Algopound scam review

In this article you will find out why you should not use the Forex trading system Algopound.

What Algopound is about

Algopound reviewAlgopound is an expert advisor for Metatrader, in other words a robot that can trad Forex markets for you.

The webpage of this trading systems says that it can make 75 % on your investment in just three months. It allegedly is all verified and proven.

You can even get the robot to trade your account for free, so do you have anything to lose? Yes!

Algopound is a scam

We investigated the claims made Algopound and we found out that they are false.

Faked results

Algopound testimonialThe Algopound’s video show back test results that are not reliable, you cannot count on some simulations to be sure that a trading system is profitable.

The website also shows some screenshots from MyFXbook that are supposed to prove the live performance of this EA. But they are fake.

MyFXbook can track the performance of trading systems, but when you make a search about Algopound on its website, no systems are found.

This means that MyFXbook is not tracking any system called Algopound and the screenshots they show us are fake.

All in all, there are no proofs about its real performance and since the screenshots with results are fake, we must assume that it is losing money.

How it works

Multibank FXSo, why are they offering a losing robot for free? Because they will make money if you use it, even if it loses your money.

As you can see on our picture, they will push you to an unregulated broker called Multibank FX, you will have to open a live account with it and deposit, otherwise you won’t be allowed to use the robot.

And people behind Algopound are getting paid for every new trader that will deposits money, this is how this scam works.


Algopound is a scam, the profitable results they show you are fake, stay away from it, don’t let them trade with your money!

If you want make money in trading, you have to learn trading by yourself, build a solid strategy. Start on a free demo and don’t invest real money until you are ready and understand all the risks.

Forget about free robots, they all are crap.








  • Transparent


  • Scam
  • Fake results
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  • Everyone this company is a seriously huge scam. They approached me via Instagram and they approached me in an option of 2000 us dollars. They ask for you trading account no and your passwords. Do not give uit, their so called magical robot lost by money in one night. Be careful of this firm. It is definitely a scam. No one to contact, they say they will send you a technical consultant and it is all lies. P
    Be careful of this company. They do things in a very unethical way. I never even asked them to trade and waited for mam agreement and they never came back to me. Very bad company .

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