Bitcoin Future review – stay away from this scam! [ALERT]

Bitcoin Future review

Our review reveals that Bitcoin Future is a cryptocurrency scam that was designed to lose your money. See why it is risky, why it is not a legit investment opportunity.

We conducted a detailed test of Bitcoin Future and in this review we present our findings: what is Bitcoin Future, how it works, why it is not secure, why it is a scam and why you have to stay away from it.

What is Bitcoin Future

Bitcoin Future (also Bitcoin Future now) is a trading app that works with cryptocurrencies. It mainly trades with bitcoin and it does it on autopilot. It means that the user just has to switch the software on.

Bitcoin Future will generate trading signals and execute them automatically on your trading account. Its official website mentions these key advantages of the app:

  • You need just a few minutes of work every day
  • The app has 99.4% winners
  • The advantage over the competition is the speed of the app
  • The software has won numerous awards
  • It generates a minimum of $1100 in daily profits
  • It costs nothing

You read it correctly, Bitcoin Future is free. So, you are supposed to believe that a trading app that is making thousands of dollars per month is free. Will you?

Is Bitcoin Future legit?

Unfortunately, no, Bitcoin Future is not a legit trading app. It has no real trading algorithm, no speed advantage, in fact no advantage in the markets at all. It was designed by scammers with one thing in my mind: to get your money to their accounts.

Bitcoin Future is an unauthorized and illegal investment service, because it is supposed to trade with your money, but it has not been licensed by any financial regulator.

This was confirmed by the financial regulator of Malta (MFSA), which pointed out that not only Bitcoin Future is an unregulated investment service, but also that it likely is an “international get-rich-quick cryptocurrency scam”.

Is Bitcoin Future secure?

Bitcoin Future is not secure. First of all, it is risky and dangerous for your money. Whatever you invest with this system will be quickly lost. And you will have a hard time trying to recuperate your deposit.

Secondly, it is dangerous for your personal data. Once you sign-up with your personal info, scammers will try to use it and squeeze as much money from you as possible. They will push you to lose money with Bitcoin Future, but also with other fraudulent investment schemes.

Bitcoin Future scam

The plain truth is that Bitcoin Future is a scam. It will make money, but not to you, to scammers who run it. It is its only real purpose, to get money from people and transfer it to scammers.

There is no real trading app behind this system, just a useless software that can trade financial markets only with losses. We will explain later in this review how it all is set up to get money from you.

Now it is time to show you the proofs that Bitcoin Future is a scam.

1. Copy of an old scam

There is nothing original about Bitcoin Future. In fact, it is a carbon copy of an old cryptocurrency scam that has been spreading under different names for years.

It is very obvious when you look at our picture and see the comparison. These other fraudulent programs use the exact same website and video, only small details are different.

Other instances of this scam that we have already reviewed for example are Bitcoin Trader, Bitcoin Loophole and Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Future is an infamous scam that a lot of people have lost money with.

Bitcoin Future scam

2. Fake testimonials

Bitcoin’s Future website displays four “real” testimonials from users of the system. These people have allegedly made thousands of dollars and expect to earn even more with this system.

The trouble is that all these testimonials are fake. Not only they are the same across all the variants of this scam, but they also have been fabricated with stock photos. Check our picture below to see a proof.

It shows that these testimonials do not represent real user experience, everything is fake.

We get feedback from real users of Bitcoin Future and it is very negative. People have confirmed to us that this program is losing money in real trading and that is very difficult to get anything back. It all is a giant fraud that was never meant to earn you anything.

User experience

3. Bitcoin Future trading results

Another thing that you cannot count on is the live table with results on Bitcoin Future’s official website. It keeps showing only winning trades, but they all are fake.

The table just shows random positive numbers, these are not real trading results of real people. We can tell it based on fact that it sometimes shows trading pairs that are not available in the real world with real cryptocurrency brokers.

Bitcoin Future’s real trading results look very different, they are dominated by losses, we know it from real users.

Trading results

Bitcoin Future and celebrities

We have to dedicate a special chapter of our review to Bitcoin Future celebrity endorsements.

Because you can come across a lot of articles on the internet that will claim that this system is used for investing by people like Daniel Radcliffe, Jack Ma, Jeremy Clarkson, John Collison, Patick Collison, Kate Winslet, Peter Jones, Martin Lewis, Karl Stefanovic, David Koch, Jucelino Luz, Guy Sebastian, Gordon Ramsay, Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Bill Gates.

These articles will look like they were published by the Mirror, Daily Mail or any other real media. But all these articles are totally fake, no celebrity has ever endorsed or used Bitcoin Future for investing! When you study these articles closely, you will see details that proves that they are fake.

The same applies to TV shows like Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank, Bitcoin Future has never been on TV and never will, because it is a scam that is losing money in cryptocurrency trading.

The Bitcoin Future app

The Bitcoin Future trading app is a software that is used by many scams. It is nothing new nor original. Worst of all, it certainly is not profitable.

It really can work on autopilot, you just have to click to switch it on. But it would be a mistake. Once you let it trade with your money, it will quickly lose. To persuade you to do that, scammers have incorporated a tricky demo mode into their platform.

The demo mode will trade quickly and with big profits. Inexperienced people will probably think that the Bitcoin Future platform really is profitable, because their virtual account will grow quickly.

The problem is in the fact that the demo uses fake prices, so all the profits it generates are fake and would not occur in real trading. Why are scammers misleading you this way? How will they get your money? Here is the explanation.

How Bitcoin Future works – the reality

If scammers manage to convince you that Bitcoin Future is a profitable app, you will want to let it trade for real to earn real money. At that point they will tell you that in order to activate the platform, you have to deposit your own money with a selected broker. So, the app is not really free.

You will have no choice, they will push you to a dirty and unregulated broker they cooperate with. They send new victims to shady brokers and they share money they manage to get from you.

If you deposit money through Bitcoin Future, it will quickly disappear from your trading account. Then you can expect calls for additional deposits. They will tell you lies about why you first lost and why the next time it will be different. It won’t, every deposit will be lost.

If you try to withdraw your money back, they will tell you that it is not possible, that you first have to pay some fictional fees or taxes. Every lie will be used to make you deposit more and more money. Once they come to the conclusion that they won’t get any more money from you, they will stop communicating with you.

This is how frauds like Bitcoin Future proceed, they promise you free profits in trading, while they ask you for more and more deposits and give you nothing in return. These systems are just a tool to persuade you to send your money to scammers, that’s basically all.

Got scammed by Bitcoin Future? Do this

If you found our Bitcoin Future review too late and already lost money with this scam, we are sorry, but here is what you can do to try and get your money back:

  1. Be sure to know who you sent your money to. It will be a broker that Bitcoin Future referred you to.
  2. Log into your account that you have with that broker and submit a withdrawal request.
  3. If money is already missing, contact the broker and request a refund of your deposit. Say that you were mislead by the Bitcoin Future scam.
  4. If the broker refuses to give you your money back, say you will complain to authorities and request a chargeback on your deposit.
  5. If the previous step does not help to convince the broker, do it and submit a complaint to the financial regulator of the country where the broker is based and ask your bank for a chargeback on your deposit transactions. Assuming that you made your deposit with a credit or debit card.
  6. If you sent money via a bank wire, it will be difficult to get your money back. Ask your bank what can be done.
  7. If nothing helps, you can always go to the police and submit an official complaint.

You should also ask the broker and people who run Bitcoin Future to delete your personal data. Since you are dealing with scammers, you might not be successful, but it is worth trying.

How to avoid similar scams

There are many scams like Bitcoin Future and new ones are appearing every day. It is not possible to cover them all, but there are some basic rules that you can follow to stay safe.

  • Any trading program promising you a free income for doing nothing is a scam.
  • Investing is always risky, so if anybody promises you a risk-free income from investing, it is a scam.
  • It is impossible to make hundreds or thousands of percent per month on a regular basis in investing. So, any program promising you such high returns, is a scam.
  • Any free automated program promising you a big income is extremely likely a scam.

You have to realize that when somebody has a profitable trading system, they use it to make money. They simply don’t give it away for free, because they would risk losing its profitability.

It is possible to make money in investing, but it is not easy and it always is risky. Nobody will make you money for free.

Bitcoin Future review – the conclusion

Bitcoin Future is a scam, there is no doubt about it, we proved it in this review. If you don’t want to lose money, be sure to stay away from it.

If you want to try cryptocurrency trading, do it on a free demo account with a regulated broker. You will get virtual money to try everything risk-free.

Before investing real money, you have to understand the risks and build a solid strategy.

Please help us to warn people about the Bitcoin Future scam and share our review. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin Future a scam?

Yes, Bitcoin Future is a scam, it is a con. It is meant to get your money and transfer it to scammers. It is not a free system, you will be required to send your money to a scam broker.

Is Bitcoin Future endorsed by celebrities?

No, Bitcoin Future is not endorsed by celebrities. There are articles suggesting the opposite, but they all are fake, they were published by the same people who run the Bitcoin Future scam.

How do I register for Bitcoin Future?

By filling-in your personal details on the Bitcoin Future’s official website. But don’t do it, unless you want to throw your money out of the window, because it is a scam.

Is Bitcoin Future a hoax?

Yes, Bitcoin Future is a hoax. Every positive information published about it is a lie. In reality it is a losing program, it was designed to scam you. Don’t invest any money with it.

Bitcoin Future

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  • Easy to debunk


  • Scam
  • Loses money in trading
  • A big lie
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