Bitcoin Era review 2020 – try not to VOMIT

In this review we prove that Bitcoin Era is a dirty fraud that just wants to steal your cash.

About Bitcoin Era

Bitcoin Era reviewBitcoin Era supposedly is the name of a group of cryptocurrency traders who are earning huge money. This is because they have an automated trading app that allegedly will win almost every (99.4%) trade.

They say you can expect to make at least $1100 daily with this software, while you can get access to it for free.

Bitcoin Era is a scam

Comparison of scamsEverybody knows that money is not free, so everybody should also know that with Bitcoin Era they are dealing with a scam.

Because it does exactly that, it promises you free money, so you know something is really wrong with it.

Indeed, we have reviewed hundreds of scams and Bitcoin Era is just a copy of fraudulent programs like Bitcoin Trader, Crypto Revolt or Bitcoin Future. You will find the proof on our picture.

Real trading results

Trading results are fakeIf you are looking for real results of Bitcoin Era, certainly don’t look at its webpage, because the table they show is completely fake.

The numbers they show are randomly generated and have nothing to do with real results.


Bitcoin Era testimonialAs you can guess, everything is fake on the website of this reviewed program, even the Bitcoin Era testimonials.

Again, you will find the proof on our picture, they used stock photos with some fictitious numbers. These people are not real users, they have never traded with this program, let alone made money with it.

How they get you

With scams like Bitcoin Era people often get confused, because they believe nothing bad can happen, since the program is free. But they don’t know the whole malicious story behind it.

Because if you sign up for Bitcoin Era, they will tell you that you will get access to the program only if you deposit money with one of their brokers that are unregulated.

And this is how they get your money, they have partnered with some shady brokers and together they will pump you for as much money as they can and never give you anything back.

Bitcoin Era review conclusion

Bitcoin Era is a dirty scam, its only purpose is to get your money. It is not a profitable trading program, stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in crypto trading, see on a free demo account with virtual money if you are able to generate profits.

Only when you have a profitable strategy and a clear understanding of the risks, you can start trading with real money.

Bitcoin Era









  • Easily identifiable


  • Copied scam
  • Just steals money
  • Nothing good
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