Bitcoin Code review – one of the biggest SCAMS out there

In this Bitcoin Code review we have a look at an infamous scam that is spreading like the plague.

What Bitcoin Code is about

Bitcoin Code reviewOn its website you can read that The Bitcoin Code is a group reserved for people who are making money with bitcoin.

The group offers an automated trading solution, which is supposed to generate a passive income of thousands of dollars per day for you.

It would be only rational to expect that the membership in the Bitcoin Code group is expensive. But no, you can get it for free. Isn’t it strange?

Bitcoin Code scam

TestTo start the Bitcoin Code review let’s sum up the offer: you will make up to $13,000 dollars per day for free. Can you believe that? Of course you can’t. It makes no sense, money represents value, which is the opposite of free.

Money cannot be free, because the economy would collapse, nobody would be working. The real explanation for this offer is the simplest one: Bitcoin Code is a scam.

Steve McKay scammer

Steve McKay is a scammerIt is very easy to prove that the alleged creator of the Bitcoin Code – Steve McKay – is a scammer. In fact, it is a generic name used by scammers for different scams.

If you take a look at our picture, you will see that the picture that is supposed to portray McKay is in fact a stock photo that anybody can buy.

Bitcoin Code testimonials

Bitcoin Code testimonialIn the Bitcoin Code’s video you will see people providing their testimonials. They all are positive and they claim this product has made them money.

But again, all these Bitcoin Code reviews are fake. Look at our picture and you will see a proof. This man is a paid actor who has supported many fraudulent investment projects.

Infamous trading software

Bitcoin Code scamIn this Bitcoin Code review we will provide one last proof that will make you understand what this program is all about. The trading software this group will let you access is in fact a scam software used by many other projects.

Our picture again provides a proof. On it you will see examples of other frauds that are using this same trading app.

Bitcoin Code complaints

Finally, we will explain how this scam works, we know it thanks to many Bitcoin Code complaints we hear.

When you register in the program, you will immediately be pushed to deposit at least $250 with an unregulated broker.  They will tell you that you need to do this in order to start earning money, but in reality it is just a way of taking your cash.

Scammers who run this program work with shady brokers to steal people’s money, it is as simple as that.

Bitcoin Code review conclusion

There you have it, Bitcoin Code is a big scam that is made to take your money, don’t send them anything!

If you want to try crypto trading, start on a free demo account with a regulated broker so that you don’t risk anything.

With virtual money you can try everything and anything. Just be sure to understand the risks of trading with real money if you decide to quit the demo and invest for real.

Bitcoin Code

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