Bitcoin Fortune review – avoid this boring SCAM

Our Bitcoin Fortune review provides you with proofs about this investment tool being a scam.

What Bitcoin Fortune is about

Bitcoin Fortune reviewBitcoin Fortune is a bitcoin trading software that allegedly can make you money. The app will generate supposedly accurate trading signals and you can even let it trade for you. They suggest you can expect thousands of dollars per month in profits.

Meanwhile the software is free, which is bit weird, isn’t it?

Bitcoin Fortune scam

The unfortunate truth is that Bitcoin Fortune is a scam, it cannot make you any money. In fact, it was built to take your money, so that you lose. How it is supposed to achieve that? Continue reading our Bitcoin Fortune review.

Bitcoin Fortune testimonials

Bitcoin Fortune testimonialsOne if the striking elements of this investment program’s website is the Bitcoin Fortune testimonials and reviews. You will see stories of people who have made a lot of money to pay their debts or even to retire. But they all are fake.

You might have noticed a woman’s name under a man’s photo, moreover all these pictures are stock photos that anyone can buy, these people are not real users of this trading software.

Scam software

Bitcoin Fortune scamWe have tested the Bitcoin Fortune trading software and we discovered is an infamous scam app. It has a very dangerous demo mode that will use fake crypto prices to generate fake profits. You can see on our picture that it is showing a bitcoin price of more than 12 thousand dollars, meanwhile the real price currently is under 10 thousand dollars.

Moreover, the exact same dirty software is being used by other investment scams, like for example Bitcoin Superstar. You will find the comparison on our picture.

People have confirmed to us via genuine testimonials that this trading app is losing money in real trading!

How it works

Finally, let us explain in this Bitcoin Fortune review, how this scam really works. The fake demo will generate a lot of profits to make you believe that the software is profitable. If you fall into this trap, you will want to let it trade with real money.

In this case they will force you to open an account with an unregulated and dirty broker, in our case it was Crypto Smart Financial Services (Crypto SFS). Once you send money to that broker, it will be lost, you will never recover it. They will just ask for more and more deposits and use all sort of excuses about taxes and fees you have to pay on your profits through their company, everything will be just lies.

Bitcoin Fortune review conclusion

The Bitcoin Fortune program is a huge scam designed to take and keep your money, stay away from it!

If you are interested in making money in crypto trading, you have things to learn, you can start on a free demo with a regulated broker.

You will have to prepare a good strategy and understand the risks, if you plan to later invest real money.

The Bitcoin Fortune

250 USD



Trading software





  • Easy to expose


  • Fake demo
  • Losing money in real trading
  • Fraud
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