Atradez review – a fraudulent platform with a lot of clones

Atradez review

See in our review of Atradez why this a scam that you and your money should stay away from.

What is Atradez

Atradez is an investment platform that offers Forex, binary options and cryptocurrency trading.

The platform has also some weird investment plans with a minimum deposit starting at 1000 USD for the Starter plan. Returns on investment vary between 30 and 70%, but the time period is not specified.

The platform is run by a company called Atradez Ltd. that supposedly is registered in the United Kingdom and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

But is Atradez really legit, can you trust it with your money?

Atradez and its clones are a scam

Let’s cut to the chase, Atradez is a fraudulent financial platform that is very dangerous for your money. You have to avoid it.

Here are the proofs we found during our investigation.

Cloned scam

While researching Atradez, we found several other websites that look exactly the same, have the same offer, the same texts and everything. A bunch of clones, to put it short.

In our picture below you can see that all these websites are the same:

  • BitTrade MX
  • WilbexTrade
  • AchieversChainFX
  • AutoFXProfit
  • AtlanticFxBase
  • MultiWealthTrade
  • NovaOptionTrade
  • Smart Hodoption
  • Master Trade Investment Company
  • CryptoOlympTrade
  • GlobalForexPro
  • BOptionsTrading
  • SwissWealth Investment Company
  • GccicFxTrading

And that is a red flag. Because they all are supposed to be independent, run by different companies with different addresses.

Comparison of scams

Lies about regulation

This thing alone makes Atradez a total scam: the company states on its website that it is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom. Because it is not true.

First of all, Atradez Ltd. claims to be based in Huston, Texas, United States. But also that it is regulated in the United Kingdom, which does not make sense, does it?

Most importantly, when you do a search on the Financial Conduct Authority’s website, you will see that Atradez is not registered nor regulated.

The company is lying on its website, therefore it is a scam. There is no way around it.

And most of its clone state the same lies on their websites.

Not regulated

Fake testimonials

Because all the websites mentioned in this review are clones of each other, it is very easy to prove that users testimonials they show are completely fake.

In our picture below you will see that all these platform have exactly the same testimonials from the same people, despite supposedly being completely different and run by different companies.

As you can see, they only changed the name of the investment platform, everything else remained the same in the testimonials, including the alleged user experience.

This is another proof that Atradez and all its clones are a scam.

Forged testimonials

Weird investment plans

Another common thing for the fraudulent platform we mention in this article is the strange investment plans. Because they fail to mention how long it will take to get your returns.

They all have a pretty high ROI starting at 30%, but they don’t specify whether it is per day, week, month or year.

Scam platforms of this kind often promise such returns weekly or monthly, but even if it was yearly, it would be pretty high. Especially when it is the starting point and you could allegedly get as much as 80%.

Another thing worth pointing out is the fake money back guarantee. There are no guarantees whatsoever with those scams. In fact, not only you you won’t get any profits, you won’t get even your initial deposit back.

Investment plans don't make sense

How this all works

Atradez and its clones are scams. Now, it is possible that some of them are trying to run as Ponzi schemes that will be paying users in their early stages. Just to attract more users and grow the pool of money.

But because they are not doing any real trading, investing or any other legit activity, they will always end up in a collapse. Money will stop flowing in and they will be forced to close the doors.

At that moment investors will realize that it was a house of cards from the beginning, but it will be too late.


Atradez, BitTrade MX, WilbexTrade, AchieversChainFX, AutoFXProfit, AtlanticFxBase, MultiWealthTrade, NovaOptionTrade, Smart Hodoption, Master Trade Investment Company, CryptoOlympTrade, GlobalForexPro, BOptionsTrading, SwissWealth Investment Company and GccicFxTrading are the same scam. You have to stay away from them.

If you are interested in financial trading, we recommend you stay with regulated companies. You can try everything on a free demo account with virtual money.

If you are thinking about investing real money, please be sure to understand the risks before you start.

If you want to support our work against scams, please consider getting a Detective Tiger TBBOB NFT.

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