ANKR crypto arbitrage review – 18% scam

ANKR arbitrage review

This review is a warning against the ANKR arbitrage trading opportunity with an 18%+ profit that is promoted on social media.

What is ANKR crypto arbitrage trading

Different accounts on YouTube and Telegram promote an arbitrage trading opportunity that allegedly can make you a return on your investment of 18% per round turn.

The whole process is very easy, you are supposed to buy the ANKR token for a lower price on the official Ankr website and then sell it for a higher price on Binance or any other cryptocurrency exchange.

This is supposed to increase your money by around 18% every time you do it. And it seems that you can repeat it indefinitely. So what’s not to like?

Is ANKR arbitrage trading legit and can you really make 18% that easy?

ANKR crypto arbitrage scam

Unfortunately, the ANKR arbitrage trading that we described above is a total scam that can only lose you money. It is the same fraud as the ATA arbitrage scam the we reviewed recently.

But it is not easy to see through. Because if you follow the ANKR arbitrage guides, you will land on a website that seemingly is selling the ANKR token for a lower price than the one that is usual on open markets.

And it is often even lower than the promoted 18%, we’ve seen it 23% lower. So it seems very easy, you just have to use Trustwallet to pay for the discounted ANKR token, then you send it to your trading account on Binance, sell it for USDT for example, and repeat everything again.

This way you would be able to get a 20%+ return on your capital multiple times per day. Which would make you very rich in just a few weeks.

But the critical problem is that it does not work. You can’t buy the ANKR token on the official website for a discounted price. All the websites selling the token for a lower than market price are scams.

How the scam works

The only official website of Ankr is And that official website is not selling the ANKR token nor any other cryptocurrency.

All the ANKR arbitrage guides that are promoted on YouTube, Telegram and other social media, are scams. In fact, they are not selling any tokens either.

They just pretend to be selling ANKR at a discounted price. They will ask you to pay in advance with your Trustwallet, they will ask you to pay the price in USDT, BUSD, USDC, BTC or ETH.

So you will have to send them your cryptocurrency and hope that they will send you back ANKR. But they won’t. They will just take your payment and keep it, that’s all.

This is really a very simple scam, everything is set up just to make you send money to fraudsters. And since you will be paying them with a cryptocurrency transaction, it will be impossible to reverse it and to get your money back.

Ankr arbitrage scam

Why it can’t work

The problem is that arbitrage trading is a real thing and the internet is full of stories about how much money people made in it. So for scammers it is pretty easy to create fake arbitrage opportunities and convince people they are real.

But if you think about the ANKR arbitrage opportunity, it can’t be real. Because if it was, it would disappear in no time as people would buy on the official website and sell on exchanges, which would equalize the prices pretty quickly.

Or, if for some reason the Ankr blockchain project would keep the price all the time below markets, people would keep buying it from them and selling on exchanges until they would drive its price to zero.

And that’s how arbitrage trading works. Yes, opportunities arise, but they disappear pretty rapidly and most of the time are fairly small. There is a lot of people with a lot of robots that are waiting for any profitable arbitrage windows to immediately trade them until they disappear.

So it is possible to make money in arbitrage trading, but you have to be good at it. And you can forget about endless 18%+ windows that you could trade for days, weeks or even longer.

ANKR arbitrage review – Conclusion

The ANKR arbitrage opportunity with 18%+ returns that is being advertised on YouTube, Telegram and other platforms, is a total scam. It will make you send money to scammers and you won’t get anything back. Stay away from it!

It is pretty hard to find and profitably trade arbitrage opportunities. There are special tools like KoinKnight that monitor these opportunities across exchanges, you can try it for free to see what the real thing looks like.

However, arbitrage trading is not easy, there are many obstacles and things you have to understand before you start doing it with real money. Please be careful.

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