Bitcoin Digital Review – Nasty Scam (+ Evidence)

Review of Bitcoin Digital

In our review, we will explain in detail why Bitcoin Digital is a scam. You will learn how it works, what is real user experience with it and how not to lose money with it.

The Bitcoin Digital application went through our test and in this article you will learn what conclusions we have reached and what trading results you can expect from it.

What is Bitcoin Digital

Bitcoin Digital is a program that was created for trading cryptocurrencies. It is said to operate on proprietary technologies, which gives it an advantage in financial markets.

According to its official website, Bitcoin Digital can:

  • win 99.4 percent of trades
  • be 0.01 seconds faster than competing trading programs
  • earn each user 500 to 2000 euros a day

As a result, we have a program that is said to trade cryptocurrencies for you and earn you tens of thousands of euros a month. Completely automatically.

And all for free, because Bitcoin Digital costs nothing. You can register and use this application for free. Does it seem real to you?

Properties and features of the app

Bitcoin Digital and regulation

Bitcoin Digital is obviously an investment service because it will provide you with a program that will make trading decisions for you and trade your money on exchanges. As such, it must therefore have an authorization from the financial regulator in order to be offered legally.

However, Bitcoin Digital does not have any such authorization. On its website, you won’t even find information about who runs it, let alone if its operator has any license. This is a very warning signal and in itself should be enough as a reason not to invest your money with this program.

No one is overseeing the operation of Bitcoin Digital, the money in it can disappear like in a black hole, and no one will do anything about it.

Bitcoin Digital Scam

The whole truth is that Bitcoin Digital is a scam. It’s an old scam that has been robbing people of money for years. Here is an explanation with the evidence.

A copy of an old scam

Bitcoin Digital is the most common scam hiding behind cryptocurrencies. We’ve seen it with many different names, such as Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Rejoin or Bitcoin Sunrise (see our linked reviews).

This scam is spreading very fast, among other things because fraudsters are copying everything and just changing the name. So it is very easy for them to create a new version, they just upload the same files to a new website and just change the name and a few graphic details. You will find proof in our picture below.

So there’s nothing original about Bitcoin Digital, it doesn’t use any proprietary technology, it’s just a cloned scam that loses money to people. It is its purpose, it was so created. It is the exact opposite of what the presentation on its official website promises.

Bitcoin Digital fraud

Experience with Bitcoin Digital

Unambiguous evidence of fraud is the reviews of Bitcoin Digital, which you can find on its website. The stories of the people who make money with this app are completely fake.

It’s exactly the same fake testimonials that other versions of this scam use. The photos of the alleged users are in fact stock pictures. So it’s not about real users and their earnings, it’s all a hoax that has nothing to do with reality.

The fact is that if you find any positive reviews and testimonials about Bitcoin Digital, you can be absolutely sure that they are fake and that they were created by the same people who run this program.

User experience with Bitcoin Digital

Trading results

If you are interested in the real business results of Bitcoin Digital, again, you cannot rely on its website. You will find a table with fictitious results in it, which have nothing to do with actual trading.

This can be seen, inter alia, by the fact that the table shows trading pairs of cryptocurrencies that are not actually traded anywhere, such as LTC / EOS (litecoin / EOS). So certainly not with brokers to which Bitcoin Digital will send you.

Trading results

Bitcoin Digital in the media

According to the official website of Bitcoin Digital, the program has been the subject of news coverage by renowned media such as CNN, the Financial Times and Forbes. But it’s not true.

No serious media has ever reported about Bitcoin Digital because it is a fraudulent application. There is no serious and at the same time positive article about it.

No media

How Bitcoin Digital Really Works

The main attraction of apps such as Bitcoin Digital is their proclaimed zero price. Many people will want to try them, thinking they have nothing to lose because the business program is free. But that does not correspond to reality.

Because when you register with Bitcoin Digital, you will be forced to send your money to an account with a broker of their choice. You will have no choice if you want to use the program.

So Bitcoin Digital will trade your money and lose it from the beginning, because we know from real users from their experience that it is a loss-making program.

And it’s only logical, because if this application could make money, its authors would use it and make money themselves. And they wouldn’t have to force it on the general public for free.

It may also happen that Bitcoin Digital will give you the opportunity to try the program in a demo mode. But be careful, because the demo of this platform is manipulated. It uses fictitious prices and generates false profits. In other words, the demo results of Bitcoin Digital have nothing to do with reality, the actual results would look completely different.

How it works

Have you lost money with Bitcoin Digital?

If you find our review late and have already sent the money to Bitcoin Digital, you can still try to get it back.

First and foremost, you need to know who you sent it to. It will be a broker with which Bitcoin Digital has automatically created an account for you and to whose website it sent you after registration. You have an account with this broker to which you can log in and request a withdrawal.

If any money is already missing, or if the broker refuses to send you your money back, you can tell them that you will file a complaint with the regulator. If that doesn’t help either, try to get your money back with the help of your payment provider.

If you used a payment card, contact your bank, explain everything to them and ask for a chargeback of the deposit transactions. If you sent the money by a bank wire, it will be much harder to do anything about it.

If you have used a digital wallet, contact your digital wallet provider for assistance. Finally, if you made a deposit in cryptocurrencies, these transactions are unfortunately non-refundable.

How to avoid similar scams

Avoiding investment fraud that hides behind cryptocurrencies or other assets can be relatively easy. First and foremost, common sense must be used.

In order to lose money, you must first send it to someone. So always think carefully before sending your money somewhere in connection with investing.

The warning sign is when someone promises you automatic earnings for free, but immediately asks for your money. In that case, you can be sure that you are facing fraud. Especially if you have to send your money to some unregulated companies with unclear owners and based somewhere overseas.

Money is a bearer of value, so it cannot be free. Free passive income based on a capital of a few hundreds euros or dollars, from which you could live, is utopia.

Bitcoin Digital review – the conclusion

Bitcoin Digital is another one in a long line of scams that promise profits from cryptocurrencies but have little to do with them. If you don’t want to lose money, avoid it!

If you are interested in real cryptocurrency trading, try it on a demo account with a regulated company.

Before you start trading with real money, thoroughly familiarize yourself with the risks and prepare a clear strategy.

Please share our review to help warn people against the Bitcoin Digital scam.


Is Bitcoin Digital a Scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Digital is a scam. It's a copy of an old investment scam that has robbed people of money for years. There is no doubt about that.

What is the experience with Bitcoin Digital?

The experience of real users with Bitcoin Digital is very negative. People with this program lose money because it is a scam that was designed for this purpose. It is not possible to make any money with it.

Is it possible to make money with Bitcoin Digital?

No, you can't make any money with Bitcoin Digital because the program was designed to lose it. This is how the fraudsters who created this application make money and this is why they offer their app to you.

Please share this review to help warn other people

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