Bitcoin Code Expert review – WARNING 👆, it’s a scam!

Bitcoin Code Expert reviewIn our review we prove that the Bitcoin Code Expert scam is a program that you absolutely have to stay away from. It is dangerous!

What is Bitcoin Code Expert?

Although very brief, the presentation of the Bitcoin Code Expert system explains that it is a trading software tied to cryptocurrencies. It will trade mostly bitcoin.

The robot will determine whether the price of this cryptocurrency will rise or fall and act accordingly. It will open trading positions on your account based on its own signals, which allegedly are very profitable.

In fact, the app supposedly will have an easy job, since according to their charts bitcoin keeps rising. You are therefore supposed to believe that you just have to buy it and wait for big profits to show up on your trading account. Then you will withdraw them.

The offer

They say that if you sign up for Bitcoin Code Expert, you will be able to make money easily, because the bot will do everything for you automatically.

It will open and close trades with bitcoin, generating you profits in the process.

How to register for Bitcoin Code Expert

First, you have to provide your name and your e-mail address on Bitcoin Code Expert’s website. In the second step they will ask you for your telephone number and a password so that they can create an account for you.

Once your account is created, you will be forwarded to a broker and asked to deposit your own money. It will be a condition. If you don’t meet it, they will say that you won’t be able to use the software.

Spoiler alert: Don’t register for this program!

What you are supposed to expect

Bitcoin Code Expert wants you to expect thousands of dollars per day on autopilot. This is what the robot will allegedly make you on a daily basis completely on autopilot.

You are supposed to expect an income that will allow you to quit your job because you will have enough money coming to you from trading bitcoin.

Is Bitcoin Code Expert scam or legit?

The sad truth is that this program is not legitimate, Bitcoin Code Expert is an awful scam that cannot earn you any money.

In fact, it was made to steal your money. So, if you use this program, the end result will be losses, not earnings.

Bitcoin Code Expert is a scam

We stated that the Bitcoin Code Expert system is a scam and we are going to prove it beyond any doubts in this review.


Bitcoin Code Expert testimonials

The video of the program starts with testimonials and reviews from people who claim to be real users of the system. They could not be happier with what they are earning. But there is a huge problem!

The Bitcoin Code Expert testimonials shown in the video are absolutely fake. Fraudsters hired paid actors to lie in front of the camera about this robot, that is the truth.

You can see on our picture an undisputable proof – this man sells his services on Fiverr. It means that anybody can hire him for a fake video review, he will read your lies in front of a camera for money.

Because this scam is not new, we already have a lot of feedback from real users and we can safely say that the Bitcoin Code Expert system is a scam, people are losing money with it. People are constantly complaining about it.Bitcoin Code Expert testimonial

Cloned fraud

Unfortunately, this scam is running for years and a lot of people have lost a lot of money with it. This fraud has been using a lot of different names.

Bitcoin Code Expert originally started as Bitcoin Code a few years ago. Since then it appeared under many different names, like Bitcoins Wealth or iBitcoin Code. Again, you will find a proof on our picture.Bitcoin Code Expert software

Steve McKay is a scammer

Some versions of the Bitcoin Code Expert website will tell you that the founder of this program is Steve McKay. Unfortunately, this name has been associated with a lot of fraudulent programs.

The worst thing is that this man does not even exist. Because when they show his picture, it is a stock photo that anybody can buy. In other words, the man on the photo is a model that has nothing in common with this software. See for you yourself on the following picture.Steve McKay is a scammer

Trading software test

To be really thorough with our review, we also tested the Bitcoin Code Expert robot to see how it performs. The first thing we noticed is that the bot is the exact same software as used by other versions of this program, see the picture below.

This trading software will sometimes let you try it in a demo mode, but the demo mode is using fake prices. Therefore, it generates profits that are fake, that would never happen in real trading.

From real users of the software we know for sure that it is losing money when trading real markets with real money.Bitcoin Code Expert robot

Illegal service

Let us remind you that almost every country in the world regulates investment services. And a piece of software that is supposed to make decisions for you and trade financial markets on your behalf is classified as an investment service. It needs a special authorization for every country it wants to be used in.

If an investment service is not authorized, it is illegal.


So, what about Bitcoin Code Expert, is it regulated? No, not at all. It is an anonymous service; it is unclear who runs it. And it certainly is not licensed by any financial regulator.

In simple terms it means that this robot cannot be legally offered in any country, it is an illegal investment service.

We invite you to check Bitcoin Code Expert with the national financial regulator in your country. You will get a confirmation of what we say in our review.

Bitcoin has nothing to do with it

The real price graph of bitcoinThe reality is that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies in general are revolutionary and changing the world in front of our eyes. But Bitcoin Code Expert has nothing to do with them, it is just trying the abuse the popularity wave that cryptocurrencies have been riding for the last few years.

Don’t get us wrong, investing in cryptocurrencies is not an easy thing. Bitcoin Code Expert is lying when it is showing a chart where the price of bitcoin is only rising. Because in reality at the end of 2017 its price started to go down and since then it has not created a new historic high.

On our picture we compare what they say and what is the reality. As you can see, it is not a matter of buying at any time and getting immediately rich. In investing, there are no guarantees. You can assume the prices to go up again, but you cannot know for sure it will happen.

How this scam really works

As we explained above, the Bitcoin Code Expert app has nothing to do with real cryptocurrency trading. The true and only purpose of this robot is to enrich scammers.

So, here is what happens if you register for Bitcoin Code Expert:

  • They will ask you for your personal information (name, address, phone number)
  • They will forward you to an unregulated broker and push you to deposit money
  • If you don’t deposit your own money, they won’t let you access the software
  • If you deposit money, the software will lose it and you will be left empty-handed

In fact, con men who run this program cooperate with unregulated and dubious brokers. Together they try to get as many victims as they can. They just want your money and they will do everything they can to get it.

They will make up a lot of lies to persuade you to deposit money with them. But every time you deposit, your money will be lost. And then you will get new calls asking you to deposit again. They will say that it was a glitch or an unexpected situation in the markets and they will promise that this time it will be different.

But it will be the same every time, you will send them money and lose it. They will keep everything you deposit and give you nothing in return.

How to protect yourself against Bitcoin Code Expert

There are two basic things you can do in order not to get scammed by these crooks:

1.      Don’t send them money

There is a simple rule: If you don’t send your money to scammers, they won’t get it and you won’t lose anything. They need your cooperation to be able to get your money, so don’t cooperate at all!

2.      Don’t give them your personal information

Your identity is as valuable as your money. Therefore, not sending money to Bitcoin Code Expert is not enough, you should not even sign up for this system. Don’t give them your name, e-mail, address or phone number. Because if you do, you can be sure they will use it and call you everyday to push you to send them your money.

Note: There is a lot of fake positive Bitcoin Code Expert reviews – they are published by scammers who run this software. Any positive review of this robot is fake!

Got scammed by Bitcoin Code Expert, what should you do?

Firstly, let us say we are very sorry if you got scammed and lost money. We put a lot of work in our reviews because we want to help people not to get scammed. If it happened, there still are some things you can try to do to recover your money.

Follow these steps:

  1. Remember or find out how you made your deposit and who you send your money to.
  2. Contact the company you sent your money to (typically a broker) and ask for a withdrawal.
  3. If it fails, ask again and tell them that you will report them to authorities and initiate a chargeback.
  4. If you don’t succeed, contact the company that did your deposit transaction (credit card company, bank, e-wallet provider, payment company etc.). Ask this payment processor for a chargeback on your deposit transaction and explain that you got scammed.
  5. If nothing helps, contact the national financial regulator in your country and ask for advice. Your last chance probably will be an official complaint to authorities.

How to delete your Bitcoin Code Expert account

Recovering money is not the only thing we want to point you to in our Bitcoin Code Expert review. You should also contact the support of this software and ask them to completely delete your account and your personal information.

Do the same with the broker you sent your money to. You don’t want your personal information to stay with them forever.

If you sent them copies of your personal documents and/or your payment card, there is a risk that your identity will be abused. You should consider getting new documents. It is a risk that only you can assess, we cannot give you a definite answer.

How to protect yourself against similar scams

The internet is full of programs that promise free money, which is a nonsense per se. If money was free, nobody would be working, and our society would collapse.

These are red flags you should be looking for:

  • Money on autopilot
  • Big daily returns and earnings
  • Allegedly no risks involved
  • Anonymous service
  • Seemingly free, but your deposit is required

These are the common traits of investment scams. They basically promise financial freedom from one day to another and they say they will manage everything for you. But the first thing they will do is to ask you for your money.

Stay away

When you see red flags like mentioned above, be sure to stay away, don’t even register for such programs, certainly not with your real personal information. You can use some fake information with a junk e-mail address to see what it is about, never give your real credentials!

Bitcoin Code Expert review conclusion

In this review we have provided many proofs that Bitcoin Code Expert is a dangerous scam that is losing money to real users. Therefore, you certainly should stay away from it!

If you are interested in trading cryptocurrencies, we suggest starting on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to try everything risk free.

You will be able to see what results you are able to achieve and if you can learn to trade profitably. Don’t start trading with real money until you understand the risks.

Please help us to warn other people against this scam so that they don’t lose money with it and share our review on social media.

Bitcoin Code Expert

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  • Scam
  • Losing money
  • Lying and hiding facts
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