Attiora review – What a SCAM! [Stay away]

Attiora review

In this review we show that the Attiora scam is something you should stay miles away from because it is very dangerous.

What is Attiora

Attiora is presented as an Australian trading company that is investing money and trading on financial markets.

The company offers several investment plans with investments in altcoins, major cryptocurrencies, initial coin offerings, Forex, stocks and Bitcoin.

The daily interest rates/returns on investment start at 1% and go up to 8% with the Bitcoin Rise plan that has a duration of 7 days.

Attiora is registered in Australia and its CEO is Josef Moravec.

But is Attiora legit, can you really earn money thanks to its programs as advertised the easy way?

Attiora scam

The sad truth is that Attiora is a scam. The company is not doing any real profitable investing or trading on financial markets. It is running an illegal financial scheme and it has already been blacklisted by at least one financial regulator.

Blacklisted by the CNMV

The first important piece of information you have to know is that Attiora is on the warning list of the Spanish national financial regulator CNMV.

The CNMV warned the public that Attiora is not authorised to provide investment services in Spain.

What does it mean? It means that Attiora is offering its services in Spain but it has no license to do that. It is breaking Spanish laws, and that is why it was blacklisted by the Spanish financial regulator.

And this is the first big red flag, because the company is offering its services illegally in at least one country.

What about the ASIC registration?

It is true that Attiora is registered as a company in Australia under the regulator ASIC. The problem is that it does not mean anything.

With all due respect, Australian authorities are slow in uncovering scams, it is easy to register a shady company there, we’ve witnessed it on several occasions.

One example is Metafi Yielders, which is a scam that has already collapsed, it also was registered with the ASIC.

Fake partners

On its official website, Attiora has “Our Partners” section where you can see not only big names from the cryptocurrency world, but also from the traditional financial world, like Nasdaq, Euronext or NYSE.

The problem is that these companies are not partners of Attiora, they have nothing to do with it.

In other words, Attiora Group is lying about being connected to Binance, Nasdaq, Bitfinex, NYSE and all the other exchanges. Which makes it a scam.

Fake partners

Outrageous returns

Quite frankly, the only thing you really need to look at to understand that Attiora is a scam, is its investment plans.

Because 1 to 8% daily interest rates are screaming scam! No legitimate company can generate such returns, period.

Imagine it was really possible to make 8% daily. The duration of the plan is 7 days, which means 56% returns per week.

It also means that you could compound your interests weekly. So if you start with just 100 USD, in only 21 weeks you would become a millionaire, in just five months!

If it was possible to become a millionaire with 100 USD in five months thanks to passive investing, do you thing anybody would be working?

Of course not, nobody would be working, everybody would be a millionaire, and the world would collapse.

This goes to show how absurd Attiora’s investment plans are.

As a matter of fact, any investment program with 1%+ daily returns is a scam. It really is that easy to spot investment scams, most of them offer ridiculous returns that are absolutely impossible in the real world.

Investment plans

How Attiora works

If Attiora is paying its users, it means that it is still running as a Ponzi scheme that is going to collapse. If it has already stopped paying, it means that the Ponzi has already collapsed.

Ponzi schemes tell all sorts of stories about how they generate profits in investing or other legit activity. While in reality they just redistribute money among their users.

In other words, when you deposit in a Ponzi program, your money is divided among older members. That’s all, nothing else is done with it, no investing, no trading, nothing.

This is why these fraudulent platforms always crash in the end, it is a question of when, not if.

If anybody manages to get profits from frauds like Attiora, the money won’t be legit because it will company from somebody who got scammed. That is why you have to stay away from it, nothing good can come from it.

Also, you should know that schemes like this one have rewarding referral structures that incentivize members to introduce new people to the program. A lot of people do it and promote the schemes because it increases their temporary revenue.

However, promoting Ponzi schemes is punishable by law, which is an aspect that most of the users of these platform do not realize.

How it works

Attiora review – Conclusion

Attiora is a Ponzi scam that has been blacklisted by at least one financial regulator. It is destined to collapse, so you have to stay from it if you don’t want to lose money.

If you are interested in legit investing, you can try a free demo on a regulated platform. Use virtual money to learn and understand how everything works.

Before investing real money you have to be sure that you understand the risks, that you have a solid plan and money that you can afford to lose.


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