Bitcoin Gemini review – a deplorable SCAM, beware!

In this Bitcoin Gemini trading app review we have a look at a trading scam that is ready to lose your money.

Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini reviewBitcoin Gemini is a special group that you can join and it allegedly will provide you with a trading app that will make you money.

This trading app supposedly wins 99.4% of all trades it makes with cryptocurrencies, so you will make at least $1,111 per day, which means more than $30,000 per month, because cryptocurrencies are traded 24/7.

What is the cost of the membership in this group? Zero. Does it surprise you? Well, not us.

Bitcoin Gemini scam

TestFirst things first, the Bitcoin Gemini trading app is a scam and it doesn’t have anything in common with the cryptocurrency exchange Gemini.

Bitcoin Gemini is in fact an infamous scam that has been around for years and it keeps changing names. On our picture you can see that some other versions of it, like Bitcoin Era, Bitcoin Trader and Bitcoin Future.

All these scams are exactly the same, they just lose money, we know it thanks to testimonials and reviews from real users.

Bitcoin Gemini testimonials

User testimonialSpeaking of real testimonials and reviews of Bitcoin Gemini, you won’t find them on the website of the program. Fraudsters always use fake stories they made up themselves.

The reviews you can see on the website of the program are totally fake and we have a proof on our picture. As you can see, users’ photos are in reality free stock photos that anybody can download and use. So, nothing to do with real users and their results with Bitcoin Gemini.

The truth

Finally, let us explain how the Bitcoin Gemini fraud was designed to get your money. After registering they will tell you that you have to deposit at least $250 with a broker of their choice.

The broker will be unregulated and a partner of scammers who run this Bitcoin Gemini program. They get paid for referring new victims to shady brokers and that is what they are doing.

If you send them your money, they might show you some profits on your account, but they will be fake, and you will never be able to withdraw them. They will only ask you for more money, never give you anything back.

Bitcoin Gemini review conclusion

Bitcoin Gemini is a scam program that will pull money out of your bank account and leave you empty-handed. Stay away from it, it has nothing to do with the real exchange.

If you are interested in trying crypto trading, start on a free demo with a regulated broker and use virtual money to learn.

Before potentially switching to real money trading, you have to prepare a good strategy and understand the risks.

Bitcoin Gemini

250 USD








  • Easy to detect


  • Fraudulent program
  • Losing money
  • Not regulated
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