BEWARE, Graham Le Roux and his Ripple package is a scam – review

In this review we prove that the Professor Graham Le Roux doesn’t exist and that his Ripple investment is a scam.

About Graham Le Roux

Professor Graham Le Roux and Ripple reviewGraham Le Roux claims to be a Professor from Harvard who discovered a method to make big money with cryptocurrencies.

He says that thanks to his method you can earn 4000 pounds per week and that hundreds of people are already doing it. His method involves the cryptocurrency Ripple.

In order to start earning money with his method, you have to buy his Ripple Starter Package for 67 pounds. But don’t do it.

Graham Le Roux is a scammer

Review spoiler alert, the whole story about Graham Le Roux and his Ripple method is a total scam. Now let’s get into details.

Le Roux does not exist

Graham Le Roux is a scammerProfessor Graham Le Roux is not a real Harvard Professor, in fact, he does not even exist. He is a fictitious character created by scammers who needed a story line to get your money.

This scam has many mutations, in the past it was for example Adam Peterson selling his TRON packages. He was telling the exact same story, look at our picture to see a proof.

Graham Le Roux testimonials

Le Roux testimonials are fakeOur fake professor is proudly showing testimonials and reviews of his Ripple package. But they all are fake, and it is easy to prove.

Because this scam is international, it exists in many different languages. We have compared the English, German and French versions, and as you can see on our picture, the testimonials always tell the same story, they show the same people, but with different names.

This is a proof that all the reviews are in fact absolutely fake.

How it works, how to defend yourself

Because this Le Roux Ripple scam is old and infamous, thanks to real feedback from people we know how it works. It is an old-school scam, meaning that they want you to buy a package that will be delivered to you physically.

If you order the Ripple package, you will receive some worthless papers, there will be no real cryptocurrency (private key to a wallet) in it. There certainly won’t be anything that could help you make money with cryptocurrencies.

So, don’t order the package! If you have already ordered it, but still not received it, just refuse it when it arrives, don’t pay anything and let it return to the sender. This is how you can avoid being scammed by Le Roux.

Now, don’t get us wrong, Ripple, or more correctly XRP, is a real cryptocurrency with real value. But what Le Roux is selling has nothing to do with the real cryptocurrency, it is just a scam.

Graham Le Roux review conclusion

Graham Le Roux is a scammer who wants to sell you some worthless crap, he won’t send you the real Ripple (XRP) cryptocurrency. Stay away from him!

If you want to trade real cryptocurrencies, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker and see how it works.

You have to prepare a strategy on the demo and understand the risks before investing real money.

Ripple Starter Package by Graham Le Roux

67 GBP








  • Trackable


  • Worthless papers
  • No real cryptocurrency
  • Scam
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