Bitcoin Fortress review – Gross Scam [CAUTION]

Review of Bitcoin Fortress

In this review, we’ll explain why Bitcoin Fortress is a scam that certainly isn’t as successful with cryptocurrencies as advertised.

What is Bitcoin Fortress

Bitcoin Fortress is an app that can automatically trade cryptocurrencies. Primarily with bitcoin, but also, for example, with ether, cardano, XRP or bitcoin cash.

This trading app is said to be among the longest running in the world, based on artificial intelligence and the most profitable of all. Its authors claim that it can increase your capital by up to 80 percent per day, on average by 50 percent per day.

The Bitcoin Fortress presentation explicitly states that with this app you can become a millionaire in a few months.

And how much does Bitcoin Fortress cost? Nothing, it’s completely free. Are you willing to believe that a free application will make you a millionaire in a few months? Does it make sense?

Bitcoin Fortress fraud

Bitcoin Fortress scam

No, no free cryptocurrency trading app will make you a millionaire, and even less in a few months. Bitcoin Fortress is a scam, we have already reviewed hundreds of similar programs. There are thousands of them and new ones are being created every day.

You can recognize this type of fraud very easily, they promise absolutely unrealistic results. 80% capital appreciation per day is absolutely impossible, as is 50%. You can do it once with absolutely insane risk, but you will definitely not be able to repeat it every day.

Just to give you an idea, if you grow your money by 50% a day and reinvest your profits, you would multiply your capital 191751 times in a month. So at the beginning you would only need 6 dollars to have more than a million at the end of the month. Does it seem possible to you?

In real cryptocurrency trading, even 1% returns per day is something that is unattainable in the long run. In bull markets like we are seeing now, it’s possible, but when the bears come, as we saw them until last year, you don’t stand a chance.

Bitcoin Fortress promises impossible things, so it’s a scam. If this application could do only a hundredth of what it promises, you would read about it everywhere and see reports about it on TV.

But you found out about it through spam or advertising somewhere on the web, right? Would an app that makes people millionaires in a few month have to pay for advertising and force itself on you? Of course not.

How it works

How Bitcoin Fortress actually works

Bitcoin Fortress is a scam based on a long-used principle, with which we have a lot of experience. It’s basically just a way to get your money.

So you are promised big profits that you don’t have to do anything for because Bitcoin Fortress will trade for you. But as you will find out, if you want to use it, you must immediately put your own money into it, at least $ 250.

Of course, that would be a mistake anyway, because you should never trade anything in the financial markets that you have not tested in advance. When the app start trading, it will be losing your own money from the first trade, which no one will return to you.

And Bitcoin Fortress is a loss-making program, it’s even its job to lose money. This is how they will get your cash. Once you let their program trade your money, it will quickly disappear from your account.

The fraudsters who lured you to Bitcoin Fortress will then share your money with an unregulated and dubious broker to whom you have been sent and to whom you sent your deposit.

This is how simply these scams work. They promise you big profits, but first they will want you to send your money somewhere. Once you send it, you can say goodbye to it.

Did Bitcoin Fortress scam you?

If you have already sent money to Bitcoin Fortress, you can try to get it back. It will not be easy, but it may not be impossible either.

First of all, find out who you sent it to. It will be the broker Bitcoin Fortress has redirected you to. You will have an account with this company to which you can log in and request a withdrawal.

However, you may encounter problems such as that the money is already missing or the reluctance of the broker to return the money to you. You can then try to threaten the broker with complaints to authorities.

If you are unable to get your money back this way, contact the payment company that processed your deposit to Bitcoin Fortress. With this payment provider, try to find a way to get your money back. Explain them that you have been the victim of fraud.

Bitcoin Fortress Review – Review

Bitcoin Fortress is a scam. It definitely won’t grow your money, it will do the exact opposite, it will lose it. Avoid it!

If you are interested in actual trading of cryptocurrencies and other assets, start with a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money with which you will be able to try everything.

If you want to invest real money, first understand well the risks of financial trading.

Bitcoin Fortress

250 USD

Trading software







  • Crypto awareness


  • Scam
  • Can't deliver
  • Full of lies
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