advertise with them.

Adcode review conclusion

Adcode is a scam that will push you to deposit with the Adsbanc scam. Once you send them your money, it will be over, you will never get anything back. Stay away from it!

You cannot invest in banners, it is impossible, you can invest in stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, currencies and other asset. See a free demo with a regulated broker.

Never believe anybody who says that that they will make you thousands of dollars per day for free. Investing is risky, you can make, but also lose money, results are not guaranteed.

Adcode & Adsbanc

250 USD








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Comments 45

  • Yes total scam, try to call you and make you deposit money or take loans. Just a shitty site with shitty People. Really hope the police locks these people away for the rest of there lives.

  • Yes totally agree with you this is a big scam very convincing on the phone very nice very polite but it’s a scam they owe me $21,000 they’re not going to pay me I invested 6000 English pounds I’m going to get ripped we got to take him back we got a sket the scumbags locked up find it where they live and go and pay him a visit

    • Andrew Phillips
      I myself lost 2.500 €. My “Marketing Service Advisor” called himself Joos va Dijk, phoned from Amszterdam. During our last phone call this nice gentleman promised to send my money back. Since that day, every contact has been broken.
      I cannot determine the locality of the Adsbanc. Can determine interpol,
      have you tried anything ?

    • I also got scammed. My first investment was approx £200 with company top up investment of £250 (Total £450) to run a £350 campaign. My total profit balance after the ad campaign was at £600 so I requested for my original £198 paid back into my account within the first two weeks to prove that this company was legit. I got my money back within 3 working days.

      Since then I worked and got my ads profit up to £1,850 during the rugby 2019 ads campaign.

      I was doubling up my ads every 3 days using a technique from a lovely lady called Kim Martin.

      When it was time for withdrawl, her manager David Stratford took over all communications from this point on.

      All what David wanted was for me to invest more money into the account!?
      I said there was no need, I’m happy with the method I was using as I was doubling up my profits every 3 days using this Rugby World Cup ad campaign.

      David clearly stated that this is not the way we work!? (From here I was getting a bit suspicious)…

      So I said let me take £1,000 out some profit first, then I will invest more money later.

      David Stratford declined my request for £1,000 and persuaded me to place another ad on. The recommended ad he insisted was a family tax credit ad costing £1,000.

      What a con, this 7 day ad only had a few clicks. I knew from within 5 minutes of ad campaign that it was a con so I tried to stop running it, selling it and tried emailing David to stop this campaign but he did not respond.

      My intentions were now to reclaim the remaining profit out standing.

      After the 7 day ad campaign, I made a loss of £978 from my total capital.

      Overall, I eventually had around £872 and could only take out around £622 of my own profitable cash.

      I tried withdrawing the full amount everyday for 3 months… but no luck…

      I raised issues to crime stoppers for fraud, citizens advice bureau, trading standards, consumer credit and etc… But no one can help as adsbanc were based in the republic of Ireland and they are outside UK law!!!

      What a con, they should not be allowed to trade globally if there is no help in cases like this!?

      • Oh I missed out that I invested another £200 (187.13 Euro) for the Rugby world cup campaign…

      • I had exactly the same experience as yours. Kim Martin was my account manager as well – so very nice and friendly. I tried to get my initial outlay back, but never saw it again. I had funded the account via PayPal, and they obtained the money and returned it to me.

  • I got a phone call tonight asking me to go set up the account then then got me too go into the platform and it said all the prices lowest was $250she told me to go on PayPal and put $250 from pay pal. I knew something wasn’t right and i hung up on her. Then I went and looked up the reviews for thrm glad I hung up. Had no intentions of giving away $250. But they do seem very attractive the way they tell u that u need to do nothing after giving this money away. Just had a feeling it was a scam.

  • Has any of you managed to retrieve your investments from assbanc?

    • No, that was my investment gone. They keep promising to give my money back. I had their staff ringing and asking me several times why I want to withdraw my money. I gave them an answer and they kept asking me for more answers. In other words, my money is gone and those morons have feasted not just on mine but on other’s investments too. Beware of this company, they are scammers. The minute you release your money it is a “goodbye”. You will never see it again.

  • I was phone from Scott Binnings in Adsbanc and he said that they had found my lost money from Kaya FX and I said I need proof that they had the money so he send me a mail translait to swedish that I had 135.000 skr to get from them. After a week Scott email me and said that somethings wrong with the transfer and after that not a word. I have deposit 800 euro for the cost to find my money.

  • Poor you getting scammed twice, these people are scum!

  • I totally concur that these people are the scum of the earth. Come across all nice and cosy but do not, will not act in your interests at all. And if you try to make a withdrawal – forget it! I put $200 into it, and it would appear that I won’t get that back. When I tried to contact, the email address had been cancelled as had the phone number and they won’t get back to you, no matter how many tickets you set up via the chat on the website. I guess my refusal to put any more money into it (because I had none!) did not sit well with them. I’ll be reporting to scamwatch and to PayPal as well – they brag that they can’t be a scam because PayPal has given them the green light! I hope PayPal puts an end to their scheming.

  • Started two months ago. Small amounts and Then more and more. To make a long story short. We invested more than 100.000 euro. The first withdrawal went ok. Then we invested again in their marketing campaigns , they do not exist all fake and they manipulate the data and clicks. We lost more than €100.000. Reported to the police etc. DO NOT do business with ADS banc it is big scam.

  • Reported to the police in Holland.we have been set up and lost 100 k euro . They are difficult to tracé. They are scam.
    Keep you posted

  • Still waiting from reply from the police. We do not expect any money back. But just to warm you. Thanks

  • I have been a victim to them as well, they promise me my redrawer will be approved, and they had my €6500. I will advise anyone not to get involved in this scammers, they all lies.

  • Dear all,
    We have all been conned by Adsbanc. All lost a lot of money. Can we do something together? They started in England, or English speaking countries. They have now spread to Europe.
    Let me know If you have any ideas.
    Lesley from Holland

  • Ps Lesley check out the Trust Pilot UK review website…loads of folks have been ripped.
    Evil scam scum

  • Hi’ I’m glad checked out your reviews, I’ve got them on my case. If they call again I’ll give them some verbal for you all !
    Regards Dave.

  • hello,

    Adsbanc holding my money 800 euros how could I get my money back. My name is sem email address is Please advise

  • They are still active. Be careful with your money.
    We have lost 108K
    Wacht out for a Polish bank account .
    Your money will disappear.

  • To all,
    You will never get your money back. Try to ask your Bank of they are able to ask the foreign bank to send your money back because of fraud. It takes a long time. Your money has been transfered to an account in Afrika ? You wlll never see it again .

    • Hi Lesley,

      be shure your bank will not help you they never help people they lost money in case of speculative transactions and gambling. Your money is burned, blown by the wind. I myself lost 18.000 € in scammer like Stratton Markets and OmegaFX.

  • My name is Shadie. I joined Adsbanc in July 2019 with 250USD with the sugarcoated sales talk of one Alex Kozlo of Adsbanc that I was going to earn a load of income if I invested more. I did not have more to invest but this man led me to borrow from high interest lenders that I would repay the loan within a short time from profits made from campaigns. I fell into the trap and got the loan and continued to do the campaigns.

    Almost daily Alex would call me to even invest more as the campaigns were actually generating profits. But I insisted that I needed to get enough money to repay the loan first before investing anything else.

    In one occasion he asked me to try to withdraw at least $50 to test that the platform was working which I did and got the money. This was a ploy to give me a false hope and trust in them. He continued to pressurise me to borrow more so as to invest more to earn more but I refused.

    Then suddenly Alex fizzled out. I have got over $2,000 in the account now and I requested to withdraw just $1,000 to pay part of the loan. I made this request since October and the bot they placed on the platform kept on requesting that I should contact my Advertising Specialist. I replied that the only person who was communicating with me was Mr Alex Kozlo and he has stopped communicating with me for some weeks before I requested to withdraw. There was no positive response. So I opened another ticket to request for an Advertising Specialist to authorise the withdrawal of my money but still no positive outcome.

    And this in now December, they keep writing to me to consult my “Advertising Specialist” when they rightly know what they have done with their Mr Alex Kozlo.

    In conclusion, any person reading my message should help in any way that I can get my money out of these scams. The saddest part is that I borrowed the money and the interest rate is very high.

    Please help me if there is any way I can get the money out to pay the loan.

    And to those who are contemplating to invest in ADSBANC, in your own interest DON’T !! You have read the negative ordeals that customers pass through in their hands. Thanks.

  • We have just been drawn in too , the “Manage r” was Mark Morgan and his co-hort Oliver White…gee they spun a good yarn ..Oliver (if indeed that is his name!!) even tried to get into our Australian Super Fund, fortunately this Dept does have strict rulings and will not permit the super ou t in a lump sum, That was indeed a saving grace for us! We were more than lucky as reading thru the complaints we lost only $6700 AUD
    ,,being pensioners this still is a lot of money for us. We lost one pension entirely on 5th Dec, and had to live on next to nothing until a fortnight , I have named them “Venus Fly Trap Promotions” very befitting for such utter vermin. Pam and Gerald Bendish

  • Report it to the
    Police and try to get your money back through your bank. We lost 100 k but got back 50 k from the Polish bank.

    • Adsbanc made me open an online bank account called Transferwise as my UK bank account wouldn’t allow any payments to pay out.

      I will try and see if Transferwise will offer a money back scheme for being scammed!?

  • To all whom have been scammed of adsbanc this a a company who was created through tradospot and this company is located ***. A contact center for fraud no remource they target USA UK all of Europe Arab countries Japan etc their sales department and retention department thrive on deposits made while many people cannot even afford it management are from various countries like Israel Netherlands Italy Malta including durban they are scammers they are fraudulent they are excellent deceivers and they will not return any of your money invested.they will give you a bit until you become greedy then take it all and shut down campaigns at the touch of a button! All of their names are fake it’s all stage names try searching for these people on social media try changing the game and start asking them questions instead of listening to there bullshit.

    • Sorry, we cannot publish any addresses, innocent people could get hurt. If you have any relevant information about scammers, report to authorities, so they take action.

    • I can’t believe how people can be so pure evil, willing to deceive and take people’s money like that!

      There must be a way we can get our money back from the government?

  • Dear,

    I send emails to your company trying to n
    withdraw some money but you keep sending
    pending withdrawal until now i have not receive
    any reply to my requiest you even take away my
    platform name account so if you will not give back
    the money i am suppose to earn i will do something
    i have been with your company since 2019 so please
    do something thank you.

    Mercedes Widgington

    • So sorry to here about this Mercedes 🙁

      I am also going through the same process. We must strive together to try and get some sort of compensation back.

      I will keep you posted if I here anything!

  • I invested all my savings 1.200.000 skr in Adsbanc and made profit so i am supposed to have 372.000 euro. now they say i have to pay them 5000 euro – ten they will pay out all my money 300.000 euro. i do not have 5000 euro so now i cannot get out my money from them. It is terrible- it has ruined my life and i dont want to go on anymore.

    • Hi, I’m sorry for what happened. Unfortunately it is a lie anyway. The profits they show you are fictional. If you send them the requested 5.000 euros, they will keep it and won’t send you anything back. They are just scammers who make up new lies to get as much money as possible from you. So, don’t send them any more money.

    • Anne-Marie,
      I am so sorry to here about this. They should not get away with this. Ireland must have to have some sort of compensation law to repay back people who have trusted scammers running from there country to repay back people who have saved up all their hard earned cash to only have us all be scammed 🙁

  • They might get covid 19 and die a painful death!

    • Also please be mindful of scammers contacting you claiming they can retrieve your money! They will ask for more money and you won’t get anything except huge debts!

      Look on trust pilot, Adsbanc are at it again trying to use Trust pilot as their scam platform, Mr James, Mr Leonard and Miss Clara don’t exist!

      • Thanks Cha,
        Since I placed my official complain on trust pilot. Adsbanc were trying to tarnish my name and tried to scam me again saying that I was committing fraud and that I would have to pay £1000 up front or else there was a warrant for my arrest!

        This company is pure EVIL.

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