AI Tiger review – A recycled arbitrage SCAM [beware]

Review of AI Tiger

In this review we address the AI Tiger scam that is pretending to be earning money in cryptocurrency arbitrage.

What is AI Tiger

AI Tiger says on its official website that it is the largest and most reliable cryptocurrency quantitative arbitrage platform in the world.

In simple terms, it does arbitrage trading with cryptocurrencies. It means profiting of differences in prices between various exchanges. It means buying one cryptocurrency for a lower price on one exchange and selling it for a higher price on another exchange.

AI Tiger promises that it will fully automate this process for you and earn you a lot of money. Daily returns can allegedly go up 2.5% and the highest promised monthly return we’ve seen is 90% with Bitcoin.

It all depends on how long is your “timelock” period. For example, if you lock your Bitcoin deposit for 60 days, the return will be 270%, which means 135% per month. With Ethereum, Doge, Litecoin and USDT the rates are lower.

AI Tiger claims to be a legitimate company registered in Denver, Colorado, United States, with a license from the FinCEN.

But is AI Tiger legit, can you trust it with your money?

AI Tiger is a scam, here is why

We made a detailed research about AI Tiger and we’ve come to the conclusion that it is a scam. It is a fraudulent platform that is just pretending arbitrage trading while being the same Ponzi scheme as the recently collapsed COTPS and Swapnex scams.

In this review we give you all the details you need to know about this house of cards that is doomed to collapse.

Fake company

Let’s start with a background check of AI Tiger Digital Token Tech Limited. The registration of the company in Colorado is real. However, it might surprise you, but this registration has no value whatsoever in terms of legitimacy.

In fact, anybody can do an online registration of a company. AI Tiger hired an agent to do the registration and the real name behind the company is ISROILOV SHOMURODJON. An online research about this name shows only one mention in Uzbekistan. But we can’t know if it is the same person.

What is more important, is that the registered address (1312 17th Street, Denver) of the AI Tiger company is in fact a rented mailbox at PostNet, as you can see in our picture below.

To sum this part up, AI Tiger is an empty company with a rented mailbox and just an online registration. There are no real people that you could join in case you have a problem.

Fake address of the company

Fake stats

AI Tiger says on its official website that it was founded in 2014, which obviously is a lie. The company registration in Colorado is from March 2022.

The domain of its official website at is older, but as you can see in the Web Archive, the website was for sale in December 2021.
It’s only in 2022 that the current website with the arbitrage trading service was established on that domain.

So no, AI Tiger certainly has not been around for 8 years like it would like you to believe. In fact, it is only 3 months old.

Fake company stats

Meaningless FinCEN registration

Another official document that AI Tiger wants to impress you with, is the registration with the US FinCEN. It might surprise you, but it does not mean anything either.

Because a FinCEN registration works like this: As a company you fill in the FinCEN online form, submit it and they enter your information in their database. That’s it, nobody from the FinCEN verifies the veracity of the information you submitted, let alone the legitimacy of your business.

As you can see in our picture below, FinCEN confirmed this fact to us by e-mail.

In fact, the recently collapsed COTPS Ponzi had a FinCEN registration too, and it was an obvious scam from the beginning.

FinCEN reg doesn't mean anything

Worthless AIT token

AI Tiger’s official presentation explains that the system works with its own AI Tiger quantitative currency token (AIT). It is supposed to be used for governance purposes and for payments.

But they immediately admit that it is an ERC 20 token, which means a crypto token issued in the Ethereum blockchain. Although they promise AIT will have its own blockchain.

It won’t. It is not clear to what degree the AIT token is already being used, but if it is being pushed upon users, it is just another mean to steal their money.

AI Tiger’s token is not traded on any real exchange, so any price attributed to it is completely artificial and decided by the scammers who run this whole scheme. You should stay away from their token.

Failed and lying roadmap

AI Tiger’s roadmap says that the first phase of AIT products happened in 2019. Which is a funny lie for two reasons.

They claim that the company is around from 2014, which we know is a lie, but even if it wasn’t, it took them 5 years to start with their products?

But we know that the company started only in March 2022, so the roadmap is completely fake.

Also, the roadmap suggests that the AIT token was supposed to become a “mainstream currency” in 2021, which obviously did not happen. As we already said, the token is not traded anywhere. It has no exchanges, no partners.

Failed roadmap

Dangerous mobile apps

AI Trader wants you to download a mobile app to start earning with them. However, the Android and Apple apps are not available in their respective official stores. You have to download them separately and install in your mobile device (a profile for iOS).

Which is extremely dangerous. A financial app that has not been approved by Google nor Apple for their official app stores is already a huge red flag.

Since nobody checked what the app is really doing, it could be backdoor to your mobile phone to steal money from your bank account for example. It could read your passwords and do all sorts of nasty things.
The conclusion is simple, do not install the AI Tiger mobile app to your mobile device, it is potentially extremely dangerous!

Don't download the AI Tiger mobile app

Fancy terms nonsense

While reading the official materials of AI Tiger, we had a good laugh. It looks like somebody who doesn’t know much about cryptocurrencies and financial trading found different terms from both worlds on the internet, sticked them together and threw them on the website.

They use terms such as “High frequency quantitative trading”, “Quantitative hedge-arbitrage model” or “One-click risk-free arbitrage”.

Which, simple put, is a bunch of nonsense. As we have already explained, arbitrage trading consists of buying one asset for a lower price on one exchange and selling this same asset for a higher price on a different exchange. The difference in price is your profit.

For that you need differences in prices to happen on different exchanges. It is something out of your control, you are just waiting for them to happen. So talking about high frequency quantitative trading in this regard is a total nonsense, because it applies to a whole different type of trading.

And don’t get us started on risk free trading. Or do you know what, do!

Trading is never risk free

AI Tiger claims that their system will let you earn money with risk-free arbitrage trading. But no such thing exists.

It is true that in arbitrage trading you are not speculating about the price going up or down. You just take advantage of different prices of one asset on different exchanges.

However, even this type of trading carries certain risks. Mainly because you have to move money between exchanges, which is a process that can go wrong for many reasons.

The typical one is that withdrawals or deposits stop working on one of the exchanges, which prevents you from completing the arbitrage circle. Or before you manage to move your money to the second exchange, the price changes and you no longer can profit, you can even lose money.

Also, crypto exchanges are notorious for their reliability issues, so sometimes you just can’t complete a trade. They also get hacked, etc., so there still is a fare share of risks involved in arbitrage trading.

And AI Tiger’s claim about keeping cryptos in cold wallets is laughable, because in arbitrage trading you need to have your tokens on exchanges, so you can’t use cold wallets.

Impossible profits – the big one

And finally, let’s get to perhaps the biggest reason why AI Tiger is a total scam. It’s the profits they promise.

You might not like reading it, but 2.5% daily or 135% monthly that is advertised by AI Tiger is something impossible to achieve in real cryptocurrency trading.

Arbitrage opportunities are not consistent, they appear much more in fast moving markets, which is not all the time. Also, they are limited by liquidity, so they are not scalable.

In fact, it is physically impossible to offer an arbitrage program to people and promise the same returns to everybody. For example, when you see a lower price of let’s say Bitcoin on one exchange, the amount of Bitcoins available at that lower price will always be limited.

You will only be able to buy so much before you equalize the ask price to what is normal on other exchanges.

So the more people participate in arbitrage trading, the lower the profits per person. It is as simple as that.

That is why people who find arbitrage opportunities trade them for themselves to maximize their profits, they don’t share them for free with others.

And on a more general note, no legit business can generate you 2% daily or 100% monthly. It is impossible. Any offer of that kind is a scam. Period.

Impossible ROI

How AI Tiger really works

AI Tiger is a scam. It is obviously trying to mimic other already failed arbitrage scams that we mentioned in this review. It is running a classic Ponzi scheme that just takes deposits from new members and divide them among older members.

To be clear, AI Tiger is not doing any arbitrage trading, or any legit business activity for that matter. It is just running an illegal financial pyramid that is sure to collapse. It is only a matter of time.

AI Tiger review – Conclusion

AI Tiger is a fake company, an illegal financial scheme and a scam. It is not doing any arbitrage trading, it is just redistributing money collected on deposits, which is a recipe for disaster. It is going to collapse and all the money will disappear, so you have to stay away from it.

Recently, there has been a surge of fraudulent cryptocurrency arbitrage platforms and AI Tiger is just one of them. It is a recycled concept that has already been proven to be unsustainable.

Please share this review to help inform other people.

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  • Al tiger for now is paying, many have come and crashed like that in Nigeria recently, so I am not doubting your article , but I pray Altiger is genuine

  • I want to know a list of legit online businesses I can join.
    Because I am confused, there are a lot claiming to be legit.
    Please help me find a legit online platform.

  • AI Tiger official announcement:
    Recently, some individual users and private illegal websites have maliciously promoted information slandering AI Tiger, and used these illegal behaviors to ask the company for high information deletion fees. The information they advertised is not complete. AI Tiger has comprehensive legal information about the company. For inspection, you can obtain details from the customer service. For individuals or groups that discredit, spread rumors, slander, and extort, the company reserves the right to pursue their legal responsibilities. Thank you for your support, AI Tiger will always be with you

    • Yeah, that’s how scammers usually try to discredit reviews that expose them. Nothing new…
      I stand by my review and I have never contacted AI Tiger, if that’s what you are asking.
      Don’t ask AI Tiger if they are legit, ask authorities to see what they have to say about this pseudo company.

  • I believe in AI Tiger. I am happy and satisfied with my income on the Platform. So I would recommend the Platform to everyone who wants to have a sustainable income.

    • OK, so you use all these names to spam this discussion:

      Nur Zamira
      William Dion
      Dhia Lee
      Ben Jamin
      Sophia Chan

      Do you think that makes AI Tiger look legit?

  • Anda salah tentang tuduhan ini. Ini kelihatan sangat hodoh. adakah anda bekerja untuk platform dagangan yang berbeza mungkin? Saya berpuas hati, saya berpuas hati dengan AI TIGER?

  • with AI ITGER you can make your dream true and your income will be secure in AI TIGER, am so happy that I start with AI TIGER.

    • OK, so you use all these names to spam this discussion:

      Nur Zamira
      William Dion
      Dhia Lee
      Ben Jamin

      Do you think that makes AI Tiger look legit?

  • People were saying that about COTP too, until it collapsed. The same fate awaits AI Tiger.

  • I don’t know why you say this, I have been trading here for 5 months & I earn a handsome amount every month. I didn’t get any suspicious things on this Trading platform.

  • yes Ai tiger is legit Arbitrage trading platform
    And i aslo earn money okay
    System well

    • You are spamming this discussion under different names.

      • I don’t know why you call it a scam @ James pinion. For now I’ve made some money from it..

        Since I’ve benefited it’s not a scam.

        If they will shutdown like COTP we are waiting, but for now they are paying.
        And I pray they will continue to pay

        • I explain in the review why I call it a scam.
          AI Tiger will collapse and everybody should get out of it while they can.

  • Every day, I earn passive income using AI-Tiger and I am completely satisfied

  • I am totally Satisfied with AI-TIGER and earn passive income daily.

  • Ai Tiger Trading has made it easy for everyone, please don’t let anyone ruin it. All other trading platforms have a lot of risks which is not at all in this Ai Tiger platform. And even if this Ai Tiger license says genuine, then there is no more talk. Thank Ai Tiger for taking us all forward.

  • Saudara Ben Jamin, anda betul, Ai Tiger Trading telah memudahkan semua orang, tolong jangan biarkan sesiapa merosakkannya. Semua platform dagangan lain mempunyai banyak risiko yang tidak terdapat sama sekali dalam platform Ai Tiger ini. Dan walaupun lesen Ai Tiger ini mengatakan tulen, maka tidak ada lagi cakap-cakap. Terima kasih Ai Tiger kerana membawa kami semua ke hadapan.

  • This investment site is very helpful for me, This is not scam

  • Aren’t you talking fiction? Or do you have an app that you can’t market well for this Tiger’s system? Name your app. Or name any good site you know where our money will be safe. Otherwise, please do not try to destroy “AI Tiger” where we can get safe.

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