Pure SCAM: Balisto Heritage review

Balisto Heritage review

After reading this review you will understand that Balisto Heritage is an investment scam that you should avoid with your money.

What is Balisto Heritage

Its official website says that Balisto Heritage Limited is a registered legal international investment company. The company allegedly invests in stocks, bond, futures, currencies and commodities.

Balisto currently has five investment plans on offer: Starter Pack, Silver Package, Gold Package, Family Plan and Mega.

Returns on investment vary between 20 and 30% weekly. Which is pretty big. The minimum investment amount is 300 USD.

The company says it is registered in the United Kingdom. But is it really? Is Balisto Heritage a legit investment opportunity that you can trust?

Balisto Heritage scam

Balisto Heritage scam

Our investigation clearly showed that Balisto Heritage is a fraudulent investment platform that is misleading investors with lies. It certainly will stop paying its users, if it hasn’t already happened.

Fake certificate

The thing that clearly indicates that Balisto Heritage is a scam, is the certificate of incorporation of a company in the United Kingdom that it is displaying on its official website.

It is supposed to prove that Balisto is registered in the UK as a legal company. But in reality, it is not. The company forged the certificate, which is a crime in itself.

You can check with the Companies House and see that there is no Balisto Heritage company registered in the UK.

So the company is clearly lying, not only it is not registered as a legal company as it says on its website, but it is also showing you a forged official document – the certificate of incorporation.

This means that Balisto Heritage is a scam.

Fake Balisto company

Illegal investment service

Going down the path of registrations and authorizations, we also found out that Balisto is not authorized to provide the services it provides. Which is not a surprise, given the fact that the company is not registered at all.

Since the company is literally offering you investment plans, it clearly is providing investment services. Because it claims to be located in the UK, it needs an authorization from the Financial Conduct Authority, that is the law.

But Balisto Heritage has no authorization to provide investment services from the FCA, which makes it an illegal investment service.

It also means that investment with the company are not protected in any way, users won’t be compensated in any way when it goes down. And it is sure to go down, which we’ll explain later in this review.

Unreal investment plans

Studying Balisto’s investment plans is an interesting exercise. A lot of people don’t like, but often you actually can spot a scam just by looking at the numbers they offer.

And this case is no different. Balisto starts at 20% weekly and goes all the way up to 30% weekly, which means more than 120% per month. And these are numbers that only scams can offer.

There is no way for a legitimate investment company to generate tens of percent weekly returns for its clients. It is just impossible, nobody can do that.

So yes, the unreal investment plans of Balisto are another proof that it is a scam.

These plans screams fraud

How Balisto Heritage really works

One of our readers told us that he is getting paid by Balisto, which signals that it is a Ponzi scheme that is still running.

It also means that it is using new deposits to pay profits of older members. Which, as you can imagine, can go only for so long. Ponzi schemes always end up by collapsing because there is no other possibility.

Ponzi scams can last anywhere between a few hours to years, but they are certain to collapse one day. Which is what is going to happen to Balisto Heritage too.

So if you have your money in Balisto, just withdraw everything while/if you still can. That thing is going down and you don’t want to be involved in it when it happens.

Truth be told, you should never want to be involved in a Ponzi scheme, even when it is paying. Because such a scheme is a scam by nature, which means that any profits are made of losses of people that got scammed just because they entered the system after you.

Balisto Heritage review – Conclusion

Balisto Heritage is a scam because it forged its certificate of incorporation and because it is a Ponzi scheme with investment plans that will make it collapse. It is an illegal investment scheme that you have to avoid.

If you are interested in legit investing, you can try it on a free demo with a regulated platform.

Bear in mind that investing is risky, so if you decide to switch to trading with real money, you have to understand all the risks.

Balisto Heritage

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  • Scam
  • Forged certificate
  • Ponzi going to collapse
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