BEWARE of Infinity Trader, it is not what you think!

Infinity Trader review

In this review we go through the details of Infinity Trader, which is a trading system seemingly offered by Don Kaufman.

What is Infinity Trader

Infinity Trader is the name of a training program that is supposed to teach you how to trade financial markets.

The official Infinity’s Trader website features a video with Don Kaufman who explains that he will teach you how to make profits no matter if the markets are going up or down. Infinity Trader is free, you just have to sign up by filling your contact details in the form on the official webpage.

Infinity Trader scam

Beware of Infinity Trader

When we watched the Infinity Trader video, one small detail raised our suspicion. It is the fact that Kaufman never speaks about Infinity Trader, he just speaks about how he will teach you how to trade.

When you research Don Kaufman, you will see that he is a guy who has been trading financial markets for years, he has given many interviews, he has his own education program called TheoTrade etc.

But when you search for the link between Don Kaufman and Infinity Trader, you will find two different websites. One is and the other is And while the first will really give you access to a webinar, the second one will do something else, it will redirect you to an unregulated broker called CTX Prime.

We don’t know if Kaufman is associated with both websites, but we can say that Infinity Trader at is a scam. Just because what it does, which means pushing people who sign up to an unregulated broker.

Trading with unregulated brokers is very risky and dangerous. The percentage of scams among unregulated brokers is many, many times higher than among regulated companies.

And when somebody promises you a profitable strategy but redirects you to a deposit page of an unregulated broker, they are a scammer.

Therefore, you have to be very cautious, don’t deposit money with a broker just because any website sent you there. Do your research about the company and the offer you are dealing with.

Because scams that promise you profits but ask you to first deposit with a certain unregulated broker, will only lose you money. They cooperate with shady brokers that will just get your deposit and never let you withdraw anything back.

We have seen hundreds of scams like these. Although it is not clear who runs Infinity Trader at, be sure not deposit with un unauthorized broker, if you a redirected to one.

Don Kaufman

Infinity Trader review – the conclusion

At least one version of the Infinity Trader website is a scam because it will push you to deposit money with an unregulated broker. Beware!

Always trade with regulated brokers only and start on a demo account so that you can try everything with virtual money and risk free.

Before trading with real money you have to be sure that you understand the risks and you have a proper strategy.

Infinity Trader

250 USD








  • Simple


  • Redirects to a shady broker
  • Teaches nothing
  • Probably an illegal clone
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