Bitcoin Cycle review – a deplorable scam (see proofs!)

Bitcoin Cycle review

Our review of Bitcoin Cycle exposes a new cryptocurrency scam that is trying to hide behind bitcoin. See why it is not safe to use this system.

In our test of the Bitcoin Cycle trading system we have found out what it really is, how it works, why it is not safe and why it is a scam that you have to avoid.

What is Bitcoin Cycle

Bitcoin Cycle is a trading system made for cryptocurrencies. In the first place, it will trade with bitcoin. The system is fully automated, and it supposedly will earn you a lot of money in daily profits.

Bitcoin Cycle’s official website highlights these main features of the system:

  • Accessible to a closed group of people
  • 4% accuracy in trading (wins nearly every trade)
  • The advantage of the app is in its speed (quicker than the competition)
  • Ranked nr. 1 by the US Trading Association
  • Earns at least $1100 daily
  • Some users became millionaires after two months

So, there we have an app that will allegedly make you a millionaire withing a few months. It must be very expensive, right? Wrong, the Bitcoin Cycle app is completely free. Isn’t that surprising?

Is Bitcoin Cycle real?

Unfortunately, no, Bitcoin Cycle is not real. It is not a real group of traders and the app is not real. It has no real trading algorithm, just a generator of random trading signals.

It means that Bitcoin Cycle cannot make you any money, it is a hoax. In fact, the only thing you can expect from it is the loss of your own trading capital.

Is Bitcoin Cycle safe?

Bitcoin Cycle is not safe. It is very risky not only for your money, but also for your personal data. As we have already mentioned, it is not a real crypto trading system. If you let it trade with your money, you will lose it.

Moreover, just registering for this system is risky, because fraudsters will get your personal data, which means they can and probably will try to abuse it. They will annoy you with shady investment offers and it will be very difficult to get rid of them.

Bitcoin Cycle scam

Now, let’s get straight to it: Bitcoin Cycle is a scam, a very dangerous one. Not only it won’t make you any money, it will lose yours. This it the way it was designed, it is supposed to pull money out of your bank account and transfer it to scammers. It literally is the only purpose of this system.

In this Bitcoin Cycle review we provide you with the following proofs so that you can make up your own mind.

1. Carbon copy of an old scam

We have been reviewing investment scams for years and when we first saw Bitcoin Cycle, we quickly understood that it is just an old fraud with a new name. Scammers started to concentrate on cryptocurrencies a few years ago when they became “the next thing”.

Don’t get us wrong, we have nothing against cryptocurrencies, in fact we find this new technology exciting. To make the distinction, scammers just pretend to be good at crypto trading, while in reality they just lie to you to get money from you. Bitcoin Cycle is not about real crypto trading, it is about stealing money from you.

In our picture you will see a few examples of this same scam that we have already reviewed: Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Evolution and Bitcoin Lifestyle. All these fraudulent programs use the same website, the same video and texts. Only the names and colors are different.

This is why we know so much about Bitcoin Cycle, it is a copy of an infamous scam that we have plenty of real users’ feedback about. And real user experience is really bad, people are losing money with this system.

Bitcoin Cycle scam

2. Fake testimonials and reviews

Scammers from Bitcoin Cycle will do everything in their power to convince you that their system is trading with profits. This is why they display users’ testimonials on their website. These reviews tell stories about people making decent money.

But all these Bitcoin Cycle testimonials are fake. In our picture below we provide a proof. As you can see, people presented as real users are in fact just model in stock photos. This is a typical trick scammers use, they make up success stories and pair them with stock photos.

Testimonials and user experience

3. Fake trading results

The official Bitcoin Lifestyle website also shows a table with allegedly live trading results. But this is another totally fake thing. The results are not real trading results, but just random numbers generated by a script.

No trading system in the world can win all trades or 99.4 %. It just is not possible, and we know it, because we are traders.

But even if it was possible, do you think that such a miraculous trading system would be free? People are paying huge fees to top hedge funds that don’t even make 100% returns per year, these funds often accept only millionaires and billionaires. And the Bitcoin Cycle software that supposedly outperforms them by a mile is free?

It of course does not make any sense. Should such trading system exist, it would be extremely expensive and certainly not available in the public domain.

Trading results

4. Unlicensed and illegal

One important thing to remember is that systems that are supposed to trade on behalf of people are investment services. And investment services are subject to financial regulation. When you want to offer such a service legally, you have to have an approval from a financial regulator.

Since Bitcoin Cycle is supposed to trade automatically on your behalf, the question is, whether it is properly licensed? No, it is not. It is an anonymous system, it has no license whatsoever. Therefore, it is an illegal system and your money would be at great risk should you chose to use it and invest with it.

Bitcoin Cycle and celebrities in the media

Bitcoin Cycle is fairly new, but because it is based on an old scam, we know what to expect in regard to its promotion. Fraudsters spend a lot of time with writing a and publishing fake review of their scams.

They also publish fake articles with celebrities’ endorsements. We have seen a lot of these fake approvals, for example we went into details about how Gordo Ramsay is falsely associated with bitcoin investments. His name will very probably be abused by Bitcoin Cycle too.

You certainly can expect fake articles telling that Bitcoin Cycle was in Dragons’ Den, Shark Tank, Good Morning Britain, This Morning and other TV shows.

You can also expect fake articles affirming that Bitcoin Cycle is used by Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Martin Lewis, Willy Holloughby, Peter Jones, Martin Lewis, Jim Davidson, Twiggy Forrest and others. It will never be true.

Bitcoin Cycle never was and never will be on TV or approved and recommended by anybody sane, because it is an investment scam.

Bitcoin Cycle platform

It is important to understand how the Bitcoin Cycle platform works to see where the catch is. First, they will ask you to register by filling your name, e-mail and phone number in the form on the website.

They will create an account for you and give you a password. You will then be automatically redirected to the Bitcoin Cycle platform.

The platform will be locked down and you will be told that you first have to deposit money in order to unlock it. But don’t do it!

Bitcoin Cycle demo

When we tested Bitcoin Cycle, there was no demo available. However, these programs often add the demo mode after a certain time, therefore there is an important issue that we have to address here.

Fraudster who run these fake trading programs use the demo as a dirty trick. Their demo is not connected to a real price feed, it uses fake price and manipulates results to show profits.

So, if you get access to the Bitcoin Cycle demo, you cannot trust its results. Real trading results of this system would be very different, their demo is lying. They just want to trick you into believing their system is profitable, while in reality it is not.

Bitcoin Cycle platform

How Bitcoin Cycle works – really

You might be wondering why scammers go through this process of creating a crappy trading software and a website to convince you to get it for free. You still might think that you have nothing to lose in trying it, but it is not true.

If you read carefully our description of the Bitcoin Cycle platform, you noticed that the system will remain locked until you deposit money. They will force you to deposit at least 250 USD with a broker they have chosen for you.

It means that Bitcoin Cycle is not free, it won’t be activated until you deposit money. And this precisely is why they are doing it. They are getting paid by brokers for referring new depositors. And they are doing it illegally, they use lies and false promises to make you deposit with their partner broker.

To sum it up, Bitcoin Cycle works like this: it will promise big, free and automated profits, but you will first have to send money to a specific broker. Once you send the money, scammers will get their commission and their software will lose your deposit.

Scammed by Bitcoin Cycle? Try this

If you found our Bitcoin Cycle review too late and you already lost money with this system, there are things you can try to get your money back.

  1. First you should see who you sent your money to. Was it a regulated broker or an unregulated one? How did you make your deposit, with a credit card or perhaps a bank wire?
  2. Log into your account with the broker and see how much money is remaining. Submit a withdrawal request.
  3. If money is already missing, contact the broker and ask for a refund since you got scammed by Bitcoin Cycle.
  4. If the broker refuses you a refund, say you will complain to regulators and ask your bank for a chargeback on your deposit transaction.
  5. If the broker does not refund your deposit, go and ask your bank for a chargeback on your deposit. Reversing transactions is the easiest with credit cards, the hardest with bank wires and literally impossible with transactions in cryptocurrencies.

Also, don’t forget that every country has a national financial regulator. You always can contact the financial regulator in your country and ask for help and advice.

Bitcoin Cycle review – our conclusion

Bitcoin Cycle is a scam, there is no doubt it. It is an old fraud with a new name, we know it very well and real users’ feedback is very bad. Stay away from it!

If you want to try to earn money in cryptocurrency trading, try a free demo with a regulated broker to see what results you are capable of achieving.

Forget about free automated systems that will make your rich, they simply don’t exist. Profitable trading is something you have to learn, there are no shortcuts.

Please help us to warn people about the Bitcoin Cycle scam and share our review.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bitcoin Cycle

🏺 Is Bitcoin Cycle a con?

Yes, Bitcoin Cycle is a scam. It was developed and released by a known group of scammers. It is designed to get your money. It will make you lose, it cannot earn you anything.

🏺 How much can I earn with Bitcoin Cycle?

You cannot earn any money with Bitcoin Cycle because it is a scam. This trading system has no real algorithm, it will just generate random signals that will make you lose.

🏺 How to sign up for Bitcoin Cycle?

Don’t sign up for Bitcoin Cycle if you don’t want to lose money. It is a dirty scam full of lies and false promises. The only thing it does is losing money to people who use it. It is an illegal investment service.

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