Anonsys review – a DISGUSTING scam (warning!)

Anonsys review

In this review of the Anonsystem we reveal that it is a horrible scam that has nothing to do with the Anonymous group.

During our test of Anonsys we discovered what this system really is about and that it can’t make you any money because it is a scam.

What is Anonsys

Anonsys or Anonsystem is presented as a trading system that was made for cryptocurrencies. It allegedly was created by Anonymous and can connect to price servers to discover what the price will be in the immediate future.

This is what it is supposed to base its trading signals on. So it allegedly knows what will really happen and it will generate profits risk free. It will trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, XRP and litecoin, while earning you 1000 USD in daily profits.

Anonsys is free, however according to its official website there is only a limited amount of free spots available.

Now, will you believe that a system that can earn you $30,000 per month is free?

Anonsys scam

You should of course not believe that an anonymous system will make you money for free on financial markets. Anonsys is a scam and in this review, we are going to explain exactly how it works.

Not Anonymous

You might remember that few years ago the Anonymous group was pretty popular, because it is a group of hackers that uses its knowledge of computer technology to attack some governments, agencies and corporation.

The important thing is that Anonsys has nothing to do with Anonymous. It was not created by this group and it is not recommended by this group. Anonsystem was release by scammers who just abuse the Anonymous name, that’s all.


Impossible earnings

We have already touched this subject and the truth is that no free or cheap trading system will make you money in financial trading. One of the reasons is that it would equal to free money, which is an impossible thing in the real-world economy.

One fact that that every real trader will confirm is that it is impossible to have steady earnings every day in financial trading. Anonsys promises $1000 daily, which is impossible to fulfill. Trading results vary from day to day and never are the same, that’s because of the nature of financial markets.

And it certainly is not possible to start with a $250 deposit and immediately have $1000 daily earnings.

Another thing that is impossible is to trade financial markets risk-free, as promised by Anonsystem. Trading is always risky, because there are certain factors that cannot be predicted. More so with cryptocurrencies that are very volatile.

How Anonsys works – the reality

The truth is that Anonsys was designed to make money, but to scammers, not to you. This is how they will try to do it.

First you will have to register for Anonsys by providing your name, e-mail address and phone number. Then you will get access to the trading platform.

Anonsys offers a demo mode which is the catch. Scammers who run these systems have fake demo modes in their software. It will use fake prices, and so demo trading results will be glorious. But also fake and impossible to replicate in real trading.

The Anonsys demo with its fake profits is designed to make you believe that the system is really profitable. But it is not. If you fall into this trap, you will probably want to start trading with real money for real profits.

At that moment they will tell you that you have to deposit at least 250 USD with a broker they have chosen for you. You won’t be allowed to choose your own broker, you will have to go with their company.

Fraudsters who created Anonsys cooperate with unregulated and shady brokers. They are paid for sending new depositing clients to these brokers. This is how this scam works, it is pretty simple.

In order to earn money, Anonsys scammers need you to send money to one of their dirty partners. If you send your money, they will keep it and share it, you will never get anything back.

In their video they say the cooperate with regulated brokers, but it is not true. They sometimes try to, but they are immediately rejected because they are scammers. Therefore, they concentrate on dirty and unregulated brokers to get money from ordinary people.

The funny thing is that you will find the confirmation about how Anonsys works on its official website. Check our picture, their site literally says that Anonsystem is just a marketing tool to attract customers to brokers.

Anonsystem scam

Got scammed by Anonsys? Try to get your money back

If you found our Anonsys review too late and your money already is with a broker, try to get it back.

First log into you trading account and try to submit a withdrawal request. If money has already disappeared, contact the broker and ask for a refund.

If you don’t manage to persuade the broker to give you your money back, even when explaining that you got scammed by Anonsys, try to reverse the deposit transaction with your bank.

If you made your deposit with a credit or debit card, a chargeback is something pretty easy to do. It is way more difficult with wire transfers, ask your bank for advice and help.

You can always contact the financial regulator in your country for more advice. Don’t be afraid to report the Anonsys scam to authorities.

Anonsys review conclusion

Anonsys is a scam that has nothing to do with Anonymous. It was designed to make you transfer money to a shady company and lose it. Stay away from it!

If you want to try legit cryptocurrency trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker. See with virtual money what your results can be.

If you ever decide to trade with real money, be sure to be ready, to have a solid and verified strategy and to understand the risks involved in real investing.

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250 USD





Real results



  • Admitted scam


  • Marketing scam
  • Not Anonymous
  • Designed to lose money
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