Bitcoin Global System Review – Clearly It’s a Scam [Experience]

Review of Bitcoin Global System

Our review of Bitcoin Global System shows that this trading app is fraudulent. In fact, it’s losing money to people.

Our test revealed the true nature of Bitcoin Global System and its real trading results. It is based on real experience.

What is Bitcoin Global System

Bitcoin Global System is a software designed for trading cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin.

According to its official website, you do not need any experience with stock trading to be able to make money with this app.

If you register with Bitcoin Global System, you will not only get access to the trading software, but also allegedly to professional advice from experienced traders.

This software is said to be able to earn you $6,325 per day, ie about $190,000 per month.

The Bitcoin Global System is surprisingly free, but only 50 people can register for it every year. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate and register till you can. Is it really that simple?


Is Bitcoin Global System legal?

To answer the question of whether Bitcoin Global System is a legal app, we must first look at what exactly it is.

It is an automatic program that will trade on cryptocurrency exchanges for you. It will make trading decisions for you. Because it will trade cryptocurrency derivatives, it is essentially an investment service.

Investment services are regulated, so the Bitcoin Global System needs regulatory approvals in order to be offered legally. But it has no such authorization, so it is an illegal investment service.

Therefore, this application cannot be legally offered in most countries in the world. If it is, its operators are breaking the law. For users it is important to know that investments with Bitcoin Global System are not protected in any way and you can easily lose them.

Bitcoin Global System is a scam

In this part of our review, we will explain what the Bitcoin Global System scam is about. Because it’s really just a hoax, a trick to get your money out of you. This app will never earn you anything because it was never its goal.

It was created to enrich its creators – fraudsters.

An old-new scam

Bitcoin Global System is really just a new name for an old scam that has been around for several years. It was created under the name Bitcoin Billionaire and recently we also reviewed it under the name CryptoBank.

In our image, you will see that all versions of this scam use the same website and the same video. The only difference is the name. Scammers are so lazy that they didn’t even cover the name Bitcoin Billionaire in the video, so it’s very clear that it’s one and the same program.

Bitcoin Global System fraud

Reviews and experiences with Bitcoin Global System

On the official Bitcoin Global System website you will find a number of user experiences and reviews. Everyone claims that this program is very profitable and that it makes them a lot of money.

However, when you compare these reviews across different versions of this program, you will find that the faces of individual users are the same, but sometimes they have different names. In addition, the experience is always the same, even if the name of the program changes.

It is therefore clear that these reviews and testimonials about Bitcoin Global System are false. They were created by fraudsters who run this program. It has nothing to do with real users and their experiences.

Experience with Bitcoin Global System

Trading results

You can’t rely on the official Bitcoin Global System website, also when you want to see what trading results this application really has.

The table with the results is completely false, it is an overview of fictitious trades that never happened. You will recognize this, among other things, by the fact that there are only profits and zero trades in the table.

But trading does not work this way, in addition to profits, there are also losses, they are an inevitable part of any trading system. Bitcoin Global System tries to give the impression that it has only profits and zero trades, which is in fact impossible, it would be equivalent to 100% success.

Fake trading results

How the Bitcoin Global System Really Works

Even if Bitcoin Global System is free, it doesn’t mean it’s safe and that you don’t risk anything with it. It’s just the opposite.

After registering for the program, you will be asked to send at least $250 to a broker account created without your permission. You will not be given a choice, they will send you to an unregulated and dangerous broker and they will want you to them with your money.

If you do, your money will quickly disappear. Losing trades will start appearing in your account and your balance will quickly drop to zero. Then you will hear a lot of lies about why it didn’t work out this time and why you should put more money in your account.

But the end result will always be the same and you will lose your money. Since you will have to risk your own money from the beginning, it does not matter that the Bitcoin Global System application itself costs nothing, you will lose in any case and no one will return your money to you.

We must also point out that scams of this type like to use one dirty trick, and that is a manipulated demo. If you get the opportunity to try Bitcoin Global System in a demo mode, don’t do it, because you would only get false results.

The test mode of this fraudulent platform uses fictitious prices, so it generates completely unrealistic results that would not occur in real trading.

This trick can confuse many people, because when they see profits in test mode, they will think that Bitcoin Global System really works. The truth can be revealed by comparing prices with an independent trading platform and seeing the differences.

How it really works

How to defend yourself

In any review of a scam like the Bitcoin Global System, we must repeat that common sense must be used first and foremost to avoid losing money this way.

When someone promises you thousands of dollars per day for free, for doing nothing, there must be something wrong. Because money cannot be free, the economy would not work. Then, if you have to send your money somewhere in the first step after registering for such a program, you can be sure that it is a scam.

If you discovered our Bitcoin Global System review too late and have already invested in this system, try to get it back. Log in to the account with the broker to whom you sent the money and request a withdrawal.

If you are unable to recover the deposit and the broker rejects your explanation that you have been the victim of fraud, you can still try to reverse the deposit transaction. If you made it with a credit card, contact your bank. If you have used another method, please contact your payment provider.

Bitcoin Global System review – conclusion

Bitcoin Global System is an old-fashioned scam. It’s an old hoax with a new name, losing money in trading. Therefore, avoid it.

If you want to try real cryptocurrency trading, you can do so on a free demo account with a regulated company. With virtual money you will be able to try everything without risk.

If you want to trade for real money, you need to have a good understanding of the risks and know what you are doing.

Please share our review and help warn others about the Bitcoin Global System scam.


Is Bitcoin Global System a scam?

Yes, the Bitcoin Global System is a scam that robs people of money. Its presentation is full of lies, it will never make you money, it was never the purpose of this application.

How is the experience with Bitcoin Global System?

Internet discussions are full of real users' experiences with Bitcoin Global System and they are all negative. These reviews state that this program is losing money in trading.

Is there a problem with Bitcoin Global System?

Yes, the Bitcoin Global System is not making money in real trading, it's a loss-making program. Behind it are fraudsters who want your money and will do anything for it.

What is your recommendation for Bitcoin Global System?

Do not register for this program at all, as this will jeopardize your money and personal information. It is best to avoid this app altogether and not respond to its offer.

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