BannerBanc review – a dirty SCAM copy

In this Bannerc Banc review you will find proofs that this ad program is a total scam that you should avoid.

What Banner Banc is about

Banner Banc reviewBanner Banc is an online program that promises to make you money thanks to online banners. You are supposed to invest into advertising campaigns of big companies and get your share of profits.

They say they can make you tens of thousands of dollars per month, while the platform is free to use. Does it sound real?

BannerBanc scam

BannerBanc scamIf you think you can make tens of thousands of dollars per month thanks to a few hundreds of dollars of initial investment, you are wrong. Should this be possible, nobody would be working, and the world would collapse, just think about it.

The reality is that Banner Banc is a scam. A cloned one, we have seen many fraudulent programs of this kind. Just take a look at our picture and you will see that for example Digital Revolution, Crypto Comeback Pro or Libra Profit System are the same.

All these are scams that are stealing money from people on a daily basis.

Banner Banc testimonials

BannerBanc tesimonialsAnother proof that BannerBanc is a scam is in the testimonials you can find on the website of this program. They are absolutely fake, scammers used stock photos paired with some random names and numbers.

On our picture you will find a proof. This same batch of testimonials is used by many scams programs.

How it works

Adsbanc reviewThe whole story about anybody being able to invest into ad campaigns of big companies is a huge nonsense. You don’t need to be an expert to know that that’s not how it works. If a company wants to run an ad campaign to promote a product or a service, it buys space on other websites and place the ads there. That’s it, there is no way for you to enter this process and make money in it, unless you are an owner of a website where companies want to advertise.

BannerBanc is just a scam that will send you to another scam called Adsbanc. Which is a platform that runs fictitious ad campaigns and wants you to deposit money in the system. Once you deposit, you might see some profit in the platform, but these will be artificial numbers, you will never be able to withdraw any money. That’s how people lose in this.

BannerBanc review conclusion

BannerBanc is just a new scam sending victims to an old scam called Adsbanc, stay away from it!

You cannot invest in online advertising, you can invest in assets like stocks, commodities or currrencies, see on a free demo how it works.

Forget about programs that promise huge profits within no time, they all are scams.

Banner Banc

100 USD








  • Copy


  • Scam
  • Sure loss
  • Fraud
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