BEWARE of Pariba Group – review of a SCAM broker

In this review we prove that Pariba Group is a scam broker that you should not trade with.

What is Pariba Group about

Pariba Group reviewPariba Group is a Forex broker, which means that it will let you trade with currency pairs, but also with commodities and stocks (via contracts for difference).

It supposedly is a European broker with over one million traders. Which suggests that you can trust it. But you can’t, because…

Pariba Group is a scam

BNP Paribas comparisonFirst of all, it is obvious that Pariba Group is abusing the identity of the French financial group BNP Paribas, it is an illegal clone.

Just check our picture and you will notice that not only it uses a very similar name, but also a very similar logo, the same colors, etc.

Just to be clear, the legitimate BNP Paribas has nothing in common with Pariba Group.

Not a European broker

Pariba Group scamPariba Group is saying that it is a reliable European broker, just to debunk this claim on its own website.

You just have to look at its address to see that it is headquartered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, which, last time we checked, certainly is not in Europe.

Pariba Group is an offshore broker that is not regulated, therefore it cannot legally offer its services not only in Europe, but also in the US, Australia, Japan, etc.

Fake numbers

Pariba Group is bragging about the number of clients it has, allegedly more than a million. But it is a lie.

It is part of the abuse of the BNP Paribas group that has a lot of customers, while Pariba Group is a scam broker with little to no customers.

Pariba Group review conclusion

Pariba Group is a scam broker, an illegal clone of a legit company. Stay away from it!

For financial trading you should alway use regulated brokers only and start on a demo account to try things risk free.

You have to familiarize yourself with the risks and prepare a solid strategy before trading with real money.

Pariba Group









  • Assets


  • Illegal clone
  • Full of lies
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  • Witam Pana Moderatora,
    zauważyłem błąd w mojejopinii o Pariba Group. Poniżej poprawiona:
    “Potwierdzam w całości podane informacje o gupie Pariba Group – to banda wyrachowanych oszustów i złodziei. Nie daj się, tak ja oszukać przy pomocy programu Any Desk, który używają. Uzyskają dzięki niemu dostęp w pełni do Twojego komputera i kont.
    Trzymaj się z daleka od nich.

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    Coś zniekształca podane opinie.

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