Ax Trader is a scam – that’s the title of the review

Ax Trader review

Read our review to understand that the investment program Ax Trader is a deep scam that just wants to steal your money.

What is Ax Trader

Ax Trader is an investment company that does not say how and where it is investing money. But it still offers three investment plans to the public.

The basic plan has a minimum $10 deposit and supposedly will make you 3% daily for 30 days. The higher Premium and Supreme plans have 4% and 5% daily returns respectively.

This means that you allegedly can make up to 150% returns on your investment in one month with Ax Trader.

The company says that it is based in London, fully registered in the UK and that your profits are guaranteed. But are they?

Ax Trader is a scam

No, there are no guarantees of profit whatsoever with Ax Trader because it is a scam. In fact, you can be pretty sure that you will lose all the money that you invest with this program.

Illegal service

Getting a tax registration in the UK is pretty easy and a lot of fraudsters take advantage of it. We have seen dozens, if not hundreds of investment scams that get a registration with the Companies House in the UK, show it to their victims to gain credibility, scam them and then disappear in the wild.

And this is precisely what is Ax Trader doing. The tax registration does not mean anything, it does not prove anything else than just some basic paperwork took place.

Every investment firm in the UK is required by the law to get an authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority. But Ax Trader does not have this authorization.

The conclusion is simple, Ax Trader is an illegal investment service that is not authorized by UK authorities. In fact, it is illegal everywhere in the world, because it has no license whatsoever in any country.


The plans say it all

Often the quickest way to see if an investment program is a scam is to look at the investment plans. Because most of the time scams offer absolutely unrealistic numbers. And Ax Trader is no different.

Because 90% to 150% monthly returns is something that no legit company can achieve in real markets.

So you really know that when you see such an offer, you are facing a scam. That’s just how it is. This basic knowledge can save you a lot of trouble. When you see 1% or more daily returns, you can be pretty sure that such an offer is a scam.

It really is that simple, Ax Trader is offering impossible returns, therefore it is a scam.

Ax Trader scam

How Ax Trader really works

Ax Trader started as a Ponzi scheme, which is an illegal financial structure. It uses money from newer deposits for payouts. It is a scheme that just redistributes money that got into the system on deposits. It takes money from newer members and gives it to older members.

For obvious reasons such schemes always have a very limited life, because they are unsustainable, they need more and more money coming in, basically a never-ending exponential growth. But such a thing is impossible.

Therefore Ponzi schemes always end up by collapsing. And Ax Trader is no different. From what we gather, it already started collapsing and is no longer paying its members. Which means that now it is just a black hole where every deposit disappears.

The trouble is that Ax Trader is using cryptocurrencies for transacting. It means that it is impossible to get your money back, nobody in the world can reverse a cryptocurrency transaction. Only authorities can try to seize the accounts of scammers and get money back to victims.

So, if you lost money to Ax Trader, your only option is to complain to authorities.

Ax Trader review – Conclusion

Ax Trader is a scam, a failing Ponzi scheme that is no longer paying. Everything is lost with this fraud, stay away from it!

If you want to try legit investing, do it with regulated brokers. Start on a free demo and use virtual money to learn how everything works.

Only when you have a good strategy and when you understand the risks, you can think about investing real money.

Ax Trader

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