Agrichainx review – This is a SCAM [explanation]

Agrichainx review

This review explains why Agrichainx, Agricnode and Agricoin are a scam that is designed to fail and steal your money.

What is Agrichainx, Agricoin and Agricnode

Agrichainx claims to have a noble aim – to digitize agrictulture in Africa to ensure food security and empower small farmers.

Agrichainx wants to achieve these goals thanks to blockchain technology. The medium of exchange in Agrichainx is the cryptocurrency Agricoin (AGN).

Agricoin can be held and transacted via a decentralized wallet called Agricnode. Agricnodes act as nodes in Agrichainx and supposedly will earn passive income to their owners.

In order to run an Agricnode, you have to deposit a collateral. There are eight different packages, from Bronze to Whale. The minimum deposit is $4 and it allegedly will earn you a $5 daily return for life (or $150 monthly for life).

The highest package is called Whale, it has a minimum $4,000 deposit and it is supposed to earn you $5,000 daily or $300,000 monthly for life. All packages have a 11 month lock period.

But can you trust it, is Agrichainx legit?

Agricnode scam

Agrichainx scam

The sad reality is that Agrichainx is a scam. You should not invest in Agricnode nor buy Agricoin. In this review we explain why.

Impossible profits

The first thing that clearly says that Agrichainx is a scam is the investment packages. Because they all promise more than 100% daily returns on your investment for life. Which is absolutely impossible in any legit business.

You simply can’t generate even 1% daily profits in any legit business, so 100% daily is so absurd that everybody should know that only scams can offer something like this.

Yes, we know, many people don’t want to hear this, but it is the truth and it really is that simple to uncover the real nature of Agrichainx, Agricnode and Agricoin. It’s a scam because it promises absolutely impossible returns.

Agricnode scam

Does Agrichainx even exist?

Agrichainx is supposed to be a blockchain in which you can run Agricnodes and earn passive income by facilitating transactions. But we found no trace of a real blockchain with this name.

Even the blockchain explorer on the Agricnode website is not working, it is returning an error (see image below). Agricoin (AGN) exists only as an ERC-20 token in the Ethereum network, but it seems to be dead, transactions are happening only once a few days.

Agricoin explorer

What’s more, Agricon (AGN) is not traded anywhere, so if you receive it, you won’t be able to sell it on any real exchange.

There was a different Agricoin (AGCMN) released back in 2017, which is listed on FineBox, but it has a daily volume of only about $150. Which means that even if have this older coin, you can’t do much with it, because there is no liquidity.

It seems that the current Agrichainx is trying to feed on that older version, but it’s a scam. Should it work as advertised, you would see a vibrant ecosystem with a public blockchain, a lot of transactions, and above all, many users, like farmers, who would be using it.

But there is nothing, Agrichainx has no real form, it is just a fraudulent project made to take money away from people.

You can’t believe the node statistics shown on the Agricnode official website. The AGN price certainly is not $2,400 like they say. AGN is worth nothing, because it is not traded on any real exchange.


How Agrichainx works

It’s crystal clear that Agrichainx is a scam. Now, we don’t say it can’t be paying. It might pay out some profits and run as a Ponzi scheme.

What is sure is that there is no real business behind it. So if any payouts ever occur, it will just be a redistribution of money, deposits from newer members will be used to pay older members. That’s how Ponzi schemes work and that’s why they always collapse in the end.

Fraudsters who run Agrichainx and Agricnode will probably use the fake Agricoin to keep their scheme running as long as possible. They will pay you in AGN and claim it has a high value. So you will be holding AGN with a high theoretical value and there is the 11 month lockup period.

During that time you might see wonderful profits on your Agricnode account, but once your AGN is unlocked, you will see that you can’t do anything with it, that it has no value in the real world, that in reality you have no money, just a worthless coin that they were lying to you about.

This is a scam scheme pioneered by Bitconnect, creating a native coin means for a scam that it can run for longer. Because it creates this illusion of a valuable token and people who hold it think they have real money. But they don’t. The whole thing is just a house of cards that will crumble when people who built it decide to pull the plug.

Agrichainx review – Conclusion

Agrichainx is a scam, Agricnode is a fraudulent scheme and Agricoin (AGN) is a worthless coin. Stay away from this fraud if you don’t want to lose money.

If you want to invest in legit cryptocurrencies, do it with a regulated company. You can try everything on a free demo account.

Before investing real money you have to be sure that you understand the risks.










  • At least the token exists


  • Scam
  • No real proprietary blockchain
  • Will collapse
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Comments 42

  • Someone convinced me and I have registered and deposited #5000 for their bronze.

  • I have deposited #2 for their account

  • Please admin I’m interested in applying for Agrichainx but I don’t know if I’m late though I have checked online for more information on how to invest and I was able to see a reliable information. please admin I would love to know is this the right time to invest? I’m really interested

  • 5000 for Bronze?
    Bronze is only 1000…

    How is that possible tho?

  • Agrichainx is real anyway deceiving you that Agrichainx is Scam has scammed his brain already.
    Agrichainx making Agriculture Simple we are on the money
    Haters will soon die if heart attacks

  • hope that is not a scam

  • You have lost money already.

  • Yes, I’m validator if you wish I can validate you. You can contact me through this number

  • Sometimes people say things out of imagination. My question goes to the publisher of this blog. Do u have any physical proof of agrichain refusing to pay after 11months? Stop procrastination.

    • Yeah, Ponzi schemes do pay in their early stages.

    • Ya coz my wallet got unlocked then I want to withdraw no way now am hearing Government need to approve befor payment blah blah blah I think the dude is right I trust agrichainx bt it’s beginning to look like scam

  • Why not just post for us a good investment platform. I am interested

  • I need proofs as regards the office of agrichainx in nigeria,how long its been existing and beneficials from agrichainx thanks

  • No he’s not cox wat he’s saying is the truth.y haven’t they paid since all dis while and the transaction is being declined over and over again

  • What the writer wrote there is actually the fact ooo. Considering how long the account will be locked, the organizers just gave themselves enough time to pay the old timers with money from the new registration. It’s pure ponzi, u might get lucky and you might not. It’s a huge risk.

  • I feel this is true because initially they said that your total dollars for 11months that you earn daily is what will be sent into your bank account that you provided after the profile has been unlocked and that is what they used to get lots of people to register now only for us to hear that it is the value of what Agri coin multiplied by what you deposited and the period account was locked is what you will be paid and mean while agri coin is not even up to a reasonable denomination in dollars it’s in cent neither can it be traded… after all the talking of $5 daily and so on for 11months will be your earning…. So where is the truth? They are all liars.

  • Yes we all fall to different online scams before releasing the truth afterwards nevertheless it’s just like every other investment platform that has come and gone they try as much as possible to make it real so as to get more subscribers then at the end crash the site and leave everyone shocked I won’t be surprised if this is the hand work of some highly intelligent Yahoo boys somewhere it’s going to be found out soon. It’s just a pity they’re have got me again

  • Poverty is upstairs! Bitcoin was a scam some years back. Continue!

  • Your guys should leave that n****, he doesn’t know what he’s saying. The company has 16 operational models, backed up with agricultural works. Is Agriculture is a scam?

  • The way you think shows how you access thinks, especially good opportunities like Agrichainx. The mentality of many people, the writer of this blog inclusive is to go to school, pass out with a good grade and join the labour market by carrying credentials from one office to another looking for the job that does not exist. I quite understand that that there is liberty of opinions. But then, concepts supposed to be well verified before conclusions can be drawn. Agrichainx is still young in paying, yet some had been paid. Not that alone, the C.E.O has been so honest by giving us regular updates on how the crow flies. All for our benefits. What else do you want? Only the poor will continue to take every opportunity for scam. Agrichainx is never a scam! I am a validator in Agrichainx – 07066237754. Agrichainx, making agriculture simple!

  • Please, as far as I’m concerned, it is a scam. I’m own an account here and it has been long overdue for withdrawal nothing has been paid. I have placed a withdrawal order twice now and it has been pending for over a month now…no one is a fool here. Let the public know and save them from being a victim here. Please, call a spade, a spade. Remember, only early investors withdraw in a scam it helps spread the news for more investors(late investors) that will not withdraw. Validation is a open process

  • Who has received payment recently in Agrichainx likewise inksnation? No one!

    • If you reply follow updates, you will know that Agichainx is no longer in he ethereum block chain but on binance block chain.
      It has been listed on exchanges and traded as high as $19 dollar in the last few days.
      Follow who know road.
      DM on whatsapp, and get added to whatsapp groups and see how left behind you are.

  • There is no software to download. It is a web-based platform. To become a validator, you need to choose a package for yourself from N5,000 to N1m. The money will be paid to a validator who will register you into the system. Then you will need to pay for validator’s package will enable you register other people and make some money for yourself. The validator’s packages range from N5,000 to N50,000. This is the breakdown of what you stand to gain. If you pay N5k, you will be credited N10k; N5k is your gain as you register someone who pays N5k for registration. If you pay N10k, you will be credited N20k; if you pay N30k, you will be credited N80k. If you pay N50k, you will be credited N150k.

    As per withdrawal, note this that now, the waiting period in Agrichainx is no more 11 months but now is 8 months. There are already stabilized platforms through which you can exchange your AGX (Agricoin) to fiat or coin of your choice among the listed coins.

    If you want to register or you want to be a validator, you can contact me on 07066237754. My name is Jooda Emmanuel Oluwasegun. I am the head of node of Afijio Local Government of Oyo State, Nigeria.

    Note since agrichainx is an agricultural-based project, it will always be effective and benefit everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity.

    • So you can’t even prove that the blockchain exists, because it allegedly runs somewhere behind closed doors, it can’t be publicly accessed, nobody can run a public node on their own. You just have to send money to Agrichainx and they supposedly will run a validator on your behalf. Give me a break…

    • Yes we all understand that. Those who waited for 11 months have not been able to withdraw…please, inform them it is not paying. It is a scam

  • I can testify that it is a scam, my account finally opened yesterday but the withdraw button is still greyed out and there’s no reason behind that , its only exchange and transfer that works, I tried transferring it to my bitcoin wallet it just says pending,…. Why would the withdraw button not work if they promise it would, PEOPLE THIS IS A SCAM, please don’t lose ur money on this piece of shit platform, if u want me to send u screenshot, send me ur email and I’ll send u screenshots

  • Have anyone withdraw his/her money from agrichainx to his bank account.
    If yes show proof

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