Sure scam: Bit Earnings review

Review of Bit Earnings

Read our review of Bit Earnings to understand why you should not invest money with this program. We prove that it is a scam.

What is Bit Eearnings

Bit Earnings is an investment platform that is a little big vague about its investments. It is not clear whether it pretends to be investing in financial markets or mining cryptocurrencies.

The Bit Eearnings’ offer consists of six investment plans with returns starting at 20% after 12 hours. The minimum deposit is 10 US dollars.

Is Bit Earnings a legit opportunity to earn money? We answer this question in our review.


Bit Eearnings scam

No, Bit Earnings is not a legitimated opportunity to earn money, because it is a scam. It is a pyramid financial scheme that is going to end badly and money will be lost.

Illegal service

Bit Eearnings claim they are registered in the United Kingdom with the “proper authority”. But it is not true.

There is no company called Bit Earnings registered in the UK. The registration number that Bit Earnings show on their website belong to some other company that is not connected to this program in any way.

The most important thing is that Bit Earnings is not registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which is the national financial regulator of the United Kingdom.

Every UK company offering investment services must first seek approval from the FCA, but Bit Earnings has no authorization whatsoever.

It means that it is an illegal investment service not only in the UK, but also everywhere else in the world.

No license

Fake stats

Bit Earnings claim on their website that their service has been online for 1965 days, which is not true.

A quick check of the domain registration reveals that it is online only since June 2020, which roughly means about 150 days. Which less than a tenth of what the company claims.

So, this is just another lie, Bit Earnings statistics are fake.

Unreal stats

Investment plans tell it all

Very often you will be able to spot an investment scam just by looking at its numbers. This is also the case with Bit Earnings.

Take the first investment plan with 20% after 12 hours as an example. It means 40% in one day and 1200% in one month. Do these numbers look real to you?

The truth is that these numbers are absolutely impossible for any legit business. You cannot achieve them in investing, cryptocurrency mining or any other business. That’s just the way it is.

This means that Bit Earnings is a scam. There is no way for it to deliver these returns to your account in a legal and legitimate way.

Investment plans

How Bit Earnings works

It’s clear that Bit Earnings is a pyramid scheme (Ponzi). It uses money from newer deposits for payouts. In other words, it just take money from some people and gives it to other people.

These schemes always last only for a very limited amount of time, they always end up badly. Don’t invest any money with Bit Earnings, it can go down any time.

Bit Earnings review – the conclusion

Bit Earnings is an illegal investment service and a fraudulent program, you should stay away from it.

If you want to see how legit investing works, get a free demo with a regulated company and start learning with virtual money.

Remember that you have to fully understand the risks should you decide to start trading with real money.

Bit Earnings

10 USD





Real returns



  • Eas to see through


  • Pyramid scheme
  • Scam
  • Dangerous
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