Aurora AI Quantitative Trading review – Another BRUTAL scam

Aurora Capital AI Intelligent Quantitative Investment Platform

In this review we warn against the Aurora AI trading platform that is supposed to generate a passive income thanks to USDT pledging.

What is Aurora AI Quantitative Trading platform

Its presentation says that Aurora Capital built together with Coinbase and other crypto companies a trading platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and quant methods.

This AI Quantitative Trading platform supposedly will trade cryptocurrency markets and generate 0.2 to 1.4% daily returns on investment.

To achieve these results, you have to buy and “pledge” the cryptocurrency USDT (US Tether). The minimum investment amount is 100 USDT, which is equal to 100 USD.

Since the platform allegedly was built by Aurora Capital, it is legit. But is it really? Let’s find out in this review.

Aurora AI Quantitative Trading scam

The truth is that Aurora Capital AI Intelligent Quantitative Investment Platform is a brutal scam that has stolen a lot of money from a lot people. It is an infamous fraudulent platform that just keeps getting copied. Here are all the details you need to know about it.

Copied scam

The fancy term AI Quantitative Trading has lately been used by several scams that pretend to be connected to establish companies in the crypto space.

For example Galaxy Digital AI Quantitative Trading and Coinhub AI Quantitative Trading. Both are fraudulent platforms that have nothing to do with Galaxy, Coinhub or Coinbase. They just scammed people out of their money.

Their websites and offers are very similar, it all revolves around the so called USDT pledging, like with Aurora AI Quantitative Trading. They all are in fact the same scam built on the same principles.

No connection to Aurora Capital

As we have mentioned earlier, these quant trading scams always abuse famous names in the industry.

To be clear, Aurora AI Quantitative Trading has nothing in common with Aurora Capital, it has no right whatsoever to use the name Aurora.

No legitimate company is connected to this trading platform. You can contact Aurora Capital and see for yourself.

Dirty pledging plans

The whole Aurora Quantitative scam is built on the concept of pledging that is mimicking cryptocurrency staking.

You have to buy the USDT token and send it to an address that belongs to the fraudsters who run the program. The you will receive your interest that is impossibly high.

Because there is no legit way in the world to generate 1% daily with cryptocurrencies. And it does not matter whether we are talking staking, pledging, trading, liquidity providing or anything else. It just is impossible.

In fact, you can be absolutely sure that any program offering 1% daily returns on investment is a scam, no matter the industry.

Accept this fact and it will help you avoid many scams in the future.

Pledging plans scam

How Aurora AI Quantitative Trading works

The Aurora Capital AI Intelligent Quantitative Investment Platform scam works as a Ponzi scheme, we have seen that with the previous iterations of this concept.

It means that at the beginning they will pay out profits to keep people happy and to attract new investors.

But behind the scenes they don’t generate any real profits, they don’t trade or stake cryptocurrencies. No, they just recirculate money that gets into the system thanks to members’ deposits.

So when a new member joins, they take the deposit and divide it among older members on payouts. That is how typical Ponzi schemes work. And they always work for so long, as you can probably guess.

So it is inevitable that the Aurora AI Quantitative Trading scheme is going to collapse, it is only a matter of time.

Then everybody is going to realize that there is no money left in the system, that it was a scam since the beginning.

And because transactions are made in cryptocurrencies, nobody will be able to get their money back. Nobody can reverse crypto transactions, that is the reason, they always are final.

So don’t trust people promoting Aurora AI Quantitative trading, they are getting paid for doing that. And now you now that the program is going to collapse because it is a Ponzi scheme.

Aurora AI Quantitative Trading review – Conclusion

Aurora AI Quantitative Trading is a scam that has nothing to do with Aurora Capital. It is a Ponzi scheme that is sure to collapse and lose money to people. That is why you have to stay away.

If you want to try legit crypto investing, you can do it on a free demo account on a regulated platform.

Before investing real money you have to make sure that you understand the risks.


BrokerRegulatedFree demoLink

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  • This scam is exactly the same as the Vickers AI Quantitative Trading Platform. So which scam came first. The one I got burnt by involved someone posing as the niece of Finian Tan. It is another system linked with Coinbase. I have not tried to withdraw any funds but I have a feeling it will be fruitless! Is there any recourse at all?

  • Hello, Dear Administrator, I am the director of AI Quantitative Trading platform and I am glad that you are viewing my message.
    Thank you for your contribution to the crypto industry as a whole and for helping the average crypto enthusiast, our AI Quantitative Trading platform is a very secure trading platform and we are currently actively seeking support from legal offices in different countries and regions, unfortunately we see that we are listed on your website, so in order to clarify this information for you In order to clarify this information, we are sending you this email asking you to carefully review our project (we may have suffered from some malicious competition and false reports from our peers) which led us to be listed on your website.
    We love the crypto industry as a whole and would like to work with you to help more crypto practitioners, and would like to negotiate with you about the article about AI Quantitative Trading platform on your website, and if possible we would like to help us remove the article after reviewing it again, thank you!
    For any information about the AI Quantitative Trading platform you can contact me directly at my email and we can continue to communicate and discuss about this matter in depth

    • Sorry, I’m not negotiating anything with scammers.

    • Dear Mr. Smith,

      How do we get involved with this innovative investment program? We have over 2,300 members in our group looking for the next income making opportunities. You can give me a reply on how to move forward it will be greatly appreciated.

      Pastor Jones

  • This is the same platform as Coinhub and Coinhub is the same platform as Bitsbear.
    They are all scammers. Avoid it like Monkeypox!! PS Aurora say hello to Nora, Romilda, Mika and Coinhub Andy for me. the names of their leaders.

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